Actually – we need a petition to pay Jacinda MORE


Dick move to demand Jacinda take a pay cut…

Coronavirus: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ‘won’t rule out’ pay cuts for MPs during COVID-19 crisis

The Prime Minister won’t rule out taking a pay cut alongside her Cabinet Ministers and other MPs, as pressure mounts on them to “feel the economic impact” of COVID-19 that other Kiwis already have.

Magic Talk host Ryan Bridge launched a petition on Monday, imploring New Zealand’s MPs to take a voluntary pay cut of 20 percent for the next three months, with the possibility of extending that another three months pending a review.

Bridge says it’s an appropriate response to the thousands of New Zealanders who have lost jobs or taken pay cuts in the weeks since coronavirus first wrought havoc on our economy.

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“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and other Government MPs have stated publicly that ‘we are all in this together’. This seems a mere platitude,” he wrote.

…to her credit, Jacinda hasn’t ruled out taking a pay cut during the pandemic to show solidarity with those in lockdown, which is extraordinary because as far as I’m concerned, she deserves double her pay for the incredible leadership she has shown during this event!

That she’s considering it is only a reminder of what a fucking legend she is!

We need a petition to pay Jacinda MORE


  1. Starting to see many some relief on her face as the test numbers increase and the infections go down.
    She does well in the press conference situation. Brain and mouth fully engaged and well prepared. No dodging questions, frank fulsome answers,
    The pay cut would be a good PR move. Obviously the programme working, no or very few more deaths and the economy surviving will be more payment than she could wish for.
    Compare with press conferences with other leaders around the globe. There is no comparison to be made.

    • Well expressed David and I am sure many would agree.

      Jacinda shows an intelligence rare in political leaders who often bay at the mob.
      Her consistency means the message gets heard several times during each press conference plus the underlying point that she is on the job and adheres to a well defined strategy of dealing with this epidemic in NZ with our conditions using the best advice apparent at this stage.

      The confidence she inspires will be so necessary as the four weeks becomes extended across NZ or to specific areas.
      The economy will be stronger in the longer term the more successful we are in near eliminating the virus in NZ.
      Just flattening the curve could be a much more damaging outcome in the longer term . Many months of partial lockdown may indicate that insufficient resources and measures are being applied.

  2. Oh you are quite the Jacinda sycophant aren’t you?
    She has done a half decent job of the lock down for sure but everything else this Government has touched has turned to shit.
    KiwiBuild? KiwiBillionTrees? The list of failures goes on and on.
    I’m not suggesting Soimon would have done any better but that doesn’t mean she has done a good job.

    • “Jacinda sycophant”?!

      “but that doesn’t mean she has done a good job”

      Yeah, she’s only handled a whole slew of disasters and a terrorist attack. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

      “but everything else this Government has touched has turned to shit”

      No, that’s National you’re thinking of. Remember how National solved the housing crisis; made housing affordable, and got families out of garages and cars? No, neither can I.

    • Don’t be silly, Jays. Aren’t you the person who keeps bumping your arms into innocent others whenever you go out ? What’s wrong with you anyway?

      ‘Now is the time for every good man to come to the aid of the country,’ and that does not mean blabbering away with tiresome wee lavatory metaphors – grow up. This is a real life crisis to which your inane comic book mentality adds nothing constructive: other selfless people are actually on the front line doing their best to help, and often at real risk to themselves. Shame on you.

    • Business NZ slowed the process for lockdown not Jacinda with her medical and scientific advisers.

      Kiwi build – go see the developers involved rather than blame Jacinda. The houses are not built by Govt and perhaps they should have been.

      A billion trees take years of nursery development plus private land owners taking up the opportunity. But it is well underway. Covid19 may see a depression type relief work planting hill country.

      Next complaint or are you all done..

  3. She’s fronting well but I don’t buy the cult of personality for any of these people, Ardern, Key, Trump, Obama.
    Charisma is an important leadership quality that not everyone has and Ardern has it yes.
    But you also have to do more than talk and impress the foreign press.

    Lose the hero worship and keep both eyes open, she’s fronting a shambles of a government who are making a lot of mistakes. Not too bad on the virus just a bit slow out of the blocks and too authoritarian over policing and recreation (except for ministers of health).
    Better than Bridges could have done yes.

    • I have long criticised this government for being timid (and Jacinda for not appearing to be in charge of the Labour party) but when she has to think on her feet, and there is no time for labour party strategists to water down what she does, she is an excellent leader.

      She is emotionally grounded, able to engage properly with issues and therefore make sensible decisions. This doesn’t mean I approve of everything she or this government does (continuing National’s under funding of the health system is looking particularly foolish right now) but it is clear she is the right person for this job.
      I genuinely can’t think of any other leader who could have handled this better and we only have to look at Boris Johnson to see what the alternatives could have been.

    • Oh yeah, that reminds me of the petition we all signed for Key to lose his house in solidarity with ChCh Earthquake victims…………oh wait….that never happened.

      Fuck off right wing shit stirrers. Petty politics during a time of extreme crisis…….straight out of the National Party Dirty Politics Handbook.

      Simon ‘tits on a bull’ Bridges: “woof woof woof….”

  4. Yes Bridges lot should be immediately put on minimum wage. Jacinda’s salary AT LEAST doubled along with increase for Grant and other senior ministers at the sharp end of this crisis.

    In fact I want to sign a petition to have Jacinda’s salary increased permanently.

    • Bridges yes but raising salaries well…….let more water run under the bridges. The mana of doing a job well will mean much more to the poor public.

  5. I don’t listen to Bridge. Because Jacinda Ardern isn’t in front of his listeners every minute of the day they probably think she’s not working. It’s Magic Talk after all where the callers by and large are only 3 IQ points ahead of the Newstalkzb regulars, way up in the 80s.
    Mind you if she were on TV every minute of the day ‘doing stuff,’ proving she’s not ‘part time’ as described by the Tauranga tugger, the same people would be bitching about her being full-time on PR exercises.

  6. Ok, Martin, I buy that. But only if she fires David Clark.
    On the other hand, I’m with Ryan Bridge after she called Clark a ‘competent minister’ haha haha haha she MUST be kidding.

    • Herman whilst I agree Clark is a complete idiot, now with a second indiscretion, the bar for sacking a minister was set by John Key. Collins, Brownlee, Nick Smith should all have been dismissed for their individual misdemeanors but weren’t. Comparing the indiscretions is also relevant.

  7. Bomber Jacinda gets paid a damn good package including super and other entitlements.
    Yes she works hard and i can’t fault the way she is handling this current emergency and that is the responsibility the office demands and she accepted that when she received her warrant and became PM.

    A pay rise is decided by the remuneration authority and unlike most workers parliamentarians are given a generous cost of living increase every year.

    Inmo i think that a 20 percent pay cut would be showing the rest of the country their commitment in sharing the financial burden many will beginning too face after extolling us with messages of us all being in this together.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Bridges usual nasty statements show everyone again why he is not leadership material or can be supportive in the current situation we find ourselves in.

    • So one needs to ask..would Bridges take a pay cut ?
      And a question for political journalists asking the pay cut question. would they also take a pay cut to help the country?

  8. The caption on the lede photo makes a better fit with the word “woof” replaced by “yap”.

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