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  1. ‘Behavioural fatigue’ is becoming a matter of discussion amongst the well-paid bunch of know-alls advising govt in UK and their prognostications will be regarded with interest by senior advisors here looking to say something sonorous that the hoi polloi will be ignorant about and therefore have no answer to. It seems to be about how long people will go along with the control measures such as social distancing and lockdown, which is a relevant consideration. We are getting freaked out and riled by the inability to do even small, simple and safe measures because of strict rules, and annoyed by others who don’t have any intention of obeying and showing solidarity with their community.
    Mar.16/20 This The Atlantic piece describes how a disagreement about labelling of something can draw the public’s attention away from the real issue and appropriate measures of control. ‘Herd immunity’ should never have been expressed.

    Behavioural fatigue is increasing as part of government consideration and some think the theories about it are being made on the hoof. Citizens that don’t want their lives to be totally managed from a powerful, watchful centre should keep an eye on this to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand. In this country we have had Treasury introduce and galvanise an addled government into adopting a virtual economic and social coup that has sunk its fangs into our skin. We don’t want another set of expensive wonks gaining hegemony with claims of the efficacy of snake oil.
    Dennis Frank brought this up on The Standard, this morning and finishes with an extract:
    ““Behavioural fatigue is a nebulous concept,” the review’s authors later concluded in the Irish Times.” Ah, smart move. Nobody does nebulous better than the Irish. Readers would resonate with the critique big-time.

    The writer suggests “you understand that the Behavioural Insights Team is a multimillion-pound profitable company, which pays Halpern, who owns 7.5% of its shares, a bigger salary than the prime minister.” You should. Psychologists with that much leverage in commerce and politics are extremely rare.

    • The psychologists swept telly this week with their analysis of lockdown isolation requiring resilience and mindfulness. Also this week it was refreshing to hear Justin Trudeau say Canadians need more than thoughts and prayers when he banned military weapons.

      • So Popeye – Can’t you be less enigmatic – your comment leaves the question, what did Trudeau consider Canadians need besides thoughts and prayers, and no military weapons.
        What is his recipe for fulfilling the needs of Canadians and what are they to start with?

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