Different bonuses that are offered by various casino sites


The online casino has taken the internet world by storm. Today, many gamblers from across the globe can enjoy their favorite casino game by sitting in the comfort of their place, without revealing their identity. 

The glamour, thrill, excitement, and lights of the casino are what grab many people to land in the house of casinos. The promotions and bonuses that are offered by the casino sites are making the amateur and professional gamblers to land on these sites to bet on different games

Different types of bonuses are offered by casino sites globally. Few online casino Singapore sites would provide cash as a bonus, while others offer free spins and VIP programs to its loyal customers. Undeniably, the bonus is what adds a lot of weight to your wallet.

Few of the bonuses that you can claim when you play gambling on any of the casino sites

Welcome bonus

Many casinos are offering this type of bonus to its customers. It is also known as a new player bonus or sign up bonus or opening bonus. You can claim this bonus when you deposit some amount for the first time in the account. The amount you have collected will get doubled. 

The best example is that the new players will get a 100% bonus up to the deposits of 200 Singapore dollars. If you deposit 200 SGD, you will get another 200 SGD to your account. The welcome bonuses also come with few restrictions when you want to withdraw the amount. You can claim this bonus only when you specify the promo code or the bonus code.

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No deposit bonus

It is the type of bonus given to the new players without having to deposit a single penny in the account. It is the type of bonus that is offered by the new casinos to grab the attention of new players to land on their site or when they are launching a new game that has risks. 

The casinos are offering the no deposit bonus of 10 SGD. There are a few restrictions that come with this bonus. The majority of casinos will have a high wagering requirement and a few other limitations to avoid players from abusing this bonus. When the player wants to withdraw the no deposit amount, they need to deposit some money.

There are wagering requirements and restrictions are applicable. For instance, the blackjack game will have a very low house edge, so the players are not allowed to play this game with the deposit money.

Freespin bonus

Another critical bonus that is offered by the casino sites is the free spin bonus. Few free spins are offered to the players. The free spins are known as cash spins, welcome spins, wager free spins, extra spins, and bonus spins. The free spins are given to the new customers on the slot games. 

There a few casinos who offer 20 to 30 free spins on certain games. The spins that you get for free would have specific wagering requirements. When you get these free spins, you must check whether or not these spins are free, and are there any wagering requirements and what the total cash out limit is. 

Monthly/deposit bonus

It is also known as a loyalty bonus or deposit bonus. It is the bonus that is offered by the casino site every month to encourage you to play continuously. Many casinos do not promote this type of bonus, but they do offer it to the customers. 

It is the bonus offered to the gamblers based on their previous month’s gambling activity. However, the monthly bonus is not as whopping as the welcome bonus, and it depends on your past events. 

Payment method bonus

There are different payment options given by the online casinos to withdraw the amount and deposit the amount. There are a few casinos who want their gamblers to use a specific payment method and offer a bonus on it, i.e., a welcome bonus is offered for using the payment method that is specified by the site. This type of bonus is rarely found.

High roller bonus

There are a few players who deposit a whopping amount of money to get a huge bonus. It is a bonus that is used to grab the attention of players who deposit more and play a lot. These players are called as VIPs and rollers. 

These players get a considerable amount of money for depositing high. Few other perks are given to these players, such as tickets for the sporting events.

Refer a friend casino bonus

It is the most common type of casino bonus that is offered by many casino sites these days. When you refer a friend to gamble on a specific site, the site people will provide you with the bonus. It is an easy way for casinos to add up customers. 

These are a few types of bonuses that are offered by casinos. It is a win-win for both the gamblers and the casino sites. It allows you to enjoy the game and earn a huge amount of money while the casinos can get more customers and deposits. 

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