TDB lockdown tips & hacks – Monday 20th April


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Todays gratitude – Shout out Monday for our politicians who have made such enormously difficult choices unlike any other. Jacinda and Grant’s courage have saved this country from a public health nightmare and the leadership of our MPs has polished our reputation while history was watching. Kia kaha

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  1. I just heard Jane Paterson On Radionz say that James Shaw is not in Cabinet. I didn’t know that – I was going happily along as an ignorant twit, imagining that as a essential Coalition Partner he would automatically be there.
    (In a split leadership role, I guess that the Green Party would have to nominate who to be there. I would certainly want James rather than the impassioned Marama.) But how terrible that Labour has NZ First there with Winston and had not included James and his appropriate Portfolio. I feel stupid – another belief and assumption about the NZ left has turned out to be wrong.

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