Political Caption Competition


Name the above: A murder of crows, a Parliament of Owls or A Caucus of Arseholes



  1. Yknow I have deep things to say about Parliament. National really need to build a super highway so that all the bastards working there can get out of what I read on The Daily Blog.

  2. The Royal New Zealand Shakespeare Company has announced three outstanding candidates for the part of Brutus in its coming season of Julius Caesar.

  3. Scholars unearth missing verses from Book of Revelation describing the “Four Arseholes of the Apocalypse” : Stupidity, Treachery, Mendacity and Sleaze.

  4. 4 x Scunthorpes on $ix figure$ plu$ entitlemnt$ and expence$ of YOUR hard earned tax money while there is homelessness, child poverty and foreign owned banksters sucking $6 billion dollars in net profit out of our AO/NZ economy every fucking year …
    Still think they’re are a giggle…?

  5. Simple Soimon considers his commission on the sale of a shit tonne of pies for Big Gezzas welcome back to Parliament after lock down shebang. Meanwhile in the background, JLRs’ Jedi trainee fails to fire up her light sabre for a surreptitious background vengeance opportunity.
    The Dark Lord considers her potential ever increasing commissions after the outrageous and strangely short term, then suddenly non existent botulism scare in NZ’s dairy industry. The bogus scare possibly removes approximately 75% of her & her husbands competing dairy exporters to a certain large Asian country, of which, he is a native of? Whaaaat?
    Help! After all those pies this wing suited post-Shipley shoulder padded straight jacket has dislocated both my shoulders. Uz thut nrml?
    Hi. I’d like to audition as a background extra in the next Muppet Show. What…? Yep, anything…anything at all, but nothing relevant, just get me some airtime.

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