Trump’s sudden horrific desire to start war with Iran while you are preoccupied with the Pandemic 

The Lying King

The monstrous incompetence of Trump’s response to the pandemic is bad enough, but what he is secretly planning in the background while all our attention is on the virus is bordering on psychotic…

Beware of Trump Using the Coronavirus as a Cover for War With Iran

How many of you noticed a rather disturbing New York Times story from Mark Mazzetti and Eric Schmitt last week that was headlined, “Pentagon Order to Plan for Escalation in Iraq Meets Warning From Top Commander”? You didn’t? Well, in the midst of all the virus-related doom and gloom, it managed to send new shivers down my spine.

From the Times:

The Pentagon has ordered military commanders to plan for an escalation of American combat in Iraq, issuing a directive last week to prepare a campaign to destroy an Iranian-backed militia group that has threatened more attacks against American troops.

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But the United States’ top commander in Iraq has warned that such a campaign could be bloody and counterproductive and risks war with Iran. In a blunt memo last week, the commander, Lt. Gen. Robert P. White, wrote that a new military campaign would also require thousands more American troops be sent to Iraq and divert resources from what has been the primary American military mission there: training Iraqi troops to combat the Islamic State.

Got that? A new military escalation in Iraq by the U.S. government “risks war with Iran.” That’s the “blunt” view of … the top U.S. general on the ground.

…Trump is plotting a military escalation in Iraq that could start conflict with Iran while our attention is consumed with this terrible plague.

Trump’s assassination of Qassim Suleimani was supposed to be a cauterising event to stop Iranian aggression, how did that go?

On Saturday, the Washington Post reported that “Iran-backed militias are becoming more audacious in attacking U.S. personnel in Iraq, with rocket strikes against military bases occurring more frequently and, for the first time, in broad daylight.”

So by the administration’s own metrics, as Matt Duss, foreign policy adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders, tweeted, the assassination of Suleimani “failed to achieve its goal. But according to the unfalsifiable logic of ‘maximum pressure’ the only answer is always… more pressure, more escalation.”

Whether Trump is attempting a distraction or is just nakedly ignorant is no longer the question, he is unfit for office and this attempt to start a new war is only more evidence that he must be removed from that office this year at the ballot box.

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  1. Your photo shows a prettier Trump. Why? We’re not voting for president. Those who remain supporters will be accepting his line that the US disaster of covid-19 is China’ fault, nothing to do with his incompetence.

    A move into war that his military advisors oppose, is another story. The obliging supporters of Trump definitely don’t like body bags sent home from the Middle East. Aircraft carriers as zones of infection may cripple the attack plan. Thus, forces beyond Trump’s control may dictate what happens. Meanwhile, as the virus infects other politicians, why not a vicious one for Trump?

  2. Being a Putin puppet and watcher of RT, i was aware of this. Let’s not forget that these scumbag arse wipes fat mike and co. are already murdering thousands of Iranians, innocent women and children by making it almost impossible for the country to buy the necessary medical equipment needed from abroad. Being an ex seafarer, far be it from me to wish ill too us naval personnel, but things are not looking to hot in there BS aircraft carriers. But hey no prob’s, in the immortal words of el presidente, “nothing to worry about folks, let’s get back to work to prop up the sharemarket”. Unlike you, unfortunately i do not have any faith that things would be much different under “we came we saw he died” killary. Hey you think trump is bad wait till you get dementia joe!

  3. Be careful what you wish for Martyn, the replacement for trump would be rapture aficionado pence and his Armageddon buddies.

  4. Wait ’til the Hanazis start rolling the tanks beyond their borders, Wokester… you’ll be cheering them on, no doubt…

  5. Keep an eye on US maneuvers in Venezuela as well.
    That’s being stepped up under cover of the pandemic too.

  6. Yes Richard Christie, bombeo (five years in the military, and never got near to any of there multiple wars) a couple of days ago declared the LEGALLY ELECTED president of Venezuela a “DRUG TRAFFICKER”. He then put a fifteen million dollar bounty on Nicolás Maduro’s head. If people can not see the similarity between the way these gangsters invade country’s for there resources/logistics and the mafia, they are not paying attention. Anyone heard anything about the SELF DECLARED president lately?

    • I guess in NZ, we can thank ourselves lucky that the usa did not tell us that National actually won the last election ,,, with them getting the largest minority and all.

      If the usa had declared National the winner ,,, who thinks Judith Collins, Bridges, Bennet etc ,,,would have declined their offer to be the rightful leaders in our democracy ??? ,,, after-all, our old first past the post elections would have definitely given that result.

      *** Regarding martyns post and the photo of trump ,,,, which shows him with pirate earrings ,,,, and a serial killers mustachio.

      I’ve been calling 5 eyes the pirate club ,,,, because if each of our countries is represented by a person,,,, then to only have 5 eyes between 5 people means either we are cyclops ,,, or one eye is covered ,,, with a pirates patch.

      It makes 100% sense,,, especially when the british were storming and stealing Iranian ships ,,,, just like pirates.

      Pirates with Kangaroos ,,,, the Kangaroos providing legal protection and acting as judges in matters of law ,,, ie Julian Assange ,,, or some are bouncing into Parliament and setting our rules.

      A pirates motto ,,, if he can’t steal it ,,,, is ” let it burn “.

      This can refer to things like a viruses in their own population ,,, or more unusually the people and society s who do not surrender to their pirate flags.,,, burn em, starve em and make them suffer ,, oooARrrrrr

      Not content with the millions of lives ruined or lost in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria etc ,,,, Now they want to burn down Iran.

      English speaking stinking pirates are more of a curse on some parts of the world than Covid-19 ,,,,

      Although the “let it burn” attitude ,,,, has left everyone weaker.

      Greedy violent and stupid thugs do not make very good leaders ,,,, but Such is the way of pirates ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “Changing Strained Alliances of World Capitalism [March 2020]”

  7. Maduro must win or many tens or hundreds of thousands will die and two decades of reform supporting the indigenous people and their land, will be again lost to US backed scoundrels.
    US billionaires will get the massive oil fields.

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