TWITTER WATCH: Ummmm – I’m sorry, but isn’t this coming from a Journalist who insinuated the PM covered up a serious sexual assault?


I’m sorry, what?

Why the hero-worship of Jacinda Ardern is unhealthy

There is evidence of it already in our online political discourse. Any criticism of the Government’s policies and measures is met with a wave of venom.

Even gentle questioning – by opponents, interest groups or the media – is seen as a personal attack on Ardern. 

That’s because when people blindly align themselves to one party and their leader, they tend to overlook the negative effects of their decisions.

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Those who seek to hold Ardern to account over flu vaccines, personal protective equipment in the health system, or confusion about restrictions, are villainised or strafed with ‘whataboutism.’

Social media enhances this by creating an echo chamber of us vs them.

…this is priceless on so many levels.

1 – This is the Journalist who insinuated (based on a bullshit whaleoil level piece of journalism on The Spinoff last year) that the Prime Minister not only knew about a serious sexual assault but actually covered it up. An insinuation Vance had to back peddle from after key parts of the Spinoff story proved to be false. Pulling leaders off pedestals is one thing, dragging them needlessly through the sewer another.

2 – The only reason Vance is pissed is because the woke lynch mob she normally appeals to have turned on her and her journalist mates.  NZ Journalist are appalling on Twitter with all their chummy guffaws and inside joke backslapping. They love the wave of adoration from the woke their work produces, now that woke lynch mob have turned on them, suddenly it’s a problem.

3 – The reason people are feeling so passionate and fierce is because there is a wide spread belief amongst those who have experienced this shared moment that Jacinda saved us from a fate we are seeing play out in the UK and America. When an electorate feel you have actually saved their lives, they are grateful and criticism of that needs to be respectful.

Now – is Jacinda infallible? No. of course not, there have been screw ups, TDB who was first on the media scene in NZ pointing out that this mysterious Chinese virus was a serious event have detailed those screw ups and we’ve never pulled our punches in that criticism because TDB don’t give two shits what the woke say about us on Twitter.

You can be both appreciative of the job Jacinda has done WHILE also be scathing about parts of it that have been wrong. The difference is not caring what others say about you voicing your opinion.

TDB will always speak its mind regardless of what the alt-right or woke left say.


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    • Depends on how skewed the viewer is. I don’t remember any such lament by Vance when the country was largely adulating John Key: viewed clinically, she does seem more ready to pull a knife on Jacinda Ardern. Perhaps you see what your own bias determines, Peter Barry.

      • All Pollies have there fans and detractors but it doesn’t mean what they say is not valid and/or has no worth. The current PM does get a lot more favourable media support than any other we have seen for quite a long while.

    • So back in the days I started out doing rants about social workers particularly ones that kidnapped children for the most inane reasons and fembots online really didn’t like that and of course we have have multiple iterations of these woketards. You’ll notice that I haven’t really been doing rants lately because of the Umbrella Corp virus going around for the last few months and that really hurt ad revenue but I have been doing stuff I wrote 500-1000 words or more of science fiction notes (unironically by the way).

      But other than that we are back to these kind of weebtards coming back into the community because they’ve been transformed. Back in the day there was a certain “lol – don’t care” followed by a meme about a messiah and these where the first weebtards. The rightwing kind of made there own versions of these memes and said no “Ironman beats up all your main characters” and the left was like no “Star Wars beats up your main characters” and then it was Jordan Peterson one shots all of your main characters and now we’ve gone full circle and now where back to weebtards beat up the main huncho, the top dog, Jacinda.

      So that is the meta data we’re dealing with because of some Twitter person wrote some mean things and no one really cares about it, Facebook and Google don’t care that’s for shits. What I’m saying is Andrea Vance thinks she’s the top dog above the Prime Minister and that her readership is far superior to the electorates because Andrea has never been stated to have normal human impulses (it’s just the weirdest fucken thing). It’s like when you have a discussion usually there are certain foundations to those topics, okay?


      0. Things are themselves (x=x/Law of Identity)
      0.1 We exist (Cogito, Ergo Sum)
      0.2 Blah Blah Blah Blah ect

      So foundation number 1 would be we are speaking English. “I am saying hello.” So there’s our foundation.

      So it seems like weebtards just disregard all logical foundations and just presuppose stuff randomly mid conversation to benefit there weird fucktard fandoms that they’re going to finesse on there Twitter accounts or there random opinion piece ad revenue generating pages. I don’t know why weebtards use this type of argumentation buy let me give an example.

      “How about you prove that, Jacinda, Andrew Little, David Cunliff, Phill Goff, Hellen Clark are not communists.” And it’s like for one you’re making claims while simultaneously acting like we made a claim:


      1. Reverse Burden of Proof
      2. Both a Premiss and a Claim that Needs to be Substituted
      3. Assumes Your Opponents Position

      So weebtards say we make claims by saying we are claiming something. It’s the most backwards hillbilly shit Iv ever seen in the community and it happens all the fucken time. They’re like “no! I don’t need to prove China/Russia did it! You need to PROVE THEY DIDN’T DO IT!!!”- wank, wank, wank, wank.

      And the weeble verse will respond like this: “actually Sam, um I found this on Twitter, the person twitting it is really smart and they’ve got really cool holiday photos on there Instagram. PLEASE BELIEVE ME.”

      They have no limits.

      • I hear she likes Trump too Bert…I could be wrong…but yeahhh….infact I am wrong…but that never stopped you!

        • You must be disappointed Whailoil shut down? And yeah your mostly wrong!
          Have you posted your pro economy to any of the people whom have lost loved ones yet?

            • What virus did Jacinda allow in?

              What relationship does the NZ Prime Minister have with POTUS?

              Genuinely interested in your answers 🙂

            • Not sure she was at the airport to greet it, but since it did arrive you’ve taken on the approach where you seem to be out on a very short limb.
              What I’ve found with you Ross is that even if our P.M had found the cure for cancer, you’d be blaming her for creating it.
              It’s just not a rational thought process.
              If we had taken your stance, and left it to the market, all indications is that we would have hundreds if not thousands more deaths as evidenced overseas.

  1. Sadly we see a hardening of Jacinda’ ‘tone’ lately now from before being the soft cuddly former self “Kind warm caring ” government she said she would bring.

    It seems that being in the political beltway full of capping critizism does harden even the best intentions of our politicians.

    Winston Peters has been the best traditional (joke and smile type) that we have seen to date bless him, as it warms the heart to see some ‘lite-hearted politics’ in our days of doom.

  2. Regardless of what the government does the people with self interest moan. – Instead of congratulating Ardern and her team of experts on how the situation has been managed there is constant carping from the likes of the Hoskin family, Soper family and Garner and his side kick. – They have the audacity to beg for government support, receive it and then carry on bagging the very people that have saved their jobs. – Economic activity is still happening in rural NZ – stock trucks to the works and milk tankers to the milk plants – Mass tourism and “Export Education ” are gone – good – no value in mass tourism from China – they pre-pay there – fly on Chinese owned airlines – stay in Chinese owned hotels – travel on Chinese owned tour buses staffed by Chinese staff on work visa’s who are paid in China – NZ gets the odd bit of PAYE and some GST – the Export Education has reduced once revered NZ qualifications to “Junk Status” – too many rorts – needs to be investigated – vested interests at play as work visa’s issued with study right have been used to fill unskilled jobs and force down wages – funny how the narrative being spun by the private media now is that we have been in in lock down too long – the private media perform more contortions than a Russian gymnast on steroids just to portray the Government in a negative light – now is the time to pull together not undermine what is trying to be achieved – too much is still unknown about the virus

  3. Andy don’t love Cindy, of that be in no doubt. She comes across as catty and jealous more and more, her anti obsession starting the parallel Hosking.

    There have been recent moments where donating to Stuff has been tempting but then I see a typically lazy headline above a poor piece of so called journalism needlessly stirring shit up against an organisation like I have done yesterday and today and think, nah, it’s not worth saving.

  4. Vance’s column smacks of sour grapes from a National apologist who thinks it is just so unfair that a Labour PM should have anything good said about him or her.
    I don’t think Jacinda would really appreciate any hero worship, she doesn’t strike me as the sort of person who would be terribly comfortable with that.
    But she would certainly be comfortable with people having confidence in her and her government to go through the necessary steps to recovery.
    That is despite the efforts of the Death Cult capitalists to undermine what has been achieved so far.
    Being appreciative of someone’s leadership is not the same as hero worship, and an experienced journalist like Vance should know that.
    By the way a workmate of mine, who is fairly staunch National, told me a few days ago how pissed off he was with Bridges’ pedantic posturing, and that how (in his opinion) Jacinda’s leadership had been exemplary. “I might even vote Labour (for the first time) next time” he finished.
    Perhaps that is an indication of how this pandemic threatens to push “business as usual” politics into the background. When your income and employment prospects are shaky, the last thing you want is arrogant political posturing.

  5. Jason Walls wrote a similar piece in the NZ Herald (Covid-19 coronavirus: Inside NZ’s favourite reality TV show – the 1pm press conference).

    In the article he writes: “While Ardern and Bloomfield have become international superstars and the heroes of New Zealand’s Covid-19 fight, the gallery reporters have seemingly become the villains of the story. Where the United States has Trump, it seems New Zealand has its journalists.”

    Generally, the media would package the coverage of press conferences for the news to convey the angle they wanted, or what they felt was important. And, often politicians would play along by repeating a dreaded soundbite. These COVID conferences, however, are broadcast live and unedited. Viewers get to see the show unfiltered, in context and get to make their own decisions on those who ask the questions and those that answer them. They also have the means, and the time, to go on social media and give their opinions. Seems like the poor old media have not liked the feedback.

    Those that like to ask the hard questions, and have the power to end careers, are now asking for us to go soft on them.

  6. Andrea Vance wants journalists like her to be put on a pedestal which constantly swivels through 360 degrees and all the while they are firing little poison darts around them with an occasional blank so they cannot be blamed for being continually destructive. Everyone is fodder and the personality becomes hard and is destroyed from the constant thinking at a mean level. Then that leads to an unpleasant person with a glittering, exploitative eye.
    Think of Sauron’s eye in LotR.

  7. I actually wrote to her this morning thanking her for this article. Little too timid for my tastes but aleast one real journalist worth a damn is asking the right questions.
    Thanks again Andrea.

    • Yeah, I saw that one.
      It seemed he was more interested in word play than a real story.
      You could excuse this coming from a professor for the Oxford English Dictionary, but looks very weak coming from a journalist.
      Have a look at Mr Elers’ other work.
      Straight from the dirty deeds done dirt cheap room of the National Party.
      And Stuff are begging for donations to keep this sort of fluff journalism going?
      They won’t be getting any of my money.

      • Mike – I saw that one too.

        I thought it very laboured and contrived – possibly written as a reaction to punters’ criticism and mirth about the quality of msm, and our being asked to contribute even $1 to keep the Dom-Post going. I’ll go 10c.

        One thing PM Ardern does well, is communicate. She has done this to good effect throughout the coronavirus scenarios, and as a result she carried the country with her, because people understood her message. That’s the crux.

        Elers quibbling about word usage and phraseology is seriously funny, and irrelevant when nothing he talks about would have made one iota of difference to the present status quo, or current outcomes. That’s the other crux.

        I’d not have bothered replying had your reaction to Elers not been so similar to mine, but I assumed that he was another self-important young laddie of the sort for whom we try and make allowances and was surprised that he’s quite a bit older – too old to be showing off, really, for the sake of showing off – traditionally more the prerogative of the young and callow, or the old and sozzled.

        How to kamikaze-kill a paper….

  8. If I start to doubt Adern, which I sometimes do, which is in part certainly a consequence of being lied to and exploited by virtually every smelly little politician since 1984’s dawn of the Dark Ages of Swindling AKA neoliberalism I just have to still myself, all Zen like, and ponder that most hideous, odious little Scunthorpe; The yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien. Lets remember the millions of dollars of our taxes he’s wasted on his dark opps, deep state, multi million dollar, flag-change, head fuckery fiasco designed to psychologically distance us from The Crown, the entirely unnecessary $20 mil plus money-picture swap out and handing peter fucking jackson $135 million dollars or so after pete tearfully lied to us about the location of his flat footed, confuser-animated, killer garden gnome fantasy project.
    While there were ever increasing numbers of homelessness and obscene stats re our hungry kids rose like a bloated sheep carcass from the muds that is our corrupted MSM, that fuck was giving our money away hand over limp wrist but not so limp as to not take time out to tug on the pony tail of a minimum waged person who couldn’t afford to escape his clammy little grip.
    If we think about beating up on Adern, as I sometimes do so I’m just as much to blame/thank, we should remember the last term of office when the fat, prancing nancy Natzo’s were in power.
    The Stasi-esque WINZ were torturing our most at risk, Big Business was getting blow jobs and cash payouts, the Chinese are now all over our farm lands and our personal debt to income ratio hopped up and flew out the fucking window.
    “Lest we forget…”

    • You know the most annoying thing about Key? How the MSM keeps wheeling out his smirking visage every time they need commentary on the most recent actions of the government. Paul Henry had him crapping on this evening on ‘Rebuilding Paradise’ (and what a shit festival that show is), and he’s still the same dead-eyed smarm factory you want to throw a brick at. I guess he has some time on his hands in-between letting the ANZ shaft farmers and flogging off luxury Australian apartments the day after he’s bought them. Tosser.

  9. “You can be both appreciative of the job Jacinda has done WHILE also be scathing about parts of it that have been wrong.”

    Absolutely! What I notice is that the shrill critics of the right allow no acknowledgement of any good thing that Ardern and team might have done (and even Ashley Bloomfield), that is completely filtered out.

  10. “Why the hero-worship of Jacinda Ardern is unhealthy ”

    Unless your John Key off course oh and Dr Brash.

    That approach was the media’s m.o for eight years and boy was it forced down our throats.

    This man can turn water into wine don’t ya know !!

    No need for a media relations team when you will always be the recipient of positive coverage and the bad stuff gets buried after one news report.

    And boy what a way to manipulate the polls for nine years straight.

    Vance is just another nasty right wing nut job and we have enough of them.

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