More Equal Societies Are Better For All


We can be justifiably proud of our Government’s approach to the Covid 19 virus crisis. It has acted quickly recognising the WHO recommendations. The country “lock-down’ will do much to stop the spread of the virus and the Government support for people and businesses is to be commended. This will hopefully put us in a better position to face the future and recover from the damage that the virus is doing and will certainly continue to do,. Further, most are following Government instructions and people are working together in their communities to make the best of their situations, by forming neighborhood support groups,

However some cracks are opening and even though the Government is responding with changes to the support packages, many would describe the crisis as a three way issue.

First is the virus and the damage it is doing to people. Then there is no doubt that there will be long term damage to the economy. But thirdly, many [people concerned about social justice are now describing the crisis as an inequality crisis and the Government must recognise this.

Those most impacted are those on basic incomes or benefits. Many cannot store food and must visit supermarkets every few days. At present they find that shelves are empty of many basic needs, owing to an excess of panic-buying by selfish hoarders. Many cannot afford to top up their cellphones, do not have IT devices for their children to access educational programs, have no internet access and do not have strong neighbourhood support groups.

Many of those with mental health problems feel powerless, especially if they live alone. There are still many uncertainties about what will happen as well as the anxieties of subsisting on a very low benefits or income. And the stress levels for many young people are very high.

And what about the homeless? Those sleeping rough, couch-surfing and living in overcrowded accommodation will further struggle to self-isolate and survive.

Covid-19 is impacting unequally on those most vulnerable. Those at the lower end are suffering whereas those who are well-off have the resources to cope much better. So it is an inequality crisis and the Government must do some thing about it. . In the GFC the poor suffered most and took much longer than the wealthy to get over the impact.

The Government must among other things:

TDB Recommends

· Significantly increase benefits. The recommendations of the Welfare Expert Advisory Group would be a great start.

· Increase the incomes of the low paid by increasing the Working For Families Tax credits, making them available to all and not just those in the workforce. Actual government grants to all these people.

· Ensure that there are enough well stocked food outlets so that all can get food when they need and ensure that panic buying does not result in empty shelves

· Ensuring that the homeless are well looked after. This will significantly slow the spread of the virus, and benefit us all.

· Encourage the establishment of neighbourhood support groups

With this further support from Government we can get through this together and significantly reduce inequality, another of the scourges of our time


  1. Most power structures and bureaucracies and laws evolved through a hodgepodge of customs and events. Parliament is a good example of this. Parliaments rules and customs are so arcane (and yet carries the force of law) that it needs official historians to figure out what they are. Some MPs have become immensely powerful solely due to the fact that they understand the chamber’s indecipherable procedures and were able to wield them to tremendous effect.

    The Treaty Infrastructure has created of a bunch of old men arguing for a couple of months and then immediately misinterpreted by the people using it (even tho the original architects were alive). Post Treaty Settlements also bear little resemblance to the original one, having been changed enormously due to various social forces throughout history.

    Some of our most fundamental constitutional rights were never planned by anyone. This is especially the case with common law countries where “the law” is literally 700 years of tradition.

    I know it’s not what people want to hear right now but we must have rules.

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