MEDIA WATCH – Mike Hosking hates Jacinda so much, he’s actually siding with the virus now 


Mike Hosking hates Jacinda SOOOOOOOO much, that he’s finally taken to siding with the virus in his latest column…

Mike’s Minute: Politics is creeping into Covid-19 response

If you ever needed more evidence that what is going on here is increasingly political, ask yourself why the modelling the government has relied on for this mess was released publicly.

As soon as it was, Ashley Bloomfield dutifully told us this modelling was why we are doing what we are doing.

The first question to ask is, why this modelling? Is it right? How do we know? Are there those who are experts in their field who argue modelling like this is pseudo-science ? Yes there are. We have featured one such piece of work already this week.

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…He argues the virus is misunderstood & that the response is now political???

Mike’s need to side with whatever Jacinda is against is now pathological and his latest u-turns and flip flops on the pandemic tend to see him arguing against his own position 24 hours earlier…

Mike Hosking’s many contradictory takes on Covid-19

Despite being hailed as a source of vital information, Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking seems to have used the pandemic to see how fast he can oscillate from opinion to contradictory opinion.

These are the positions the morning talkback host has taken, in chronological order.

If brain eating Aliens invaded Earth, Mike would be the first to welcome our new flesh devouring overlords and offer his services to help enslave the remaining herds of humanity.

Mike’s love language would be forced labour camps.

This Government’s desire to put the health of the people before profit margins is clearly so unknowable to Mike that it seems political to him because that’s the only way he can conceive of saving lives, as a political stunt.

Mike’s criticism of the Government says more about Mike’s limitations than they do about Jacinda’s.


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  1. “Mike Hosking hates Jacinda so much, he’s actually siding with the virus now” – very funny – +1

  2. I think what maestro Hoskingini hates most is that Jacinda’s government is handling things pretty well all in all and is being supported by the vast majority of New Zealanders for their efforts.
    It really bugs him that party politics has largely been set aside for the time being.
    Even ideological howly bags like Damien Grant have muted their mutterings and growlings at the moment.
    Mike is suffering withdrawal symptoms because the ideological hatred, cynicism and paranoia that he depends on for his radio circus act are in shorter supply at the moment.
    And like any addict, when he can’t get his regular fix he will lash out at who he thinks is responsible.
    It must be hard to be Mike right now.
    When people stop hating each other your power is reduced.
    Reminds me of that Star Trek TOS episode “The Day of the Dove” when there was an alien entity in the Enterprise that telepathically induced Kirk’s crew and Klingons to continually fight each and fed off the hatred generated. When they stopped fighting and started laughing the entity was powerless.
    I have heard that NZME is in a heap of financial trouble at the moment.
    No wonder when has-beens like Mike Hosking are your prize pupils.

    • @Mike the Lefty – Excellent. Sums MH up perfectly. Can I add – he is like a manx cat maniacally chasing laser dots on the carpet because he hasn’t got his own tail to chase.

    • Oh so well said for all of us kiwis. A country of love, commitment and compassion is quicksand to the likes of Hosking and his ilk. May they sink quickly and quietly. New New Zealand has no need of these venomous cripples.

    • Tick.

      Sky Australia News is trying to do the Fox News thing. Just introduced a teenager to offset Greta Thunberg. That level. DB must get Pam Corkery on to talk about the young Hosking. Always a problem child. Empathy bypass. Listened to him on Talk ZB canalling away the cries of those affected by the benefit cuts of 1991. Hence his replacement by Corkery. But they also managed to stick in the equally unsympathetic temporary hosts Richard Long and Bill Ralston.

  3. Still the best moment on TV was watching Hoskings live announcing the formation of the Labour NZ First Green government.Not so much a man swallowing a dead rat but more a man forced to carefully chew the dead rat before he swallowed it.

    • his face said it all the horror the shock did you notice he left tv soon after mike the morons bubble world blew up that night

  4. John Key’s and National parties biggest cheerleader out of a job and joining the unemployment queue.

    It’s gotta hurt.

    How will he afford the gas for the Maserati?

    • Sorry but what case has he made, what’s his area of expertise Andrew? Compare his case to someone in that field of expertise and you”ll find your answer. But then Martyn’s article could replace the name Mike with Andrew and it wouldn’t be out of place .

      Mikes Moronic Minute

    • The only modelling he’d heard about before the last couple of weeks was to do with fancy clothes.

  5. Yes Martyn.

    Today even Nationals “shining slick boy Paul Goldsmith” ( in his hope to the next finance Minister) is using a ‘full political front attack’ against Jacinda now.

    • I thought Bridges and his MPs had ceased electioneering.
      That lasted two weeks! A little like his 10 bridges promise.

      • National never cease electioneering. They’ve just replaced Bumbling Bridges with Joe 90, as he’s less prone to violently inserting his boot into his gob while the cameras are rolling. I believe it’s termed ‘making the best of what you’ve got’.

        And National don’t have much of anything right now.

  6. Lets remember that it was Mike Hosking who had a go at a female who accidentally hit his car in Parnell(or was it Newmarket)some years ago.
    And so with that memory in mind methink Hosking HATES ALL FEMALES who are not weak and submissive(like his wife perhaps). Hosking hates strong-minded females and especially those who are quite obviously more intelligent that he will ever deem himself to be.
    I also recall one time seeing a video of him ranting away like a lunatic with rabies in some clip shown on the tail end of a TV One Current Affairs program some years ago. He was driving along and ranting full bore at the same time. Back then I thought to myself “This guy is truly insane. Mind you that could well explain why he so loves the NZ National Party…”
    He is nothing short of just an abysmal excuse of a publicity seeking nutter who really should have been shown the door by the mainstream NZ media years ago but because of his ‘links’ with the NZ National Party was allowed to stay and quite honestly become a bad smell upon the media society.
    If the NZ Herald had any guts, which I doubt they do when all things considered, Mike Hosking and his bimbo wife would be way out of a job by now.
    But when it comes to protecting the NZ National Party the likes of Hosking etc will always be protected by that very party.
    Mike Hosking is a reflection of what is wrong with the mainstream NZ media.

  7. Oh the irony that Arderns biggest fan boy who will never criticize her. Is trying to rally us against Arderns biggest critic who will never praise her. You and Hosking are two peas in the same pod Martyn, you’re just at opposite ends.

    • Martyn probably won’t say it so I will. If you haven’t seen him critical of Ardern you haven’t been on here enough or on the right days.

    • Martyn bags Jacinda fairly regularly, mate. He’s prone to hyperbole occasionally, but he’s not shy about putting the boot into the Red Team when he feels it’s warranted. You obviously haven’t been paying attention.

    • Agreed. I find John Campbell a pompous prick who poor acting of fake sympathy nauseating…so guess what? I don’t watch him. But I understand those that do love him, and that’s their prerogative.

      • Bg,

        Quoting your words:

        “I find John Campbell a pompous prick with poor acting of fake sympathy nauseating”

        Input identical to yours is occasionally regurgitated on blogs and always from the same group. It warrants closer examination for authenticity and merit.

        You can describe him as a poor actor as that’s just your take. Who knows, he may be a poor actor. He may also be pompous. I don’t find him so but my take has no more weight than yours. If you believe what you post then it’s understandable you find it nauseating.

        The part you spout that I take issue with is your statement that it’s “FAKE SYMPATHY”. I believe your take on this aspect is 100% related to your own ignorance and bias. Appallingly, many National Party cheerleaders have zero understanding of what sympathy and empathy are about. Their leaders certainly don’t role model these attributes to them. There is a very real possibility that they genuinely just don’t understand sympathy and empathy.

        I and most Kiwi’s find Campbell a deeply caring empathetic person. I would wager my feet and hands he is authentic.

        Most of us witnessed NZ change under the previous National Government. It wasn’t just the demographic that changed forever, it was the enormous increase in the level of selfishness on display from the people doing well under National and their complete indifference toward those who were struggling. The ones doing it hard were the enemy and best treated with the contempt they deserved. I’d never witnessed this type of New Zealander on mass over my previous 50 odd year life journey. It spurred me to take more interest in the political scene as the New Zealand that National was creating was not the NZ I wanted to leave behind for my children and grandchildren etc. The most disconcerting aspect of it all was the way our media was treating this monumental change. They turned a blind eye to it and gifted National a free pass virtually every step of the way. How ironic that they wake from their slumber just in time to crucify Ardern every step of the way when she became PM. They also actively participated in the farcical case against Ardern that she knowingly covered up alleged sexual abuse. That is despite there not being a single shred of evidence that she did so and massive question marks over the farcical evidence of the alleged victim. My contempt for our media grew as did my distrust. I sincerely believe that in general terms, our media contain a disproportionate number of vile individuals with an agenda to misrepresent, ridicule and undermine Ardern. There is a long list known to most of us who fall into the above category.

        Back to John Campbell. While most of the media turned a blind eye to the great divide opening up in NZ, Campbell used his show on TV3 “Campbell live” to highlight what was happening and was relentless at working with people offering school lunches to kids and footwear etc for students who’s family were in poverty. He was a breath of fresh air and showed people that the caring NZ we grew up in was still here. Anyone who thinks Campbell’s sympathy was “fake” is displaying a bewildering level of ignorance from an alternate universe. Most people knew there was contempt for Campbell from the usual suspects. His line was not cooperating with the alleged ROCK STAR ECONOMY bullshit narrative that National was trying to sell as real, day in day out. Nek minute, the most popular show of it’s type in NZ with an enormous following, was shut down. The voice in the wilderness was silenced….what a relief to those who just want to keep spouting, ROCK STAR ECONOMY.

        Who did they replace John Campbell with?

        Heather Du Plessis Alann and Duncan Garner. Coincidence? I think not.

        HDPA is the wife of Barry Soper. A very keen National Party supporter who has utter contempt for Ardern and all she stands for. He finds it extremely difficult to mask his contempt. Soper was at the head of the line waving his pitchfork around with the sexual abuse cover up witch hunt. HDPA works as his tag team partner in the anti Ardern crusade. They are not far removed from the revolting narcissist, Mike Hosking and his repulsive vomit inducing tag team partner / wife.

        Duncan Garner….less said about this bloated ball bag the better

        • Exactly, you love Campbell, I don’t. But I wouldn’t want him taken off air, because he has a market, but I’m not one of them.

          You’re allowed your opinion (I’m allowed mine) and I vote with my feet…I simply don’t watch him (or Garner nor Richardson for that matter).

          My concern is that with the way media outlets are falling like flies, who remains? For you if all that’s left is John Campbell and his elk you’d think it’s great…I wouldn’t…we need a variety of news (ok let’s call it opinion because that’s what it really is) or else we get drowned in one message.

          I’m suspect of any state owned media, as that organisation is then reliant on the whims of the current govt so critical investigation or opinion is unreliable at best

  8. I’ve known a few rich people who are not intelligent, most of whom admit honestly that they’re not that smart, and there are others who have the Dunning -Kruger thing where they think they’ve got rich by being clever. The former support Labour- the latter vote National or if they’re really convinced of their own superiority vote ACT.
    MH is in the latter group.

  9. Can’t stand the arrogant prick. Mike’s still got his fist up JK’s arse. It’s like the stupid wannabe Amerik#nt is trying to vie for a spot on the Fox channel for retards.

    Oh well, will forever cherish Winston’s press conference and seeing that smirk wiped from his plastic looking face.
    Either listen up dopey Mike and learn something from the Prime Minister – who’s had more battles in such a short time as leader than most of them and handled them pretty well. Or may the virus take you out.

  10. Yes, concepts like altruism and doing things for the common good are so foreign to Mike he can’t made sense of a lot of stuff these days

  11. Well…. lets look at the stats,
    797 cases , 1 death with corona rather than “from”
    A “porous” international border still open IF any of you actually watched today’s committee meeting and follow Flightradar24 data….
    No one proven case as yet without a link to an international traveler
    Their models aren’t working out!

    Some facts from Italy,

    Second oldest population in world after Japan, grandparents look after children while parents work, 87% of deaths are over 70 years old.

    Maybe Mike is on to something?

    • Ross Mathew stupidly opined “No one proven case as yet without a link to an international traveler
      Their models aren’t working out!”

      Already wrong on that one. Besides, all cases will ultimately involve links to international travel, the virus originated off-shore.

      Science deniers are never the brightest.

      • Interesting that you class someone giving the actual numbers (at the time) as being a “science denier”, and yourself appear to follow the now debunked model of “90,000 dead NZers” (or 80,000 depending on which you follow). The same models that didn’t take into account any mitigation measures, natural immunity, or the actual numbers from real-world experience over seas.

        The worst-case models spouted by the media had little real scientific support, and the real-world numbers are showing them for what they are.

        When it comes to ‘science” I always like to take real-world numbers over media-promoted opinion pieces any day.

        Oh, and the “links to travel” are commonly understood to be a direct link to a person who has travelled. Jim catches the virus in Spain, returns home, passes it to Alice. Unaware, Alice goes shopping and passes it to Paul. Paul goes shopping elsewhere and passes to someone who isn’t located. That someone passes it to Richard…. Richard doesn’t have a link to travel so cannot be classed as having a link to travel or someone with a close tie to a person who has travelled. How is it you can use a keyboard and yet haven’t grasped this?

          • Strange.. I’d think the fact that I can type a usually coherent sentence or few would be evidence that I’m quite capable of using a keyboard or related input device.

            Your comment doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Care to try again? I’m happy to believe you got comments crossed, pasted/typed text intended for one window into another and so on.

    • Hosking isn’t on to SOMETHING, he’s on to EVERYTHING. He is an expert on all that our society, our country is, should be and the way to get there. I have learned that from years of exposure to him.

      He knows the people to talk to make his notions less shallow, he knows the tricks to get those even less endowed on the same bus. And of course the best place for him was on the back of the Auckland buses.

    • This site exists just to attack the National Party and Mike Hoskings, using the best vile hate speak available. Opinions are NOT allowed or acceptable unless they are made only on this site.

      Making posts like yours here or doing stupid shit like using common sense or making balanced statements will get you shot dead pretty damn quick. I do admire your balls 🙂 🙂

      • Wrong Peter, because I read Mikes columns and this is one of many platforms to call Mike out on his right wing theories and that is all they are. Can you give an opinion as to when Mike offers balanced opinion to his right wing mantra?
        Here’s a tip Peter, like yourself, Martyn or the rest of us get to call it how we see it, just like Hosking. Who’s right and who’s wrong really just depends?

  12. Perhaps National gobshite Mike Hosking is able to produce the template for the correct way the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis should be handled! Got a lot to say, but nothing productive or of relevance is said.

  13. But he is ironically doing exactly what you do pal.

    (insert problem here)……….Martyn’s answer is socialism.

  14. So Hoskings is a dick although I do find him vaguely humorous the odd time I actually hear myself listening to him.
    However I would argue (separately) that EVERY Government’s response in the world is politically motivated as was Soimon Bridges when he told Jacinda to pull the trigger early.

    If we look at the US as an example, for every 1% increase in unemployment results in 40,000 people dying (this study has been replicated with the same result in the UK, NZ, Australia, Canada among others).

    If the US unemployment jumps by 8%, then we can expect 320,000 additional deaths and we all know which socio economic segment this death rate will fall on most.
    However, not a SINGLE politician in any country has said that maybe we shouldn’t lock down because it could easily result in more deaths than taking a much lighter approach.

    Of course, this is because the average voter would look at this argument and get a divide by zero error.
    So it is politically expedient for politicians to “appear” to do the right thing than actually convince the public that the other option might actually be the right thing.

  15. Hoskins idea of expert modelling would be his idol John Key mincing the catwalk.
    How long till NZME shut down the trumpeting Herald and Newspeak ZB so we are unburdened of this wheezebag’s pompfart.

    • Granny Herald’s in a death spiral, mate, so we shouldn’t have long to wait. I’m hoping they put the entire paper behind a massive, ludicrously expensive paywall so only Bob Jones and members of the New Zealand Initiative can afford to read it. Meanwhile, we can all sit about feeling bad because The Listener’s going down the crapper. It’s okay when factory workers lose their jobs, but when it’s snotty middle-class journos, it’s all a ghastly nightmare, darling.

    • Gary – I’ve never heard anyone refer to Hosking as a her but with that hairstyle maybe he is a her wannabe. What was the vote for where only a third of the population voted for him/her – whatever and which population are you talking about?

  16. Mike doesn’t know what he is talking about. He needs to pull his head out of John Keys arse first to really understand what’s going on!

  17. He has some valid points! Shame he failed to mention our Nation’s annual winter shame ..

    I’m referring to us leading the Western-Score-Board for children and adults admitted to hospital with respiratory conditions – usually related to poor housing. Surely Covid-19 could dramatically compound this problem?

    I don’t know the best course of action, I’m not God. But rampant cases of Covid-19 would definitely be a NZ INC brand killer. These ‘lock downs’ are a global trend ..

    I just don’t know .. “how do you look so good for your age?” .. I just don’t knooow .. walking down the road .. pandemic pass me by ..

  18. I think Mike Hosking, like myself, is frustrated that Jacinda and her clueless coalition are all talk and no do. They shut down businesses yet do not quarantine all returning Kiwis who go to the supermarket. They tell us to stay home while her Minister of Health drives out in his car with his mountain bike. She simply does not follow through. While Jacinda is all talk about handling Coronavirus she is quick to push through the anti abortion law which kills 14,000 last year. She speaks well but her Kiwi build program is evidence that she can’t follow through. When Mike Hosking asked her about our forestry exports she had no dea. Keep up the good work Mike Hosking. You are the only one who can hold our clueless leader accountable

    • Oh look another disciple of the professional blow hards across the country who every day in their own moronic micron minds, lacking any expertise or repercussion, endlessly speculate how they would do things differently.

      Names not a good look here either…..B-r-u-c-e

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