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Hands up who who wants to allow China to keep stealing our water in return for 3 jobs


  1. I totally believe the China propaganda, where if we don’t give foreign private companies our water and other natural resources to export to create more pollution around the world, we are xenophobic and racist.

    I have no critical thinking which is why I am a team player for neolibealism vs environmentalism.
    NZ Government Secretly Funded Water Bottling Companies

  2. Sage explaining the parallels of the Incredible Hulk taking over the Green movement in NZ.

    It was when China said,

    “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

  3. They can have all the water they want – for nothing – if they take it from Lake Ellesmere.

  4. “Some people have said the whole point of being in government is to be able to make and change the law. And I just thought, ‘Bugger that, it’s too hard! I’ll just sit here collecting my salary for three years while doing sweet fuck all.”‘

  5. “But…..but……the concept “trickledown” economics. It should at least work with water, right??”.

  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiji_Water

    “In November 2010, Fiji deported Fiji Water director of external affairs, David Roth, for “interfering in Fiji’s domestic affairs”. Shortly afterwards, an increase in the tax from one-third of a Fiji cent per litre to 15 Fiji cents per litre for producers over 15 million litres per month which at that point in time applied only to Fiji Water, led the company to shut down its Fiji Island offices on November 29, 2010. The purpose of the raise was to increase Fiji Water’s tax contribution to the Fijian Government on the F$150 million (AUD 82 million) they exported each year from F$500,000 to F$22.6 million. The next step for the brand was thought to be a move to New Zealand where they could bottle water at no cost. However, after threats from the Fijian government to give the well to another company, Fiji Water announced its intent to resume operations and accept the new tax levy.”

  7. Yes. I am the no 1 realestate salesperson of the year. The Green Party gets 4% plus GST for every block that I sign off.

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