Te Ao with MOANA – It is up to communities to police themselves during the pandemic


#WATCH Mike Smith (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kahu) from the Iwi Chairs Forum talks about how agile Māori have been in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Te Ao with MOANA screens on Māori TV 8pm Mondays


  1. Video conferencing – the way of the future. …for creative mobilisation in the future.

    “There is no B Plan…”

    “If we want to avoid [police enforcement] then what we’ve got to do as families, as individuals and as communities, we’ve got to just adhere to the principles of the Lockdown. We’ve got to understand that that’s what we’ve got to do, and just do it.”

    It is really encouraging to hear Mike Smith speaking about all of this. Much appreciated.

    “We’ve got to support each other and do the right thing.”

  2. Community. Communication.
    Disaster Risk reduction. Knowledge Management.

    Some very important aspects highlighted by Mike Smith that may guide ongoing and future discussion of community engagement in climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

    We have to assume that future disruptive events and possible disasters will disable communication and transportation infrastructure. Both are usually basics and precondition for all sorts of services provided through the national level.

    Under changing climatic conditions, and in cases of disaster strikes it cannot be taken for warranted that those services will still be (always) functioning and available.

    Over time, and with increasing unpredictability and volatility of geo-hazards, core functions and services will have to be brought to community level, including main aspects of safety and security.

    As much as possible, each settlement / location must be able to operate and survive as separate entity, if required. This is a key principle of climate adaptation and disaster preparedness.

    Our main backstop and safeguard against falling to medieval standards will be our capacity to communicate and act through IT, internet and other related means of knowledge management.

    We have to establish autonomous local IT infrastructure that serves all kinds of knowledge management in the community, and at the same time is able to directly link up with other similar IT entities on regional, national, international levels.

    Internet of localities instead of internet of things!

    At present, such local infrastructure is a distinct priority for medium-term disaster management and a most relevant technological challenge to be mastered.

    Community Services:
    Decentralized Internet:

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