TDB lockdown tips & hacks – Tuesday 7th April


Have a Lockdown tip or hack you would like to share with others?

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Todays gratitude – Shout out Tuesday to the families in shared care situations where children are separated from the normal routines and parental contact. Their hidden trauma makes a pandemic even more raw.

For the latest official advice – please go to Government website here.

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TDB Team 2020.

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  1. I guess most people won’t need this reminder, but I did 🙁

    Remember to keep your car battery charged up – Turning the engine over.

  2. It seems to take more conscious effort to keep a healthy rhythm and flow to life under lockdown, to keep daily life in balance. Time inside and outside, time away from computer and tv, times away from “News” and back to all that happens each day whatever the “news” may be. There are plenty of options for exercise, – it’s just too easy to let them slide. I’m hoping to improve that over the week ahead (3rd week of Lockdown).

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