TDB lockdown tips & hacks – Friday 17th April


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Todays gratitude – Shout out Friday to the Police who are trying to herd a nation of cats like NZ. They are building a level of trust with the community at a time when they have total power.

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  1. Our native birds are thriving under lockdown 🙂
    Katie Doyle of RNZ – NZ native birds thrive

    New Zealand birds are loving this lockdown, no longer having to compete with cars, buses, trains, planes or people. Kererū have been landing on back fences, pīwakawaka have been seen playing on Lambton Quay, and tūī have definitely been singing loudly at the crack of dawn.

    “One of the main things that people are noticing at the moment is just how vocal the birds are,” Zealandia centre director Danielle Shanahan said. “They’re not having to compete with the constant traffic noise and as a result we’re hearing them much more.”

  2. This from last Thursday, just before Easter: “The number of people killed on New Zealand roads in the past two weeks [8] has dropped 75 per cent compared to the same time last year [32]. The number of crashes has also decreased significantly.” Anna Leask Herald 9th April

    The Easter road toll was zero, for the first time since 2012.

    Road-related claims are down about 78 per cent, with car and motorcycle accidents remaining the biggest sources of claims. Injuries to pedestrians and cyclists have both also dropped substantially.

    As well, ACC claims are “down to about a third of what they were in the same week last year”.

    Accidents outside the home have fallen by at least 70 per cent apart from on farms, which are still operating and where accidents are down 58 per cent from a year earlier. Accidents in the home have fallen by 52 per cent – a smaller drop-off given most people are staying at home. Linked here

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