Political Caption Competition


This isn’t the National Party Caucus in the age of social distancing, someone farted and no one will own it.


  1. Simon: “I still can’t find anything written here that says we’re even remotely relevant.”
    Gerry: “Forget that. Can anyone else smell pies….?!!”

    • That’s just silly.. Don’t be like simple Simon. Everyone is laughing at him, and the ridiculous mob of wannabees around him. Do you want people to laugh at you openly, or behind their hands?

  2. Simon, to the man at the back: “Well if Paula would stop pummelling me with her bad vibes then maybe I could have made a better response. …And, NO, Paula, I do not think you could have “handled it better”.”

  3. Simon holds meeting for all National caucus members who support him.
    Simon asks ” where’s David Seymour, in fact where’s everyone else?”

  4. We know who it was and we know where you live – stay there with all the farts you know as you’re not making anything worthwhile here.

  5. Soymun: “Chin up guys! Never forget that Nu Zulind is the one place turkeys do vote for Christmas, so we’ve still got a very good chance of forming the next government.”

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