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  1. Not as intoxicating as the real Lana, but still a good style parody (with a creepy subtext):

    For some reason, this didn’t go up on yesterday’s OM. Probably either; comment overload on the site so it’s still stuck in a queue somewhere, or my fingers being a bit clumsy in the late evening. I just think that things can get a touch overserious at times, so it’s good to have a bit of light relief (that does still have some political edge).

  2. I am really in trouble if the pharmaceutical supply chain goes down! Just taken my first half dozen medications of the day with still more to come in the next hour. Though admittedly; some of that is for a split tooth, and hopefully the dental school will be able to do something other than urgent extractions next week. Which reminds me of this piece from the 15th (originally posted on TS, but thanks to the Neanderthalic opinions of Grug Puslimb, I am no longer welcome there):

    So, it’s been a strange day – apologies if I have seemed like a bear with a sore tooth at times,.. but that’s pretty much accurate. I had a kernel from lunch caught in between my teeth – so I flossed it out, along with much of the tooth! Dental school (over the phone)  gave me a choice between meds or extraction. Went with meds (painkillers and antibiotics until level 3 at least).
    Anyway, on the way to the chemist there is this oldish crusty bloke reeling from side to side of the footpath. Shouting at the woman (normal street clothes) in front of me to get out of his way – even though it was clearly him lurching towards her. So then it’s my turn…
    I am wearing a zipped-up hoody, facial bandana and jeans (really not skirt weather today!). In retrospect, I may have looked a bit Islamic? He sneers at me: “If I had a gun, I’d shoot the lot of you!”. That was surprising, maybe what Muslims in Dunedin put up with all the time? So I bellow back “Forget you – currant!”, which he may have misheard, because he got out of my face really quickly after that. 
    The strange thing was that he didn’t seem drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Guess it’s just the stress of lockdown.. and him being an arsehole too, of course.

    [endquote] Anyway, whether I am; Muslim, or Trans, I do think that I should still be able to walk down a street in Aotearoa without getting that kind of death threat. When my lover (via text) asked why I didn’t report them to the police, I said that it just didn’t occur to me – I guess I could have taken a pic of them on my phone, but I was a bit rattled. Also, if I reported every time someone verbally assaulted me, I’d never get anything else done! Even physical assault; like someone throwing a glass bottle in my direction, I will usually let slide unless it actually hits me.

      • Fixing implies that there has ever yet been a time when society actually worked (for anyone except those who get to set the rules of the game).

        But yes; definitely eagerly waiting to see what the Alert level 3 protocols mean for the dental school opening here, Grey. No way can I afford a private dentist! It’s weird how toothache doesn’t just feel sore in the mouth, it also makes the tooth itself feel bigger somehow… Sensory cortex homuncular distortion through superactivation?

  3. A call for fareless public transport to continue in NZ has been made, to increase the number of users and to cut emissions. It seems like the obvious next step.

    It would ease traffic congestion, lower city noise, enable a whole lot of people to even be able to get from’A’ to ‘B’, make our roads safer, less road rage, lead towards a longterm lowering of our high death rate on roads, and have fewer traffic accidents generally, …which should lead to lower premiums, and would be much more human-friendly, eco-friendly and climate friendly.

    Stuff – Climate Change – Fareless Public Transport

    • Free public transport – so people can seek out work and then get to it at an affordable price. Why should being over 65 be the reason for getting concessions. The country’s workers and indeed most people putting their back into keeping NZ going are in the under-65s. Let government consider them for a change.

      Free public transport for people AND transport for kids getting around, provided they behave (give them an inch and some will take a mile), no matter what barriers the ed. system had set up in their ‘bureaugateic ‘ way now

  4. Maori and Pasifika given as reasons for extending martial law

    The PM was quoted in RNZ as saying people from these groups (with potentially trace ancestry), these bundled brownies, “would have been heavily impacted by Covid-19” (RNZ, n.d.). Maybe. Maybe we will slip over a banana peel tomorrow as well. We could also have caught any of the hundreds of diseases which are transmitted through communities, or be subject to the same physical or natural phenomena related to death as anyone else. What has this decision got to do with a Maori, doesn’t this virus treat every human the same as seen by infection rates of the international community, which actually show New Zealanders may have stronger immune systems judging by our low fatality rate (hey why not give this as a reason for our low rate, it is much more believable then ridiculous social distancing being responsible for stopping infection)? Alternatively the statistics could be meaningless, or there is little threat from Covid as shown by the death rates compared to death from say seasonal influenza. And the PM and Bloomfield are saying the need to save Maori is now, in the middle of a pandemic, at the point of releasing society from their house arrest? As a Maori this has got nothing to do with me, but okay let’s pivot to the indigenous population. Where has this government been in the last three years when housing and poverty could have been assisted with a raise in base benefit, student and wage levels? You couldn’t help the most vulnerable then but suddenly over night agreed to pay newly unemployed tens of billions in social spending? Don’t you dare.

    RNZ. (n.d.). Health inequalities among Maori, Pasifika factor in lockdown extension – PM. Retrieved from

  5. “Oil, oil everywhere.” Not a drop more for fucksake! Overproduction! So, they cant dump it like they do with milk overproduction ay?

    -$38 per barrel. So, when will the cost be passed on to the NZ consumer? Probably not but imagine? V8 heaven! Turn up, fill’er up and the cashier waves you off because its free!

    But back to reality. What does that tell you about the USD! The almighty US greenback is backed by oil!

    Is the US dollar about to tank as well?

    The Russians, Putin and Saudi are pissing themselves. Theyve set this up for sometime and I’m betting in cahoots with China. Why? Because theyve had enough of Trump and want him out.

  6. Homeless – with musical elan. What about the same excitement and co-ordination from small housing projects carried out as public/private partnerships with capable Maori and Pacific communities in cities and towns, not just on marae grounds. That’s excitement I said, not exit-meant.

  7. ITER is like the anthem of humanity, when the first people came and banded together in tribes, hunting, gathering, surviving the harsh conditions of the world.

    ITER is like revisiting our origins as a species, at least that’s what ITER looks like to me, the dawn of man kind.


    • I mean; yay! Fusion and all… But the E in ITER does stand for “experimental”. And it’s taken; what now? Forty years from start to (projected) finish. Even then, if it works, it’s just going to vent energy into the atmosphere rather than power a heat-exchange generator, or anything practical.

      If you are looking for a stable source of fusion energy, why not go with the sun? Photovoltaic solar, and wind turbines (arguably solar energy drives weather systems) are economically viable right now! Storage and transmission remain serious issues however.

      • The problem is some entity usually has to put up the capital with little legislation and lots of tax havens and very little progress towards public equity in energy resources. All our power stations were bought and payed for by by the public and we have some of the highest energy prices in the world. Lmao.

  8. Covid 19 is at the same level as climate change. We need a war govt now for climate change, as per this flu. Last chance, per this cold. Last chance.

    No going back to the plutocrats of 36 years. But no demo-cratists and no socialists. The foulness of fair weather without ideas. Individualism will kill us the dead sort of dead.

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