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  1. Dr Ashley Bloomfield the Director General of the Ministry of Health has been adamant since day 1 that only those that have Covid-19 and display obvious symptoms of the virus can spread it to others.

    This has strongly encouraged health professionals in NZ and our population to believe that as a fact and act accordingly. Even as late as Monday of this week he spoke about testing symptomatic people people entering aged care facilities etc etc. He clearly still believes many weeks into this pandemic that only symptomatic people are a danger to others, even vulnerable elderly people. Imagine the ramifications of him being incorrect.

    The link below is for his benefit.

    • A confronting piece.

      “It was a surgical ward until the level 4 lockdown restrictions came into play and elective surgeries were cancelled. Now, Ward GG at Christchurch’s Burwood Hospital is an upsetting place for anyone to be, including its experienced nursing staff.

      Located in the original part of the hospital campus a distance from the rehabilitation wards, this place has witnessed six deaths since April 6 – the day 20 elderly dementia patients were transported here from Rosewood Rest Home and Hospital in Linwood.

      Three of them have died since Monday; two men in their 90s, and one in his 80s.

      The nurses who care for the remaining patients have a prediction that is both grim, and realistic; no-one is likely to come out of Ward GG alive.

      “It’s not okay that we’re popping into their rooms once an hour, really to check whether they’ve died yet.”

      The experienced nurse describes rising tensions as the Ward GG workforce, which includes orderlies and runners, question whether the DHB is taking safety seriously enough.

      In the meantime, nurses on Ward GG want to know whether they themselves are carrying the virus, but have been told they don’t need to be tested unless they begin showing symptoms.”

  2. Jacindafan
    You are missing a point of nature. Viruses exist and go through a limited life though they breed abundantly so there are multitudes to carry on. Humans are the same, they get old and die from something, and people in elderly rest homes are all at the end tip of life. They need loving care as they pass over, but heroic efforts to save them is not a rational response for the aged body and mind.

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