MEDIA WATCH: Why Paul Henry is the future of MediaWorks


Paul Henry’s Rebuilding Paradise to premiere April 20 on Three

Broadcaster Paul Henry is returning to New Zealand TV screens with a brand new show that starts next week.

Rebuilding Paradise with Paul Henry premieres Monday, April 20 at 9.30pm on Three and its 30-minute episodes will be broadcast four nights a week for four weeks.

The series is described by MediaWorks, which owns Newshub, as a positive yet hard-hitting show, aimed at finding the truth about where we are as a nation as we come out of lockdown and what possibilities lie ahead for us in the future. 

The market has been broken because Facebook and Google have sucked all the advertising revenue out of NZ which means Paul Henry is the future of MediaWorks.

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Long term solutions are either making TV One advertising free (which would force advertisers to move to TV3) or a special media tax on transnationals which is ring fenced and put back into NZ broadcasters.

Short term solutions for Mediaworks are cutting expensive programs like The Project and replacing them with cheaper studio based operations using broadcasters like Paul Henry who have the ability to generate outrage while keeping a large audience.

MediaWorks will need to scout for broadcasting talent who can do their thing inside a studio rather than expensive writers and costly post production. The short term future will be more like talk back radio with pictures that can generate ratings and gain advertising profit from greatly reduced costs.

That’s what we are seeing with Henry announcing a new week nighty show. It will either replace The Project – which costs a fortune – or become a new night show.

Expect lots more talking heads as TV for the foreseeable future.

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    • Now THAT ,… would be awesome.

      Imagine it ! – the debates and exposures and solutions would be so palpable you could cut it with a knife !

      And the education of the public to critically think of things and access our collective positions in real time,- would be revolutionary.

      As for Paul Henry ,…

      I kind of think of the Hosking guy when I think of Henry,… and I have a song for both… its called ‘ Bugger Off’…

      Here’s some Irish sentiment for the pair of them.

      Bugger Off

    • Unlikely. The funding streams for blogs will come under considerable pressure. It is discrestionary expenditure, and in a downturn thats the first spending to go. The number of journalists losing their jobs means that the number of potential commentators as at an all time high, but the funding for said roles at an all time low.

      If I were a journalist or blogger, I would be urgently retraining.

    • How about a combined show with Hoskings and Henry?
      Be nice to boycott two revolting specimens in one go. Be like eliminating covid 19 and ebola in one blow.

  1. My favourite SciFi was doomed the moment Paramount started losing audience numbers to the Internet and began leaning on there biggest earners, Indiana Jones, Aliens and of course Star Trek.

    The rule of thumb in the producing world (and Iv hung around New Zealand’s top News producers enough to talk about this stuff) is revenue has to be a minimum 3x more than what is spent on producing content, just to break even.

    In the JJ Abrams universe of Star Trek, so after Insurrection, the Star Trek franchise was grossing about 300-500 million per film yet they were spending over $200 million on production (that’s $100 million more than they should have been spending) because they had to compete with Netflix and the Marvel and DC franchise so everyone just assumes that the more flash and CG is in a film that that will translate to more revenue (boy where they wrong).

    If Paramount had of focused on less flash, less CG and more on writing they would have budgeted a $100 million per film for Star Trek and made a tidy profit while keeping there fans together. Instead they went with a social justice narrative because fucking diversity is supposed to pump up sales revenue and well we know how well that worked out.

    Uhura is a fucking 60kg communications officer. She sits on the bridge decoding stuff, getting that vital piece of information needed to complete the mission. She doesn’t take on 400kg fucking Klingons and murder them. Even in sci fi, a 60kg woman murdering Klingons who’ve spent there whole fucking lives murdering shit and then being taken out by a 60kg communications officer is fucken condescending, that split the fans. It was fun, it was flashy, we got to see a 60kg communications officer go on away missions while standing on top of flying shuttle craft fighting 400kg death machines and making them look like they’d never fought in there lives, feminist got to cheer, and it was also just bad writing and ultimately bankrupted the Star Trek franchise.

    So yeah. Reduce costs to fit into new public funding models. Get rid of the flash, no one wants to pay for click bait when it is available free on the Internet. Focus on good writing. And tax Facebook, Google and YouTube so we can publicly fund New Zealand journalism with a kiwi acsent.

  2. I always kinda liked Paul Henry. He’s outspoken, often amusing, self-depreciating, not woke, a solid interviewer, and (for me at least) no where near as grating Mike Hosking in his presentation. Also he despises The NZ Herald. I suspect he’s probably far more centrist than many people think, although he obviously has a lot of money and done very well for himself.

    • He only has a ‘lot of money’ because of the free market neo liberalism he knew how to manipulate,… like every other shitty little weasel that sniffed the wind when there was a regime change.

      But now hes fucked liked everybody else, therefore if he try’s to wank on about his pet right wing free market neo liberal bullshit and how we all have to tighten our belts while masses of people become unemployed and small businesses go under?

      He better start hiring armed guards every time he enters the studio.

  3. And as I saw on the Standard the show won’t have the traditional ‘producer’ given the ‘star.’
    They’ll have a proctologist.

  4. Hosking and Henry appear to share much the same views on a lot of things, but at least Henry is capable of a bit of intelligent wit, something that Hosking could never hope to achieve.

    • Hooray-Henry-Hosking-clone-1 and Hooray-Hosking-Henry-clone-2… are like Tweedle-Dum & Tweedle-Less-Dum-neoliberal dikshit zombies, shuffle-stalking through a once-egalitarian, socially responsible, but now a plague-ravaged Aoteroa. But there were tow plagues, the plague f neoliberalism in 1984 and the Covid-19 plague of 2020. I know which one’s more damaging to NZ.

      Neoliberal Trickle Down 1 and NLTD 2 muppets, are coming out like goats in Queenstown, to nibble at middle-income kiwis stalk the talkshow radio & TV airwaves and garner (deliberate) 30 minute segments during Lockdown 4 & LD3, telling Grimm’s fairy tales of ‘wicked-witch Jacinda’ destroying neoliberal paradise in New Zealand.

      H-H-Henry Show will be called “Rebuilding Parasites (misspelling intended) for New Zealand”….shaking head and FFS-aking loudly. My son told me Stephen Joyce’s name was mentioned on radio talkshow the other night….I almost fell off my chair.

      Here is the latest halftime SPORTS news:

      Labour 1: Zombies from the right honourable Hooray-Hoskings, Hooray-Henry and Hooray-Henry Joyce 3.

      All we need now is neolib Brash to come out from the crypt and bite Adrian Orr’s neck and re-instate himself as Reserve Bank Governor.

      If it was up to those 4 death-watch beetles, Don, Paul, Mike and Stephen, New Zealand would have carried on without lockdowns and let Covid-19 run its course, with a South Pacifics-cum-Swedish business as usual Covid-19 game-plan.

      Herd of immunity? Herd of survival of the richest?

      That lot would have kept New Zealand “Open for Business” during COVID-19, at no-cost to kiwi-businesses. Let the herd of “Kiwi-deplorables”, “beneficiaries”, “homeless” , “Winston-Voters” and “immune-compromised”, perish on the pyres of neo-liberal ideology. You only have to look at the neolib clusterf*ck in the USA, to see what was planned for NZ back in the 1980’s under Roger Douglas and his ACT party. USA Reaganomics carried on to its inevitable, trickle-down nirvana conclusion. Thank goodness Lange had a cup of tea, and a think, for a while.

      But, fast-forward 2020, and neoliberal ACTolytes are like friggin’ Zombies. And just when you thought it was safe to come out and be caring, egalitarian Kiwis again, the neolib zombies, are about to froth, foam and snarl – like dikshits – on our airwaves.

      I thought we had got rid of these f-f-f-f 4. Not even a silver bullet, only 8 people buying “I’ve been thinking” by Roger Douglas, a wooden stake through the heart, or a Jacinda-the-Neoliberal-scourge-vampire slayer can stop these 4 zombies of the neoliberal right from haunting our airwaves, streets and electronic billboards. It’s like Taika Brooks’ “World War En Zee”.

      Australia was glad to get rid of Hooray Henry from their airwaves. We shouldn’t give him New Zealand oxygen on our airwaves here again. Once a dikshit, always a dikshit! Does he even have a New Zealand passport (Sorry to pull the Donald Trump-Obama card).

      Henry’s show seems to have Milford Assets as sponsors and what appears to be Speights Stars in its logo.
      Are Speights and Milford Assets, real McCoy sponsors? Or are the Milford-esque, Speights-esque, Eminem-esque??

      Paradise for Neoliberals “Like Mike”, Paul, Don and Stephen, is NOT Paradise for 90% of New Zealand. Oxfam updated its New Zealand inequality figures from 2017 of 10% owning 90% of the wealth, to 2018 1% owning 28% of the wealth (

      In the USA its 3 families, Bezos; Gates; Buffet’s “combined wealth of $248.5 billion was higher than the wealth of the bottom 160 million Americans, at $245 billion” (

      If HHJ and B were advocating from within the lowest 90%, or from within the lowest 78% for equality, I would have respect for them and their neoliberal argument. They don’t. They want 1%, owning 99% of the wealth.

      I have more respect for the likes of Bryan Bruce: ‘Inside New Zealand Poverty’ (; Dr Ian Hyslop: ‘Inequality a blight on NZ society’ (; Bryan Bruce Mind the Gap (

      These Kiwis kiwis with conscience, shed light on 30 years of heartless neoliberal zombieism and avaricious vampirism.

      Diane’s advice: “Crawl back under your gilded rocks Paul, Mike, Don and Stephen. Be happy with your considerable nest-eggs, your gilt-edged-managed-broad portfolios, gold reserves and liquid assets. Leave New Zealand to recover from 30 years of your neoliberal zombieism in the peace and quiet, of our COVID-19 bubbles”.

      Diane doesn’t normally give a second piece of advice:
      “P, M, D and S should reply to this comment and publish their ‘4-horsemen-net-worths’, individually, or collectively. Donate:

      20% of net-worth to Housing the Homeless ( ;
      20% of net-worth to Sponsor Kiwi-Kids (;
      10% of net-worth to City Missions (,;;
      20% of net-worth to fighting COVID-19; (;
      10% of net-worth to user-pays St John Ambulance (
      10% of net-worth to Alleviating domestic violence (

      Paul Henry could run 4 weeks of programmes, called “Rebuilding Paradise”, in which could regale the true definition of neoliberal trickle-down altruism. It could deify the good, in instalments of 1 rich person a week, the can-do rich Kiwis, who chose to donate 90% of their considerable individual wealth each week, or collective wealth to their fellow kiwis, and how they single-handedly (or fou-handedly) let this wealth “trickle-down” through the community. We could even raise some money for charity, by letting Kiwis text in and vote for the Wealthy Kiwi True Trickle-Down Neoliberal Of the Year!

      10% of P, M, D and S’s net-worth, is still a shitload to live on, way more than the average Kiwi wage. P, M, D and S ‘d feel happy to help their fellow kiwis in the present and future. They’d have a clear focus on the afterlife with their eye(s) on Matthew 19:24. Their spiritual salvation would be assured, if they allowed fellow kiwis to witness their altruistic trickle-down in theory and practice, being used to benefit others.

      Diane’s third and last piece of advice Paul Henry: “Rebuild Paradise” Paul! Let trickle-down REALLY work by donating your 4 horsemen accumulated wealth to the victims of 30 years of neoliberalism. You know it makes sense!!”

      • “Rebuilding Parasites

        Bloody brilliant!!

        Fantastic commentary – much enjoyed.

        One more for the road: “Rebuilding Parasites”
        …and a new virus emerges…

      • “Rebuilding Parasites

        Bloody brilliant!!

        Fantastic commentary – much enjoyed.

        One more for the road: “Rebuilding Parasites”
        …and a new virus emerges…

      • ‘ Rebuilding Parasites’ YES Brilliant.
        Like the bit about Henry’s sponsors and I’ll be noting who they are so they can be quarantined or at least isolate myself from them. Boycott is it.

      • Henry’s show seems to have Milford Assets as sponsors

        Well for Milford Assets it’s all about the money – about people having money to play with. A lot of talk about “investments” but nowhere on their site can be found the word ‘ethical’. Ethical investments, yes. Other ‘investments’ need to be looked at more closely. And again, it’s all about having money to play around with in the first place. So, “Rebuilding Paradise” for them would be re-empowering their money-gods.

        For Hosking it’s the same. Ironically even here on tdb, courtesy of Google Ads I guess, ads are run that have Hosking perched at top of page giving ‘investment advice’. (Not right at the moment – couple of weeks ago.)

  5. “Expect lots more talking heads as TV for the foreseeable future.”

    Sounds like coronavirus in human form infecting TV. Quarantining that.

  6. God help us another right winger who has got bored and is being reincarnated just in time for the neoliberal offensive that has already begun.
    Dianne must be sick of him mooching around the mansion with no outlet for him too express himself.
    I bet NZ On Air would fund this programme if they aren’t already.
    And they wiped Bomber like a dirty arse when he requested they support Waatea news a year or two back.
    Media works adds nothing too our current affairs wasteland except more would be National MPs who wanna be on telly.

  7. I think I’ll pass.

    Henry might appeal to a minority,but I doubt it’ll be sufficient to pay the bills.

    Meantime, Netflix, et al, offer quality programmes & draw huge paying audiences.

    Mediaworks dont seem to have made the connection between Quality & More Viewers vs Crap & Shrinking Audience.

    [comment reposted from my Twitter]

  8. If think splitting the fans is a majorly stupid idea. There’s no continuity between me waking up early on Saturday morning to watch cartons and Paul Henry. The moment Paul Henry shatters our childhoods it will all be over.

  9. The name given to the Paul Henry Show is “Rebuilding Paradise”.

    The true name should be Re-entrenching Neoliberal Capitalism in the NZ psyche, with all its inherent extremes of social inequality, and promotion of a mandate for permanent exploitation of the land and the people by foreign and corporate owners.

    Post-Covid-19 Propaganda is about to be launched.

  10. Inadvertently tuned in to Hoskings this morning on radio retard -God he’s awful, hates anything Jacinda does, and waffles on dumbly. Funny how Dunning-Kruger people get on the airwaves.Listened for a few minutes as one listens to the comedic people on Fox just for the ridiculousness.
    When Henry returns must be more careful with the dials to avoid further infection.

  11. Just commenting on your headlines at the moment but I expect you’re talking about Murdochian divide and rule politics for the rich. They get ever closer with the win of the Right mental cases over the Tasman and Sky News Australia pouring Fox News direct into us with that signature lack of conscience. The evangelicals in my family say they won’t go that way thanks to my violent arguments but they’ve already sucked the first boiled sweet of ‘what suits’. Trained rationalisers for their own solace, no matter others.

  12. When you’re in despair over Trump’s steady 40% plus ratings, contemplate the sad fact that Hosking’s radio spot is the most popular by a country mile.

    Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

  13. Kicked out of broadcasting here so he went to Oz, they didnt like him either and now hes the future? Fuck off I dont want that smarmy prick here again, hes horrible.

  14. Just watched Rebuilding Paradise and quite frankly if that shit is the way forward for Mediaworks, they’re doomed.

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