AWUNZ Calls For Provincial Growth Fund To Be Radically Dissected


Mr Davis, AWUNZ spokesman, said;

“The Provincial Growth Fund needs a Union heart not only a commercial mind. Shane Jones needs to accept that work creation is the only goal. I don’t mean generously-paid jobs either for the Wellington insiders”

“Shane Jones, the Regional saviour, must realise that far too many of his projects have languished since 2017. The list starts with Invercargill regeneration, marine farming in Opotiki and roundabouts in Kerikeri. Zero new jobs exist from these announcements other than consultants!”

“This is a time where workers are being made redundant, firms are feeling the heat of bankruptcy and Wellington officials have got cold feet.”

“For these reasons Hon Shane Jones must ensure all future PGF decisions are made by a panel that mixes union membership as well as provincial firms.”

“Everyone knows it takes too long for his system to deliver results. We need local decision- making close to where the provincial pain is.”

“Unions have a better track record for championing the interests of provincial workers than Shane Jones and his track record. Many regional firms are almost in a coma, the medicine they is need income not policy. Our joint union/employer approach will be a more responsive option than Shane Jones historical approach.”


  1. We agree 100% with the unions on this one.

    Rail activities has been ignored by Government for to long as being a potential generater of secure safe healthy jobs.

    We only see that Shane Jones efforts to increase rail freight and passenger services, is being pushed ‘off the tracks’ by big trucking interests and political pressures from senior National Party MP’s, who seem to have been bought by road freight industry excecutives.

    So we need union presence in planing for future RGF allocations.

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