TWITTER WATCH:  Bishop Brian and the odd satanic art inside Parliament 


Wait, what?

The Images of Molech the God of Child Sacrifice & the Chemosh God of Islam are on display at Parliament?

I’ve taken the tour a couple of time & haven’t seen those ever listed in their art collection – maybe Molech the God of Child Sacrifice is housed with Treasury?

I just feel I would have remembered this statue if I had seen it in the Speaking Chamber, I mean once you see Molech the God of Child Sacrifice, you can’t really unseen it can you?

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I’m surprised that these two art works aren’t more advertised on the website, the Chemosh God of Islam looks fun, you could get photos taken on his lap.

I’m no expert in satanic art work on display in Parliament (who is these days) but as far as I can tell the difference between Chemosh and Molech is that Molech has the head of a dog plus wings where as Molech has horns and a really amazing six pack.

Check out those abs!

I’d like Parliamentary services to get back to us all so we know where these art works are kept.


  1. If there is a demonic image to be seen–he should look in the mirror.

    Taking into account the verses quoted he clearly is a malicious charlatan.

    Genesis 11:1-9 makes no mention of the tower’s destruction nor housing any iconography of Moloch and Chemosh, let alone any detail of the tower’s appearance: the depicted circular ziggurat.

    1 Kings 11:7 mentions Solomon’s establishment of a shrine to Moloch and Chemosh in Jerusalem. Considering Solomon is believed to have lived during the tenth century BC; how is this relevant to Muhammad who lived during the sixth century AD in Saudi Arabia?

    If the Beehive is such a demonic house of repute; why is he so keen of having a place there? Feel right at home there?

  2. Yet another desperate cry for attention from a serial bigot. In a way, it’s good that Tamaki continues to post his embarrassing drivel. It reminds everyone he’s an utter muppet more interested in stoking resentment and enriching himself at the expense of his congregation than making this country a better place for ‘everyone’ to live.

  3. The Tamati parasite has mindwashed followers who cheer about everything he says. They are obliged to do that by way of his minders demands, so they will swallow anything he says.
    Poor stupid, trapped fools.

    And they pay him so his lavish lifestyle and that of his family and minders can be enjoyed as he squanders the money scavenged from the poor and often poverty strickened flock.

    There is money in religion if you are cunning enough to create fear, and ruthlessly pursue it.

    Tamati is but another Pentecostal nightmare like the newly invasive Arise church that does not give receipts for donations inspite of what its incorporated document says.

    Arise uses music, adolescent peer pressure and demonstrations of “magic” to pull in new members.

  4. How the hell does he equate Allah “the Deity” with Chemosh, a sun God not worshipped by Arabs but by Ammonites & Moabites. Also etymologically a variant of Shamash, Mesopotamian God of Justice, Truth & Morality. In the Ammonite-Moabite pantheon Chemosh was the God-Figure & Moloch was his adversary a la Satan. Twin brother of Inanna Ishtar, Goddess of Love, Justice. Mother/Wife of Dumuzi/Tammuz the Dying-Yet-Reborn Resurrecting God of Shepherds & Fertility. Co-incidence mother of Jesus a Mary and too, his faithful companion/perhaps wife a Mary too. Co-incidence too that Jesus was seen as a Shepherd? For a so called Minister he’s pretty ignorant of the origins of his Mythos.

  5. Why occasionally encountering current affairs is 3000 times better than the religious fundamentalism that produced the pricks in Brazil and America. Along with an economy that really looks after everyone. Thankfully our NZ powerful understand a Right authoritarian state is just the sick you taste before the end.

  6. So many issues with Brian’s claim regarding “satanic art”.
    The Tower of Babel image Brian used in his tweet was painted by a CGI artist named Ziv Qual in 2005, titled ‘Rage over Babylon’ (see In 2006 Ziv got a bit of press for it in fantasy art publications and Deviant etc. The artwork has proven to be really popular with religious bloggers who have re-posted this many times over though never actually bothering to cite the artist. This explains why Brian’s capture of it was so piss poor in quality..because the bulk of recent versions of it online are so-res. I did have the pleasure of pointing this out today to him on Twitter.
    As for the “satanic artwork” claim of his, -a depiction of Moloch at Parliament- I’d really like to see it in the flesh. When I had work on exhibition at Parliament I missed it, however that was a couple of years ago and it might be a new addition..Brian should bothered to take a photo it so we could all see.
    I can only hope it’s as impressive as Statue of Baphomet by Mark Porter in Detroit commissioned by The Satanic Temple.
    Brian really needs to do some study on Satanism, Occultism, Sumerian history, Canaanite religion and the re-interpretation of mythology by organised religions so he can really narrow down who his enemies are in terms of demonic forces. Brian in my opinion embodies values by way of action that could easily be interpreted as “satanic” by his own definition of the term. It’s comical. He is the epitome of a false prophet, and an utter disgrace of a human.

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