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  1. Jobs that could be done with the right safety gear, as in plumbing if water was leaking, or urgent repairs ie collapse of infastructure in the home could be carried out in next week. It would need to be within locality, from official businesses who would control and record all movements, watch that proper precautions were carried out, ie (PPE-Personal Protective-Equipment ) facegear, gloves, wiping surfaces effectively, physical distancing, sanitised hand washing, as in plumbing work, could be carried out perhaps. We need to maintain systems but incorporate them with protocols within the lockdown procedures.

    Apparently active people have already found it too hard, to not be doing jobs they know are waiting.

  2. Got a few minutes, hours etc to spare for thinking behind the green fog from the Wizard of Poz (Possibilities)?
    What about resetting our minds as to the nature of money, moolah, spondulicks, scratch…etc

    Try the thesaurus and see all the quirky names we have for it:
    Wordhippo says it has 2223 different words under 18 different headings.

    Then have a look at Keith Rankin’s discussion and explanations about money and what it means to us and for us.
    Just think about the truth of what he says, and which we don’t recall as we busy ourselves getting it or spending it. It’s all about promises; promises to pay sanctioned by the laws of the place you live in. Bad laws and practices can strip you of all you own; one bad practice being gambling which involves you making a stupid contract to pay for making a wrong decision about something that you shouldn’t have regarded as important or entertainment. We are often stupid, so it pays to understand the possible depths of stupidity that we can fall into, wittingly or un-.

    He talks about our concept of money, long held, and how it is really off-the-planet for these days.
    This understanding of money is untenable today, and never in history was actually true. Rather money is – and always has been – a set of circulating promises. Money is, and always has been, a social technology. Gold was created by supernovae (exploding stars), so is part of nature. Money was, and is, and will be, created by people, and represented on a balance sheet.

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