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Todays gratitude –

Todays gratitude – Shout out Thursday to everyone who has shown kindness at this weird and scary time. To extend warmth when there is fear is worthy of our collective mana as a people. 

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  1. This is what local government should be doing, also central government.

    Read about fiat money. The information contains an obvious flaw because I think, nobody really owns up to the truth about money value continually being in change from various factions.
    Fiat money is a currency without intrinsic value that has been established as money, often by government regulation. Fiat money does not have use value, and has value only because a government maintains its value, or because parties engaging in exchange agree on its value. Wikipedia

    ‘Intrinsic value’ I guess is related to gold having that, diamonds etc. – but these have value because we consider them of great value, they are just minerals from the ground, a ‘natural’value based mainly on scarcity.

    • My above comment didn’t have the Radionz link in it I referred to. Here it is.
      A Whakatāne radio station plans to give $750 vouchers to about 1000 local business next week to try to bring the town back to life and get them spending again….
      “Radio has always been very resilient in situations such as the GFC and when we had major strikes in Kawerau and there were hundreds of people on strike. We’ve always survived that quite well. This is completely different,” he said.
      Income for May is down 55 percent and advertisers keep cancelling, he said…

      Real estate in particular is huge for us,” said the [Whakatane] Beacon’s managing director, John Spring. “We put out a tabloid once a week of about 32 pages, so that’s a big chunk of our revenue.”
      The real estate tabloid has dropped in size to one page a week.

      Maybe this will draw attention to the way our economy has deteriorated to selling off our national asset-base which is the act of a country that is desperate for something to trade in, apart from dairy. Everybody wants wealth out of little NZ, which can’t come from the domestic business market, but is wanted to match Australian’s mining wealth and USA’s military-industrial complex so we sell to overseas moneyed people our lifeblood.


  2. When children go back to school next week, is it okay if they wear their own masks? ~ Eg homemade ones.
    I hear that some parents who need to return to work still feel uneasy about their children being at school. But maybe if there were masks, they might not worry so much?

    A friend from Taiwan was saying that the children there kept going to school uninterruptedly, but many of them wore masks. The also had their temperature taken – Each child, when they arrived at school. If they had a high temp they were sent back home. Then as soon as their temp went down, they returned to school (often the next day).

    Since then, I found this TIME article on How Taiwan Prevented a Major Outbreak

    This hard-line attitude from the police is OTT. The attitude should be that police will hold firm to watching for breaches, and request that people think carefully about their behaviour and are within the rules and the intention of the government to keep people from mingling outside their bubbles. We don’t want it to be a police state approach.
    What is needed in NZ is to encourage more self-discipline, and less cowboy attitudes, which also occur in police approaches. The fact that they will chase flighty and hypes up youngsters in cars and cause their deaths and seem to consider this okay as a norm, is an example. The government has poor attitudes to forcing self- education, they contract out their responsibility to set the tone of NZ citizens, and concentrate on the punitive aspects, jails and fines. What a bloody infantile system we have and no-one has the guts to change it for better social relations plus to save the country money. It seems a nasty part of our nature, of triumphing over others and name-calling; a step down from stone throwing but the same theme. Will we ever achieve a civilised approach with good outcomes, and minimum harshness before the Pacific plate goes haywire and we with it?

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