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  1. Can anyone recommend to me a citizen active blog for practical people who want to return to a good NZ for people to live in, with policy-driven services and responses where there is an exchange and accumulation of factual information? It may be there is somewhere on facebook that is interested in Whole-of-NZ interchange and learning. The present blogs throw around thoughts, examine pollies and their doings, and do some practical stuff, but a lot is complaining. The place I would like to participate in would be people who are well informed about happenings and personalities in NZ and the world, probably from reading here and TS and other informed thinkers.

    So there would be discussion about dealing with our problems – I’m wondering about building houses near the coast on stilts. Would that be practical to provide housing in Christchurch on some of the Red Zone? What do they do overseas to provide cheap but practical housing? Short-term even. There was a NZr who designed dwellings for slum areas that were practical using found materials. Hasn’t someone here designed Shelter Boxes for cyclone hit areas etc. Are we taking note of our own expertise? And I would like to be part of a group of people with a drive to get going in NZ without having to filter everything through a government that is under sanction from regressive, stronger economies and leaders.

  2. There are reports of possible evacuations along the Wellington South Coast as large waves sweep at least one person out to sea: Stuff 15th April

    Police are preparing for possible evacuations along Wellington’s South Coast as waves more than 5 metres high slam into the coastline

  3. Massive increase in death certificates with the word ‘Covid’ on them

    News today that America has started attributing Covid-19 to cause of death without the victim even being tested for the disease (RT News, 2020). So far thousands of people have been diagnosed by nothing more than a cursory glance when admitted to hospital with their subsequent death being recorded as Coronavirus. The fatality statistics associated with this pandemic have just been rendered meaningless. In other countries, the UK has just had a five times weekly increase in deaths caused by Covid (attributing 5000 to Covid in one day), NZ Covid deaths have doubled in a week, while in Italy shops are about to open again after recovering as the European Coronavirus epicentre a few weeks ago.
    In the NZ legal system, the ‘egg shell’ defence offers protection to someone charged with taking another’s life, whereby the victim is said to have some underlying medical issues which actually caused the death (in recent times a boy in NZ was beaten on school grounds and died but his death was not attributed to this beating but to a heart condition). The global public is now being asked to accept the opposite of the egg shell for any cause of death; even if the person has underlying or preexisting health conditions, the cause of death can now instead be attributed to something else. Anything else.

    RT News. (2020). ‘Presumed Covid-19’: NYC Corona deaths suddenly soar past 10,000 after over 3,700 victims added to list on probable grounds. Retrieved from

    Trump talking about withdrawing aid from WHO. Question why is it so high anyway? What’s in it for self-centred business-first USA? Is it Big Pharma, a cosy relationship where all the latest viruses and epidemics can be revealed, meeting up with the counter-attack side? Apparently the USA donates millions (not billions):
    Trump pledges to put a hold on U.S. funding for World Health … › 2020/04/07 › trump-hold-who-funding
    Apr 7, 2020 – The U.S. has provided the agency with $893 million during the agency’s current two-year funding period, which includes about $236 million in …


    It is time for the European Commission, and perhaps Russia and China to take over the task of co-operatively running WHO. It is too important to become a political football for the English speaking countries that seem to have lost touch with a satisfactory vision for modern civilisation.

  5. Here is a link to what might be informative about the NHS in the UK if someone is trying to get a picture of what has happened over there, and whether we will be hit by the same financial disease.
    Executive SummaryNOVEMBER 2003
    Briefing Paper March 2005 AN INDEPENDENTAUDIT OF THE NHS UNDER LABOUR(1997–2005)
    ‘This independent audit was commissioned by The Sunday Times and is published with their kind permission’

  6. Give some thoughts, prayers, goodwill and dollars to these people in the Pacific generally stuck by cyclone and particularly this community.

    Mr Warri said a group of about 60 people at Londar in south Pentecost was lucky to have survived the cyclone.
    “They hid under the church and it flew away. All the other houses had flown so the men stood around in a circle and the women and children stood in the middle.
    “They stood there until the morning in the rain and the wind.”

  7. I presume that the patients in NHS clinics are taken care of with secretly created nourishment. As far as anyone is concerned, the NHS doesn’t possess or run cultivates that supply nourishment to patients.

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