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    • Wow. Sweden is perhaps holding the line like Holland does with dykes from the sea. Pity they haven’t realised how tiny the virus is. I was thinking of wearing a mask and making things a bit safer when I go somewhere but the person in the know points out, the virus sneaks out or in, the side. Pesky damn things. Perhaps Sweden is going to show the world how herd immunity can work if you can just grit your teeth, prepare mass graves, and stick it out. Greenhouse gas warming and less ice may provide them unexpected advantages, more available land for burials.

    • Sounds like the swedes are being as dumb as turnips ,,,,

      11mins for the usa being wankers in the world wide fight against covid-19

      … I wonder if NZ has lifted our sanctions against Iran ?? ,,,, because we are doing it too ,,,, it’s part of the price for being in the ( five eyes ) club.

  1. Bernie is calling for “The Boldest Legislation in History” for the US, to deal with the pandemic. Some of the measures he calls for have already been implemented over here in AO/ NZ.

    Bernie Calls for Boldest Legislation in History

    The “six provisions” that he calls for are here:
    – Addressing the employment crisis by ensuring workers remain employed and paid as well as providing social services for everyone in the country, regardless of citizenship or immigration status
    Guaranteeing a free at point of service Medicare for All single payer healthcare system for everyone in the country

    – Immediately using the Defense Production Act to manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, and other needed healthcare equipment for frontline workers dealing with the pandemic

    – Providing food for everyone in the country for the duration of the crisis

    – $600 billion in aid to states and cities

    – An immediate suspension of collections of rent, mortgage payments, medical debt, and consumer debt for four months and a suspension of student loan payments through the duration of the pandemic

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