Watching Trump’s mask slip during these live pandemic press conferences is chilling isn’t it?  


There are times aren’t there that you look at the faces of the men and women who stand around the Present as he rants and you see something in their faces that actually explains their silence.

You see fear in their faces.

The true horror of watching these grotesque live pandemic press conferences is watching as the mask sometime slips and we see Trump for what he really is.

This was one such moment…

Covid 19 coronavirus: Tensions explode at press conference as Donald Trump defends handling of pandemic

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Donald Trump has held an explosive press conference, defending his handling of the coronavirus crisis and playing what critics have called a “propaganda” video.

The US President claimed he’d been “brutalised” over his handling of the pandemic, and dismissed claims he’d mismanaged the crisis as “fake news”.

Claims surfaced this week that high ranking health officials in the US urged the Trump administration to enforce social distancing restrictions throughout late January and February, but that these measures weren’t implemented until mid-March.

Trump dismissed these claims today, saying in January there had been “no deaths” and no cases of coronavirus detected in the US, and he wouldn’t have been able to implement a lockdown.

Donald Trump: ‘When somebody is president of the United States, the authority is total’ – video

US president Donald Trump has claimed he has ‘total authority’ to supersede decisions made by state governors to ease social restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic. ‘When someone is president of the United States the authority is total’, Trump said during a White House press briefing. Reporters questioned the assertion, asking: ‘You said that when someone is the president of the United States their authority is total. That is not true. Who told you that?’ Trump replied ‘We are going to write up papers on this’. Although claiming he had the authority to ‘call the shots’ for each state’s lock-down regulations, Trump insisted he was ‘getting on very well with the governors’ and is ‘certain there won’t be a problem’

…Trump’s toxic narcissism, his gleeful ignorance and his snarling vengeance fantasies trigger the flinch response in most decent human beings, but watching him in mid rant you suddenly see what all those frightened men pressed in close to him have seen, a human lost to his venal instincts so much so that he would commit any malicious gut act with the ease of you or I blinking.

That his malevolence and belief in total power combined produces a time bomb simply waiting to explode.

He is a corrupted being with ethics that would make your average drug cartel blush.

Watching Trump’s mask slip is chilling.

I can’t see Biden lasting 30 seconds with him.

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  1. What is even more depressing than watching the mask crumble is the probability that the majority of Americans will again vote for this entity later this year.
    I still can’t figure out why the most powerful state on the planet so often manages to elect the biggest brain fade it can find as president.
    All that potential talent and yet they make do with clowns like Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Donald Trump?
    What a waste!

    • @ MtL.
      ” The most powerful state on the planet…”
      I don’t agree that, that’s correct.
      The USA’s looking incredibly weak and teetering on financial collapse and that’s not a new thing.
      If it were not for the USA’s abilities to sell coals to New Castle it’d be fucked.
      While the so called presidential ‘administration’ of The U$A Co. Ltd. are consistently showing the rest of world what a bunch of tangled stringed, dancing puppets they are to their Dollar Pimp masters i.e. the Fed Reserve and its associate retail bankster thugs, the U$A sinks to new lows that get lower at each sinking.
      Like most people, I’ve known ‘narcissistic sociopaths’. I can point out a narcissistic sociopath as easily as if they were painted fluro pink now. Trump is one of those most crafty of the psychiatrically unwell and we should be terrified because he will stop at nothing to prove to the world that he’s most wondrous and brilliant and all we have to do to continue to bask in his glory and to acquiesce to his insane, arrogant behaviour and paranoid ramblings.
      I honestly believe trump would bomb China, Russia and anyone else in to atoms who upends his own self appointed awesomeness.
      The worst thing to do is box them in. They must always believe they have wriggle room.
      I knew someone once who dated a Dr of Psychiatry who believed that, [that kind of behaviour] is as a result of a half cooked amygdala.
      Trump is, essentially, mentally disabled and perhaps we should pity him once the voting Americans disarm him. Right now? We should be very afraid of the mad bastard.

    • “Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and Donald Trump?”

      What they have in common is they are obedient puppets and can lie profusely without conscience about what they have been a part of.done,
      Iraq for example 1.4 million deaths and still rising.

      • Agree John W, and let us not forget that the murrican regime is preventing the country’s of Iran and Venezuela from obtaining necessary medical supplies for there citizens, causing who knows how many unneeded deaths. Anyone have updates on plane loads of medical equipment hijacked by the us? The regime’s attitude is understandable when you realise that murricans are exceptional people, and the rest of the world, ragheads commies etc. are expendable.

  2. Trump knew all this. In fact, he knew a lot more. He had been getting daily intelligence reports for two months, warning him about the risk of a pandemic. It’s impossible to believe he had not been told that COVID-19 was at least 10 times more deadly than the flu, or that it was passed human to human with a just touch or a cough. A top White House adviser had already warned that a full-blown pandemic could imperil the lives of millions of Americans. Virtually every public-health expert in the world was speaking out, warning politicians and community leaders what was about to hit us.

    Nevertheless, since the moment the outbreak was first publicized in January, Trump had been doing nothing but downplaying it. To him, the pandemic was merely another plot to sabotage him. “They’re trying to scare everybody . . . cancel the meetings, close the schools — you know, destroy the country,” he told his guests that weekend. “And that’s OK, as long as we can win the election.” From The President and the Plague – RollingStone (Full article at the link)

  3. The POTUS is just an actor too horrify and entertain us no matter if its Republican or Democrat for a four year term.
    Trump has some leeway but it is the powerful donors and the financial elite are the ones wearing the masks.
    They control America as presidents come and go with their bullshit i love America campaigns and i am gonna fight for you crap.
    And Americans keep supporting the status quo even when someone campaigned too take back ownership of the country and showed that there was an alternative worth fighting for.

  4. I don’t understand why you say Biden doesn’t stand a chance with him. Do you mean in the debates (assuming we have them here) or in the election, or both?

    In the debates it isn’t like Biden will not be prepared for whatever Trump tries with him unless someone actually convinces the president to act presidential. Biden will have rehearsed with someone who can mimic Trump at his most belligerent and unhinged with him spewing his usual megalomaniacal lies (Alex Baldwin perhaps). Biden can’t take the bait. He would do best to just ignore Trump and practice rolling his eyes. He should keep what he says totally in response to the moderator’s questions.

    If Trump does win thankfully I have friends in New Zealand who can help me relocate there.

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