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Todays gratitude –

Todays gratitude – Shout out Wednesday to the parents in shared care arrangements who haven’t been able to see their kids. It is a unique pain to be deprived your child when you want to protect them

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  1. Lockdown at home with Golriz, Guy and June: Green MP Golriz Ghahraman Lockdown Experience

    Going into lockdown itself, together as a community, was a relief for me. As it was for so many in that group we’ve come to call “vulnerable” because we’re the ones most likely to suffer serious consequences from the Covid-19 outbreak. We’re the least likely to survive it. As it turned out, those of us with compromised immunity were so numerous as to be part of almost every whānau, every workplace, in every neighbourhood. We are cancer survivors, because chemotherapy kills your immunity, transplantees, we have respiratory illnesses as common as asthma, auto-immune illnesses like MS (that’s me), or just happen to have lived long enough to finally enjoy retirement age at 65 years or older.

    I’ve been walking around with a giant grin and ridiculously keen “Hi” for our neighbours as we all calmly distance walk around each other on our streets. I think we’re honestly going to keep all the distant chat promises to have in-real-life hangs after this thing is over. That’s what I miss. Going up the road for roaring happy hour catch ups with friends I can never see often enough

  2. Te Urewera is choosing to stay in Lockdown at level four.

    Allowing hunting and other recreational activities in Te Urewera would put small communities at risk, a Tūhoe chairman has said.

    Te Urewera Board chair Tāmati Kruger said Tūhoe reviewed its responsibilities as voice of the land, and confirmed that protections currently in place within Te Urewera at Alert Level 4 would remain under Level 3.

    That meant all Te Urewera huts, campgrounds, boat ramps, walks (including the Waikaremoana Great Walk) and freedom camping areas would remain closed. Easing Protections at Te Urewera Would Put Communities at Risk

  3. Catch up on tasks you always meant to get around to, even though watching grass grow has always seemed more entertaining until now. For me that’s going through my boxes of old CDs and skinning the discs into flip folders and putting the jewel cases aside for when recycling starts up again. Saves a lot of space (already done for DVDs), and means I get to revisit music almost forgotten.

    Like this one that I used to appreciate most for the line; ” …[I] go back to a house of brain-dead hippies, it ain’t so cold whilst you trip…”, but the chorus really hits home these days with the pangolin (close to anteater) SARS-CoV-2 possible intermediary between bats and humans:

    I don’t want to go to California
    I don’t want to dine on anteater
    I want clean beer and simple things…

    I want clean beer and quality of life
    Caspar’s ballroom!

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