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Todays gratitude – Shout out Friday to Jacinda. She has navigated us through a terrorist attack, a volcanic eruption and this pandemic while taking a 20% pay cut. Her humour, her clarity and her empathy held our collective hands at a time of fear and uncertainty. She’s such a Boss!

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  1. For a while now there has been a slow, inexorable process of closing out rural postal services and herding people towards centralisation. We do still have top quality delivery services, but if you want to post anything you may have to go into the big smoke. And that does not bode well for containing any Covid-19 outbreaks.

    I want to post a paperback book, fairly light weight, normal size, to someone in Aus. There are two small post offices near where I live. I took the parcel to both, and after measuring it and checking their regulations the shop persons both said, “You have to take this into town”.

    A 70 km round trip, multiple interactions with people along the way… Not the best solution for Covid control, nor for the environment.

    • I am really concerned about NZ Post – the inexorable running down of simple systems that have worked well for ages seems to be the modus operandi.

      Chants of inefficiency, slow speed, not turning a profit, not modern, off piste which is governed by technology owned by callous, calculating, and rather inhumane private equities or totally inhuman corporations awaken a great sense of catastrophe for us trying to live in a human community that is harmonious. That isn’t advanced by these aliens with green blood, these shapechangers. I have stopped watching much television, it obviously has penetrated my sense of reality – and I note as I look reasonably clear-eyed, everybody else’s the same.

  2. To be clear about my earlier comment, that happened several months ago, before I had ever registered the word ‘coronavirus’. The book is still waiting to be posted. I’m wondering if Covid-19 might begin a move back to decentralisation. It would be safer, and better for the environment.

  3. David Attenborough now has lessons online for children, which have been incorporated into the UK Online Education system. Can Kiwi children access these I wonder? I do hope so – They would likely be of incomparable value to just about anything else they would learn. Discover Wildlife Attenborough Daily

  4. The latest from UK via The Telegraph. Just when you thought it was safe to venture outdoors!!
    You have to subscribe to read it all.

    Fair enough but I can’t decide how much I can afford out of my pension to help keep up the flow of factual and discerning information from the world as well as NZ media. I have a horrible feeling that I have been overpaid by WINZ by not updating my information regularly. So I have to go carefully. But if you can afford it and feed info through it would be good.

  5. “Hot Take” for Friday.

    Its looking like the Right Wing Big Business Capitalist Bloodfest has arrived!

    Employers threatening massive layoffs and redundancies for shitloads of cash and ‘favours’ from Grant & Jacinda or else. I did say it was Class War and its on its way, didnt I?

    So, will Jacinda & Grant sellout the Workforce and cave into the Capitalists demands or get the CTU to do that?

    No more time for holding hands and singing kumbyah and smiling at the camera. That wont cut it with the butcherous right wing ideologue! They can sense blood!

    Level 3 is the starting gun for them. They will go on a sacking spree!

    Then labour will plead with them to be ‘nice!’ ffs! That wont cut it.
    There is no mongrel in labour anymore, they ‘quota’d’ them out!

    Will Grant dole out the money and agree to a slaughtering of the NZ workforce or borrow some balls from someone and stick it to them?

    I’m guessing they’ll bendover and get the CTU to sell it to the unions to then sell it to the organisers to sell it to the workers, “we’ll look after you, just like we’ve done before, back in ….”

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