Grim pandemic karma finally catches up with Boris Johnson


After boasting about ignoring advice not to shake hands with Coronavirus and downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic…

…and after attempting to hatch a diabolical scheme that would infect the entirety of the UK and doom half a million to death, Boris finally faces the grim Karma of this virus and has been moved to intensive care after contracting it…

Covid 19 coronavirus: Boris Johnson admitted to intensive care

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been admitted to an intensive care unit just hours after he said he was in good spirits in a London hospital where he was admitted with the new coronavirus.

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The Prime Minister’s spokesman earlier said Johnson had spent a comfortable night and remained in charge of government despite being admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital after Covid-19 symptoms of a cough and fever persisted, 10 days after he was diagnosed.

…I won’t shed one god damned tear for a man who was willing to kill half a million of his own people so that the fucking economy could keep going.

He and his fellow Death Cult Capitalism acolytes like Matthew Hooton, Gareth Morgan and Mike Hosking can all share the same ironic fate as far as I am concerned.


  1. Obviously BOJO is not a part of the HERD that has immunity! LOL! This Neoliberal Trump groveller you can be sure will have a publicly provided ventilator set aside for him by the NHS the service starved of funds and support by the Tory scum for 10 years as they encouraged private pay for alternatives. Its nurses having to fashion bin bags as PPE.

    • Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Strategy Will End in Repression!-John Ashton CBE

      Luke Ashton Ford
      16 hours ago
      Well said john Tories have tried to dismantle the NHS especially over the last 12 years the NHS is our greatest asset hope the Tories burn for there incompetence and the murder of their UK citizens!

      • To bring a bit of humor heres three jokes to lighten the mood …..

        1) Boris had a near miss with the corona virus ,,, Thankfully he’s made it back to good health ,,, unfortunately his brain was starved of oxygen and suffered irreparable damage ,,,,, thankfully nobody can tell.

        2) While he was lying sedated and delerious in hospital,,, Theresa May and David Cameron sneaked into Boris’s room ,,,, Theresa may mounted him, and hissed ” I should still be leader”, all while giving him a darn good pegging… When she was finished David Cameron stepped up and repeatedly called him a traitorous backstabber ,,, while treating poor Boris like a pigs head in a initiation ritual . Afterwards when Boris was recovered and out of hospital ,,, he confided to his mistress that when he was at his most ill ,,,, he’d had amazing dreams of his old boarding school ,,, with the headmaster and school priest in them.

        3) While largely immobile in bed Boris slipped the Woman in the Matrons uniform 50 quid to spank his arse with a studded paddle ,,, he wants his money back please.

        Boris gets a mention in this comedy set.

    • On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary journalist and film-maker John Pilger about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He discusses the fact that the Conservative government was warned about shortages leaving the NHS vulnerable in pandemics 4 years ago,

  2. Grim Pandemic karma still does NOT catch up with David Clark.
    Martyn, when will you stop going ‘ra ra Jacinda’?
    She is weak when tough decisions, like firing that idiot, have to be made. I would not follow her into battle. Nor would most the country. Because she would not be fighting from the dangerous front, that’s clear now.
    She’d be hiding at the back where is safe.

    • We (the country that is, minus the bitter sulking National acolytes) will continue to cheer our Prime Minister as she leads us through this evolving tragedy with calm rational decision making and empathy.

      It must be hurting you blind-with-rage Natzo’s that her govt’s approval ratings remain high despite the dirty politics and incessant attacks from propaganda mouthpieces like Hosking.
      This fact-free sniping has revealed all we need to know about our corrupt Opposition.

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha…….stay safe y’all

    • Unlike certain National ministers,Clark is not corrupt and if you had any balls you’d not hide behind such an immature non de plume.If she is weak then Key was like water in not sacking Smith and Brownlee let alone Collins.

      • Please don’t compare Key to water! I actually like water! It goes very well with coffee for a start!

        Any one of those people you named is reason NOT to vote for the Nats. And reason to fear for our country if Nats ever get in again.

    • “Nor would most of the country”? You presumptuous twit. I’m picking you as a white, male middle-aged red-neck retard who thinks you’re entitled to an opinion, well you’re not. You’re not entitled to an opinion if you get your opinions from Mike, the fuck-wit, Hosking. Our glorious leader is leading from the front and even if she saved the entire world from the other white, male, middle-aged world leaders you’d still share doctored pictures of her like all the other red-neck retards in NZ. Go Jacinda! Ra! Ra! Ra!

      • Are you seriously saying ANY citizen of NZ is not entitled to an opinion? This must be the most fascist comment I have seen online for years.

    • I’d be the first to stand alongside our PM through any challenge. I’d do so with full confidence that she will do what’s right for NZ and protect its citizens, as she has said she is duty bound to do.

      The PM explained clearly today the reason David Clark has been demoted, and not sacked. To sack him at the present time, will take too much time in many respects, interfering with government management of CV19 in NZ. In normal circumstances the PM stated he would have been sacked instantly.

      As for Clark, after not one, but two recent breaches of lockdown, he undoubtedly will be on his final lap in any senior position in Parliament, if he’s there at all after the election.

    • Sometimes when you’re up the back on the bleachers you get a better view. You can see the disoriented stumbling around and feebly poking their heads up. They still haven’t come to terms with the world after years living up John Key’s rear orifice let alone gathered their senses after the October 2017 punch in the head. Now in lockdown in pitiful displays they come out to play as if schools had been in lockdown/lockout for the entirety of their school years.
      Ardern doesn’t need you in that disoriented state to be following her. Just wait down that back, someone will be along to look after you.

    • TVHMC
      Novel, illogical and short sighted
      The battle is on now and we are following her with a fair degree of success.
      Are you following too or are you milling with the crowd of contagion.

  3. At least Boris gets to be an example ,,, of how wrong he was ,,, he mocked and delayed dropping the hammer ,,, now he is dancing with death ,,, and probably queue jumping.

    “If 5% of your cases require intensive care and you can’t provide it, most of those people die. As simple as that.”

    “What happens if you have a heart attack but the ambulance takes 50 minutes to come instead of 8 (too many coronavirus cases) and once you arrive, there’s no ICU and no doctor available? You die.”

    ” If the coronavirus is left to spread, the US healthcare system will collapse, and the deaths will be in the millions, maybe more than 10 million…..The same thinking is true for most countries. ”

    “Unbridled coronavirus means healthcare systems collapse, and that means mass death.”

    Boris like Trump like Hosking ,,, and most right wingers ,,, is WRONG about what is best for the economy ,,,,

    Research regarding the 1918 flu: ,,, ” If indeed social distancing measures had been bad for the economy, what we should see is that cities with higher mortality rates (because they applied measures that were too little too late) had a bigger economic growth in the years after.
    Is this what we actually found? ….

    ……… Researchers found the opposite of the hypothesis. “Mitigation”, the strategy where the measures taken are weaker, was much worse for the economy than “suppression”, heavier social distancing measures.”

    The two articles linked too above are part 2 and 3 out of a series.

    The first was written on March 11 ,,, and I’d now recommend reading it last ,,, unlike the barking Hosking, Garners etc ,,,, there are no U turns and the advice is as true now as when it was written.
    “The coronavirus is coming to you.
    It’s coming at an exponential speed: gradually, and then suddenly.
    It’s a matter of days. Maybe a week or two.
    When it does, your healthcare system will be overwhelmed.
    Your fellow citizens will be treated in the hallways.
    Exhausted healthcare workers will break down. Some will die.
    They will have to decide which patient gets the oxygen and which one dies.
    The only way to prevent this is social distancing today. Not tomorrow. Today.
    That means keeping as many people home as possible, starting now.”

    NZs lockdown /social distancing is what is needed right now ,,, and the Hoskings or Garners can go kiss Boris on the lips ,,, by their logic getting the virus is a good thing.

  4. sad eh Martyn as Boris had a sort of likeable pommie about him.
    carma has a way of catching up with those who harbour secrets so how many does the parlamentary members hold??????

  5. Tubes down the throat in ICU are a bit of a leveller among people really. We all bleed red blood, and need oxygen to survive. Boris is a lying, treacherous, tory bastard with a dash of toff boofhead–but that should not automatically condemn him to such a fate, anymore than the millions of brits he was prepared to abandon deserve it.

    Hope he survives, reflects, and changes his ways drastically.

    • “Millions of Brits”? I thought it was only 500,000. No wait, I mean 14,000.. No wait I mean.. Erm, sorry let me get over to the ‘model’ of my arse and pull some numbers from it. How high do you need me to go to emotively encourage people to do something utterly stupid?

      Millions.. Bloody hell…

      • Perhaps you should learn the english language ,,, before going on about maths and statistics ,,,, KC.

        Tiger Mountain was obviously referring to Boris and his village idiot science, of “let it burn” ,,, in relation to virus and the British population….

        Boris and his first political instincts would have abandoned all the MILLIONS of British people,,, especially those in the high risk demographic groups ,,, and all the health workers ,,, to the fate and luck of a virus.

        That dangerous idiocy he was backing ,,,, until he was shown ‘modelling ‘, which forced him to do a U turn and backtrack ,,, was a threat to MILLIONS.

        Bloody hell alright ,,,,,,,,,,

    • who is this Boris Martyn chap ????

      That other Boris ,,,, Boris Johnson, is a A-hole ,,, He’s probably more balanced now though ,,,, with his body accurately reflecting the state of his mine.

      He was just sick in the head before ,,,,

      Boris ,,,, being an arse-hole ,,,,1 minute mark of a 3 minute vid

    • The downside to this pandemic is the lack of top notch comedy on T.V. and on air. Thank christ for Ross Mathews as he is the most funniest man on this site, Every time he comments I laugh my head off!

  6. I find the amount of schaudenfreude on this blog to be rather despicable.
    What a bunch of joyless, nasty people.

    • That’s why you’re such a sophist for prescribing typical behaviour anyone on the planet is prone to do to a single group or persons. It’s sophistry.

    • My post saying similar didn’t make it past moderation.
      Get well soon Bojo, I don’t share all of your politics but you are doing your best at what you believe, I hope you beat this virus.

    • Love thy master or love his slaves. You have to work it out then decide what to hold back and still be honest.

      Boris shows little care for common folk like many toffs.

  7. Thanks for blocking my comment Wrongly Wrongson. Dont you lefties hate being caught out on your hypocrisy

  8. OOOOh you are awful @ Martyn!

    But until MoBIE and MSD resolve problems with people half starving to death trying to get their entitlements, including some of the immigrants we’ve coaxed into the country on a rort to wipe our elderly’s arses, or lied to to prop up shitty PTE’s, or to pick fruit for a cotton-pickin’ song ….. we should forget about bizzniss confidence or recovery.
    They can bash you round the head with Maggie Thatcher’s handbag afterwards.
    In fact, I’ll take the beating for ya if you like.
    In advance. Deepest sympathy to the wife and family of the Prime Minister – just as I thought for Markie Thatcher (or at least people Markie had come into contact with at the time.
    It’s not quite karma though is it. Some pathetic toff from the empire…… NEXT.
    They’ve probably not yet realised that things will never be the same again as much as they try and subvert the mathematics of it all. Oh fucking Woe!

  9. Wonder if any ‘letterbox’ women treated him in ICU? The UK has more to worry about than this dropkick. Lobotomize.

  10. There will be a lot of anguish in the U.K with Boris being afflicted with COVID 19 afterall he won a big majority as Britons rejected ” for the many and not the few ” in Decembers general election.

    His system that is designed for only the top earners will give him a fighting chance and because of who he is odds are he will survive unlike so many other forgotten serfs at the mercy off under resourced services of the NHS who are the real heroes in this pandemic.

    It takes a major emergency for people too see that the neoliberal emperor wears no clothes or cares not a jot for the disposable victims of the ” market “

  11. Well, you could say that this karma alrighty! At least he, if he survives, will be able to write about it, maybe even a book!

    Let’s hope too that his mate across the atlantic catches a good dose. He’s ok about it. Hes known for his toughness, his invincibility, ignore his cowardice though when he got a free pass from his doctor during the Vietnam War.

    The virus seems to be tearing through those Warmongering nations populace. US,France,Italy, Spain, UK ect … I think karma is the right word to describe this event.

    Lest we not forget, Austerity kills.

    • The virus seems to be tearing through those Warmongering nations populace. US,France,Italy, Spain, UK ect … I think karma is the right word to describe this event.

      I’ve noticed that as well, some interesting places it’s hitting hardest (or rather, the silly measures to ‘stop’ it).

      Then again, the poorer countries wouldn’t even notice it. What’s a few hundred dying a day from this thing when you have thousands dying daily from starvation or other things the “developed”[cough] countries could easily prevent or end.

      But hey, given the reports of Matron Jacinda not letting companies that produce parts for our water plants and power stations keep working, maybe we’ll soon be there ourselves when the lights go out or the taps stop working.

      • Lets look at the situation ,,,and what KC calls “silly measures ”
        “With everything that’s happening about the Coronavirus, it might be very hard to make a decision of what to do today. Should you wait for more information? Do something today? What?

        Here’s what I’m going to cover in this article, with lots of charts, data and models with plenty of sources:

        How many cases of coronavirus will there be in your area?
        What will happen when these cases materialize?
        What should you do?

        When you’re done reading the article, this is what you’ll take away:

        The coronavirus is coming to you.
        It’s coming at an exponential speed: gradually, and then suddenly.
        It’s a matter of days. Maybe a week or two.
        When it does, your healthcare system will be overwhelmed.
        Your fellow citizens will be treated in the hallways.
        Exhausted healthcare workers will break down. Some will die.
        They will have to decide which patient gets the oxygen and which one dies.
        The only way to prevent this is social distancing today. Not tomorrow. Today.
        That means keeping as many people home as possible, starting now.

        As a politician, community leader or business leader, you have the power and the responsibility to prevent this.

        You might have fears today: What if I overreact? Will people laugh at me? Will they be angry at me? Will I look stupid? Won’t it be better to wait for others to take steps first? Will I hurt the economy too much?

        But in 2–4 weeks, when the entire world is in lockdown, when the few precious days of social distancing you will have enabled will have saved lives, people won’t criticize you anymore: They will thank you for making the right decision.”

        …. No thanks froms the KCs, hoskings, garners of this world though … it’s all silly stuff to them..

  12. Wow, and I thought it was supposed to be “The Right” that were the purveyors of hate.

    Hopefully Johnson will learn something from the experience – if he survives. He’s certainly capable of learning, as shown by his entirely sensible nationalization of Northern Rail. Who would have expected that from a Tory?

  13. I read some interesting figures about the UK today from Nate Silver.

    I quote.

    “There is also a lot of uncertainty about the true numbers of infections within a given country. According to an expert survey published by FiveThirtyEight, the number of detected cases in the United States could underestimate the true number of infected people by anywhere from a multiple of two times to 100 times. The same holds in other countries. A recent paper published by Imperial College London estimated that the true number of people who had been infected with the coronavirus in the U.K. as of March 30 was somewhere between 800,000 and 3.7 million — as compared to a reported case count through that date of just 22,141 “

    • That is the nature of this beast – most people who get it have no symptoms or have mild symptoms.

      If you have a slight scratchiness in your throat for a few days, would you expect it is Covid-19? What about a bit of a mild headache for a couple of hours that goes away by itself? What about a coughing fit that lasts 5 seconds? Yet given the material I’ve seen (not all of it trustworthy), what I list here could well be worse than the average symptoms of this virus.

      Antibody testing would be great – we could be getting a better idea if people have actually had it and if so, those of us who had could go back to work immediately with the knowledge we cannot infect others, we are over it and safe. That would be a real boost to the economy, letting safe people start working earlier.

    • Johnson is collateral damage in this most terrible war. Commenting about this poor-me buffoon is mandated by the UN rules of engagement of conflict and is much less harmful than the misery he and his accomplices inflict on the world every day as a matter of course.

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