A nation of ‘Ok Karen’ narcs – Kiwis love the taste of jackboot 



Nearly 10,000 reports of suspected lockdown breaches made

A new website, which has been live since Sunday afternoon, serves as a place people can report businesses or individuals breaching lockdown protocol.

It was set up to divert traffic away from the 111 line after more than 2000 people called the police to report rule breakers last week.

There’s an authority worship within the NZ pysche who yearn for the taste of the jackboot over others.

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I think it’s cultural legacy from Settler Nation NZ.

I suspect Settler Nation NZ knew they were cheating and stealing land off Māori and that’s why Settler Nation NZ clung to the Mounted Constabulary as their protector.

Settler Nation NZ turned a blind eye to the violence meted out by the Mounted Constabulary late at night because they knew Māori were righteous in their grievances, and nothing justifies totalitarianism quite like a people who know they have universally sinned against another.

Māori lost 95% of their land in less than a century and the corner stone of New Zealand’s economic prosperity has been the theft of indigenous land with no intention whatsoever of ever paying full reparation for that theft.

The Mounted Constabulary that bashed those Māori’s became the NZ Police force which helped start their legacy of bias and structural racism, however New Zealander’s authority worship extended beyond Māori bashing cops.

The Massey Cossacks who beat unionists, the vile Waterfront lockout, the Springbok tour violence and the Urewera terrorism fiasco are all reminders of the glee Kiwis feel when the State’s Jackboot is on the throat of the hated other.

Sure we like to mask this thirst for State thuggery with the pretence of egalitarianism and constant claims of ‘Gods Own’ and we are too intellectually lazy to support obvious fascism (because that requires too much effort), but the truth is there has always been a dark undercurrent of love for State thuggery in our country.

In the land of the wrong white crowd, we like our fascism casual. We prefer to burn books over a backyard BBQ with beers rather than goose-steps and uniforms.

This new narc line dobbing in those who are breaching the rules is the exact sort of passive aggressive suburban authoritarianism that ZB listeners, Listener readers and TVNZ viewers love.

A nation of petty ‘Ok Karens’ weaponised with smug self righteousness.

I can’t wait to get my Democracy back from this Police State.

Can we keep up the social distancing after the pandemic?

I like you all you ‘Ok Karens’ at a distance.

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  1. I think you might be describing The Stockholm Syndrome.

    Is [it] a bit like falling victim to ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ in others? The disorder of choice for some to force others to fall in step with their often self given authority.
    It takes a great deal of self confidence to rise up against the will of a narcissistic sociopath, especially if it’s a common held belief within, say, the police or the military systems.
    Management hierarchy within corporations is another petri dish of dysfunction where narcissistic sociopathy is allowed to run amok unchecked.
    Asking around and getting a general consensus of opinion to get an overall perspective is a good way of nipping that shit in the bud.
    That’s why political power freaks have control of our MSM. They can influence the media to best suit their needs/agendas.
    Like you @ MB. I’m deeply concerned that the police won’t hand back the power they’re enjoying at the moment.
    If the Natzo’s got back in, then we can start justifiably panicking !
    Imagine that gung ho psycho mark mitchell, Natzo spokesperson for justice getting in with all that power?
    Jesus Christ !

    • “Management hierarchy within corporations is another petri dish of dysfunction where narcissistic sociopathy is allowed to run amok unchecked.”
      One (I mean the ‘us’) could be excused for thinking you were referring to some of our state institutions.
      Fiefdoms are being challenged however, and I get the IMPRESSION that in some cases, JA is beginning to wake up to the fact they haven’t been delivering.

      But in reference to another of Martyn’s posts ( https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2020/04/01/how-amazing-has-jacinda-been-and-why-she-might-lose-the-2020-election/ ), I always thought lil ‘ole NuZull that punches above its weight might have to go through a bit more shit before the sheeple wake up and realise it’s in their hands. And in some ways, you can’t blame them: when the disenfranchised grow up knowing nothing else and resort to various forms of escapism, we shouldn’t expect them to behave in any other way.

      I reckon Karen is probably a Hair Technician – about to protest that she’s an essential service. Could even be married to Barry who considers himself as being part of the backbone of the country while indulging in the occasional hookup with Kevin (Barry’s best friend)

  2. Re the hair cut? I saw a hair cut like that once after a person got drunk and fell backwards into a pen full of hungry Guinea pigs.

  3. I called 105, put on hold, so went to the police station to complain about the amount of traffic on Monday.
    I didn’t do it for some philosophical reason around fascism or guilt over land confiscation.
    I did it because if we let this thing get out of control, for example like Spain has, then based on their death rates we would have had 114 people die yesterday.
    I did it because of my 90 year old mother who is on strict isolation from us due to her age and reduced immunity. How long do you want her to be alone if we don’t do this right first time?
    And I did it because I am a 64 year old self employed cabbie, an essential worker, out there risking my health and my life and doing that so far in this lock down period for an average take of $6 an hour

    • My heart goes out to you, and i hope you and yours come through this OK.

      Much love and aroha,

      Kia Kaha!

    • The numbers are a bit funny..

      Did you know that last year nearly 20,000 Italians died from Influenza? Did you know Influenza kills over 650,000 people each year?

      Did you know that just yesterday some 25,000 people in the world died from starvation, much the same the day before that and – well in a little over 48 hours as many die from starvation as Covid-19 has officially killed.

      Over 2,000 people died by their own hand yesterday. Thousands from other illnesses. How many does heart disease kill each year? Traffic crashes? Skin cancer (I believe 350 Kiwi’s die from that each year).

      I do take this seriously. Most of my family and friends are in the high-risk groups. But given how relatively few people have died from Covid-19 compared with so many other things, I don’t believe there is a reason to panic or to claim you’re risking your life. As a cabbie, your chances of dying in a car crash are much higher than your chances of being infected with Covid-19 (at 800 people in NZ that’s less than 1 in 5,000 infected). You’re more likely to die from melanoma, heart disease, influenza or many other illnesses than CV19.

      And while I am perhaps not classed as an essential worker I am out in my community helping people out. I am at the supermarkets more often (thanks Labour, by closing down the smaller places you INCREASE OUR RISKS – not that I fear this) as a result of buying for a number of other people. I am at a high risk of getting this.

      But I want to get it. I really do. Once I have had it it is over and done, in 2-4 weeks I am safe and never again need fear picking it up from some entitled brat’s booger on supermarket packaging and passing it on to someone I love – who quite possibly could have severe complications. Nope, to get it and know I have it and be done with it would suit me quite well. I am probably one of those who’ll have mild symptoms (and may already have had it), but might also be one who has it bad, but at least it’ll be done and over with.

      Now that’s over, think I’ll grab a cuppa and have a nice lie down…

  4. We’ve been encouraged to snitch. And it isn’t peculiar to NZ: it’s a human characteristic, an aspect of our groupishness.

    Apologies for going Godwin, but look at what happened in Nazi Germany and Europe generally, but especially central and eastern Europe, throughout WW2? How do you think all those Jews got rounded up and sent to the death camps? With the enthusiastic cooperation of the local populace. That included informing on people. Snitching, in other words. I’m old enough to have heard first-hand accounts of this from people who were there.

    And – post-war – east Germany was notorious for all-encompassing snitchery. The Stasi: east Germany took this sort of thing to levels that other Soviet countries could only wonder at. And it couldn’t have been accomplished so efficiently without the active cooperation of its populace.

    And in the contemporary world: isn’t this the sort of thing that people claim goes on in China?

    So. Nobody should be surprised at what’s happening here.

    • Yeah I tried to find a video showing German women fighting over bread after Germany lost WW2,… and they were going hard… the massive surveillance society collapsed, they all were left begging and fighting among the chaos…and before that?… being relatively well fed while snitching on their Jewish and other ‘sundry’ neighbors knowing full well it would shepherd 6000,000 men women and children to their deaths , – or at the very least… slavery and then death.

      History is replete with examples of how when politically manipulated, albeit by authoritarian fear or media control, the populace willingly comply,…all those with a racial , religious or political belief against the ‘other’ ,- one only has to look at the French Revolution,- and how that turned in on itself…

      Still , hard to deny the snitchers their day in the sun and pat on the head from a midling authority figure…that ‘feel good’ feeling it gives when one has ‘ done their bit’…

      But I don’t think for a minute the tendency to snitch is unique to New Zealanders at all . Its a human trait. Everyone wants their pat on the head. Like a compliant puppy dog.


      Tomorrow is the first day I’ll leave home since this whole thing began to go shopping. I want something essential : beer. And my other small list of grocery’s. Which is wine. Oh , and some food. 🙂


      And while I agree with the lock down while seeing the massive fall out from it socially and economically,… it still is an inconvenience to put it mildly, – yet the least we can do is comply with the lock down to prevent the spread of this thing.

      • * Meant to be ‘ 6000,000 men women and children.

        Actually many more because the Nazi’s had it in for Slavs, Gypsy’s, those born mentally handicapped, deformed and the like.

        And suffice to say, the compliant public had a big hand in keeping the authority’s abreast.

      • Wild Katipo: “….German women fighting over bread after Germany lost WW2….”

        In his book “Berlin: the Downfall”, Antony Beevor talks about the desperate straits in which German – and particularly Berlin – citizens found themselves. As I recall, he speaks with approval of the bravery of the women of Berlin, who’d risk death by leaving the cellars each day in the search for food. But he’s scornful of the remaining male citizens, who stayed in the cellars bemoaning their lot and wanting schnapps (not that I entirely blame them for wanting that: schnapps is fantastic, especially the marillen schnapps of Austria).

        “….the massive surveillance society….”

        Yup. The Gestapo showed German citizenry how it was done, I believe. But post-war east Germany took it to a whole new level with the Stasi. While at uni, a relative did some research into that situation.

        “….6000,000 men women and children…”

        I think you mean 6,000,000.

        “….when politically manipulated, albeit by authoritarian fear or media control, the populace willingly comply….”

        • Wild Katipo: The bloody computer posted my comment before I’d finished. I’ve suspected for some time that said computer has a terminal condition of some kind. Possibly coronavirus….

          “…. when politically manipulated, albeit by authoritarian fear or media control, the populace willingly comply….”

          Exactly. Willingness to go along with the crowd is an aspect of our nature as a groupish species. The pack: other group-living critters exhibit similar characteristics. And it’s best not to judge people for doing this: it can take real courage to stand against the crowd. During WW2, it could get people killed. None of us knows how we’d react to such circumstances; I hope for courage, but I cannot be sure of it.

          “I want something essential : beer. And my other small list of grocery’s. Which is wine.”

          Heh! As we in this household are given to saying: coffee, alcohol and French bread, the three main food groups….

  5. Jacinda’s call for caring and compassion for our fellow citizens at this most difficult time seems to include a divide and conquer clause, this dob in mechanism. It is one thing to blow the whistle on physical assault, mass surveillance, corporate wrongdoing and ecological destruction, but I think we can agree that this phone-a-corona-baddie is weasle authoritarianism at it’s most putrid. It’s almost as bad as fetishing the need for mass Covid testing (which doesn’t achieve anything except give newsreaders their nightly statistic to declare grimly to the world, driving even more hysteria and hypochondria. If it wheezes or sneezes, it now leads), backtracking on essential business definitions to include not only Jenny Craig and MyFoodBag but also appliance stores (not greengrocers or butchers though), playing by ear the shutdown of the country and economy (winging it), or praying for that miracle vaccine to save the planet. Still, at least the media is covering essential pandemic issues like Neve Ardern’s toilet training. News also today in MSM that some guy paying nearly a couple grand in weekly rent made it into the papers and wants the government to step in to help him out. You fellas doing it tough up there in Auckland? I see commercial renters (owners?) are also hitting the panic button ferociously. Auckland business doyen Michael Barnett was lobbying on their behalf, looking for the government to pay retail rents (probably office and industrial leases as well). You know when the central nervous system, also known as the Auckland CBD, is failing then the rest of the body (country) will soon start to fail. Enter Dr Robertson to intubate, ventilate and reinvigorate. The doctor will need to work miracles here: the 8,000 or so CBD retail leases make up only 5% of the total physical enterprises in greater Auckland and 1% of businesses nationwide. Patient need billions of miracles.

    • I do not agree with any of your ideas. Glad to see people dobing in the drop kicks breaking the rules . If it was only them that got infected I would say leave them be and eventually the IQ of the nation will increase but they become a walk time bomb.
      My Food Bag and Jenny Craig are delivering good food so why cause the business to fail how ever while butchers and bakers deliver essential food it would defeat the lockdown.
      If the government feels it needs to pay wages then those that earn a living fom renting need help as well.

      • Sorry Trevor it should read ‘fetishising’. This is the cousin of obsession, as in ‘The Jenny Craig weigh in was starting to become an obsession for Karen’, and to some extent denial, as in ‘Karen was in denial about her unemployment and preferred to call it a wage subsidy’.

      • Trevor, did you not notice that the vast majority of people who get Covid 19 recover without any ill effects, and it is quite possible that the majority of those who get it don’t even know about it since the symptoms are so mild?

        As to this “narc on your neighbour” garbage, that’s all it is, garbage. We had a lovely neighbour lady decide to ring the cops about the bloke visiting another neighbour on a regular basis. Never bothered to check why he was there – a son dropping groceries off to parents who’re in the upper levels of the ‘high risk” category. Of course wonderful Mr Plod was so understanding that he stopped short of taking his nightstick to the old dear who answered the door – they do love their new police state!.

        And to the butcheries/grocers. I guess you haven’t had decent food in a while, or you’d know you’re far less likely to get CV19 in these places. 1) They could be managed the same as the many dairies that are open (7 within an easy walk of my home), 2) Most of the butcheries I’ve been to have all of their wares behind a decent sneeze guard whereas the refuse the supermarkets sell has been pawed at by clueless twits who think wearing the same gloves and mask 24//7 will somehow protect them.

        Oh, and given how far droplets from a sneeze can travel, are you really stupid enough to think those queues at the supermarkets are going to help even a teency little bit?

        • I am sure your medical knowledge will be of help,to those people on respirators in USA Italy or Spain. Let them know it’s only a little in convince and they will be fine tomorrow.
          There are thousands of butcher and baker shops in NZ do they all open .My local butchers shop is small as is the bakery and green grocer all of which I use frequently and I miss them but realise my needs come second to the total story.
          I am happy that the police followed up on your neighbour and I am sure it would have been sorted. I image you would be one of those that complain about a speed ticket when you judged it was save to drive fast

          • Firstly, as I said the vast majority of cases recover with little issue. How does the fact that some people are on respirators change that? Any chance you can actually give a decent answer to that question?

            People actually die as a result of stubbing their toe or getting a splinter in their finger while cutting wood, or from a bee sting. Does the fact that some people die from those things make it a major issue for the rest of us? Of course not.

            Covid-19 is a panic over something relatively small. It’s infection number has barely passed the numbers of deaths from any one of a number of other conditions, in fact it’s number of infections barely reaches the number of deaths from any of the bottom items on the top 10 causes of death lists, and the actual number of deaths is only worth a few days of the numbers of people starvation kills, or a few weeks worth of suicides.

            BTW, you notice the government is not reporting the suicide rate from this? People I know have lost loved ones in NZ to the Covid-19 panic, people who see the unending despair and gloom painted by the media and who are losing their jobs or homes, and cannot see any hope of this ending from our disgusting PM who thinks it is more important to talk down to the nation on a daily basis than actually come up with answers as to what will get us out of this level 4 nonsense.

            As far as the cops visiting the neighbour – that added a lot of un-necessary stress and fear into a person’s life. And yes, with the way they’re acting of late there is much to fear from them – NZ’s police force has earned it’s reputation as a corrupt bunch of immature idiots, and their is a reason the nation distrusts them. The neighbourhood also has been broken as kids are afraid to play in their yard in case missus so-and-so narcs on them. All they achieved was to bring more stress to a place than was needed – and it now turns out their visit was quite illegal.

            As to speeding, I haven’t had a ticket in more than a decade despite travelling far above average distances, and that was because of a missed sign. I am someone who actually could argue such a case in court successfully should I wish to, and could also argue for people to be ticketed in other cases. My work history has put me in a position to not only have been able to give instruction to people attending crash scenes but I have also been asked to comment on causes of single-vehicle crashes where there is no obvious reason.

            And no, if I got a ticket for speeding then I deserve to get a ticket for speeding. I don’t always agree with certain speed limits in certain areas but I respect them as they are put there for a reason. Usually that reason relates to road or road use conditions that may not be immediately visible, sometimes it relates to high crash rates on a road that should be safer at a higher speed but for some reason isn’t. The signs aren’t always the best for all situations, but they do give a good indication to the condition of the road or road users, and deserve some level of respect.

            If I get a speeding ticket it is because I have failed in my duty to take notice of the road signs and respond accordingly.

          • Forgot to mention on the butchers :
            Thousands of shops open means less people congregating in one place. Dairies seem to manage their “one in one out” scheme so butchers and the like are also capable of doing that.

            And butchers don’t have people pawing at their wares like you see in the supermarkets. You know, like the New World one that has been revealed to have had an infected worker there. How many people who would’ve gone elsewhere had they had the chance have now been put at risk?

            I do value lives over money, however people’s businesses are their lives and so far the government’s actions are killing more people than the virus.

    • “Intubate, ventilate, reinvigorate”…reincarnate? Isn’t Auckland now one of Shamubeel Eaqub’s zombie regions?

    • SaveNZ: “Frank Macskasy’s posts seem to be fairly close to the jackboot… just saying…”

      Yup. I’ve noticed the same thing. I don’t like it at all.

      • “I don’t like it at all.”

        You’re entitled not to “like it”, D’Esterre. Heck you’re entitled not to read what I write. It’s not law you have to (but working on it).

        Seriously though? Here’s what I “don’t like”…

        I don’t like how people are treating the state of emergency lock-down as an impromptu holiday and treating it lightly.

        I don’t like how the wider health support sector (in which I work) have to work through the lock-down so people like you, Savenz, and other armchair critics can throw your ‘wisdom’ at the rest of us – probably from the safety of your own lock-down.

        I don’t like putting myself; seven of my colleagues; and six of my clients at risk every single working day (Monday to Friday) while others are skylarking about having parties, going to the beach, or wanting to engage in recreational shopping (“Open the Warehouse! Open hardware stores! Open f*****g XYZ). The more people wandering about, the greater risk I have and the greater risk to 13 other people.

        If I catch the virus from some dickhead who has been violating protocols and mixing freely with others, that is eight health support workers who will be taken out of the system. Half my clients have serious underlying medical conditions which could kill them.

        I don’t like having to self-isolate myself in the weekend and not seeing my partner for over a week because we – silly us! – take our “bubbles” seriously.

        I don’t like the risk to myself personally. I’m in a category where two factors make it dangerous for me if I catch the virus (age and T2 diabetes). But I try not to think about it. Best not to.

        I don’t like it when people make asinine comments about “jackboots”, “police states”, etc. Most Kiwis wouldn’t know a police state if it knocked on their door at midnight, with an unmarked police car parked outside. I’ve lived in a police state. Their cops don’t ask for co-operation with a “please” and “thank you”.

        As for “narking”? What I don’t like is a culture of shaming people who call out unacceptable behaviour. We don’t tolerate it for domestic violence. We don’t tolerate it for sexual harassment. We should not tolerate it when calling out (or “narking” if we want to get all High Schoolish about it) behaviour that results in the virus continuing to spread; people losing their jobs; getting sick; and the death toll rising.

        That’s what I don’t like.

        • Frank Macskasy: “You’re entitled not to “like it”, D’Esterre. Heck you’re entitled not to read what I write.”

          Frank, I have really enjoyed your pix of the silent city. I’m less enthusiastic about some of your statements; I said as much on your first blogpost.

          None of us knows enough about other people’s circumstances to be making judgements about where they are, and whether they should be there. Best to assume that they’re as well-intentioned as the rest of us.

          As you yourself have commented, keeping one’s distance in the supermarket is easier said than done. We’ve all found that.

          We’re all just making shift, aren’t we? This is a completely novel experience for all of us (except possibly those who been in the Jug, and banged up in solitary), and we’re managing the best way we can.

          Cut other people some slack, say I.

          • It’s fascinating D’esterre that yours is the kindest post on this whole Nark shermozzle (and I agree completely but with less-kind words), and those agreeing with official policy are supporting behavior that is anything but.

            The lockdown Narking – much of it misplaced- is simply virtue signalling, announcing ones own moral worth by denouncing others, doing ones bit by “calling out” others but doing nothing virtuous.

            • Keepcalmcarryon: “The lockdown Narking – much of it misplaced- is simply virtue signalling, announcing ones own moral worth by denouncing others, doing ones bit by “calling out” others but doing nothing virtuous.”

              Yup. That’s exactly how it seems to me, too.

  6. Martyn too right. SaveNZ – yes’ ah…the smell of jackboot in the morning! ‘
    Here’s another side of the curtain twitchers, the rainbow warrior french agents were caught because a neighborhood watch group were writing down licence plate numbers of vehicles stopping along tamaki drive (because of break ins at the boatsheds) never underestimate the clought of the middle class kiwi sticky beaks!

    • Mince on toast: “….the rainbow warrior french agents were caught because a neighborhood watch group were writing down licence plate numbers of vehicles stopping along tamaki drive (because of break ins at the boatsheds)….”

      Indeed. I remember that well. But rather different circumstances, in my view. Back then, people were obliged to look out for their own security, because the police were often unable to help. That was why neighbourhood watch was set up in the first place.

      In the current environment, we have been asked to dob in otherwise inoffensive citizens doing things that we perceive to have breached the lockdown. It comes very close to the tattletale stuff against which we were warned when I was a child, very soon after WW2.

      And – it seems to me – it is an altogether different and much more unlovely beast than the neighbourhood watch activities.

      • Once again i find myself in agreement with you D’Esterre. I seem to remember many years ago back in the dark mists of time, a survey was done in a number of western countries on who would report there neighbor for a very minor infringement of the law. I think it may have been traffic/parking infringements, guess which country won by a substantial margin? These days i will play by the rules unless they are stupid/unreasonable, for the public good, but still have a dislike for the”concerned citizen”section of our society. I have always thought that most of them(not all) would be more gainfully employed checking on there own actions before scrutinising others. This morning i had an interesting experience, venturing out to the supermarket for the first time after the lock-down, i waited in line six feet apart for forty minutes completed my small shop and was returning to the car when, should have gone to spec savers/karen struck.
        Among the few items in my trolly were a small packet of toilet tissue and a four pack of paper towels, karen obviously in her protector of the heard mode confronted me with “i hope you have left some toilet paper for somebody else, as i thought she was joking, i smiled and carried on not realising until later what had occurred. As pointed out in a very humorous australian spoof govt. announcement you tube vid., if we run out of loo paper there are a large number of daily papers that could be more fittingly used.

        • G.A.P.: “….should have gone to spec savers/karen struck.”

          Hahaha…..lovely! That puts me in mind of an Australian satirical TV show we used to watch 30+ years ago. One of the characters was named “Gina Hardface-Bitch”. That name would also fit in this case, I think.

          That was what we used to call that woman who used to coach the Aussie netball team. What was her name? Norma Plummer, I think: but always Gina Hardface-Bitch in this household.

          “….as i thought she was joking, i smiled and carried on…”

          The best response in the circumstances. That would have taken the wind out of her busybody sails.

          “… a very humorous australian spoof govt. announcement you tube vid….”

          I’m so pleased that you posted that link. We’ve roared with laughter at that one. I recommend it to everyone. That group has made a series of spoof videos; we’ve seen a few of them. Great entertainment. Why is it that nobody in NZ does this sort of thing?

          • “Why is it that nobody in NZ does this sort of thing?”

            Probably because some nolife numbnutz would narc on them for having fun.

            Sadly we used to have so much great comedy, stuff that was the envy of the world and quite world famous. But today? I think the best we can offer is that “7 days” program on 3, and I gave up watching that a couple of years back.

            What the hell happened to the NZ I grew up in? What the hell have we become where we’d rather cross the street than talk to our neighbour?

    • That’s interesting about the Rainbow Warrior/ French agent affair.

      Thank you for that.

      It really is like something out of a Dads Army / Home Guard movie set in WW2!

      ” Don’t panic !!! Don’t panic !!! Don’t panic !!! ”

      ” I’m not panicking , Corporal Jones, now do please be quiet !!!”…

      ” Yes Mr Mainwaring”…

      • Wild Katipo: “That’s interesting about the Rainbow Warrior/ French agent affair.”

        That it is. And the most interesting aspect of that whole story is that our much-vaunted security services – SIS, GCSB – played absolutely no role in the capture of those French agents. They were caught by the local police, with help from a bunch of nosy locals.

        Nor did the security services manage to prevent the attack in the first place. We are justified in asking whether they contribute anything of moment to protecting national security.

  7. For the love of god People…

    Obviously the Gov has done these websites for idiot right wingers, so settle down.

    I do remember that when I worked in hospo, that “those particular” ladies made themselves known, we called them Sharon. And hell yeah, they are a pain in the arse. Moaning about shit that isn’t on the menu, and everything that you could imagine in between…

    Sharon is the voice that can decide elections. Sit on that morsel. Stop mocking her and attract her to the left side of the divide. please. We need to start including the middle classes into a future, or we will lose a class war by force.

    Stop mocking Sharon. Please.

  8. L0L … ‘ OK Karen ‘

    Ms Karen Snootley /Busybody ( hyphenated, of course … )

    Ooooooo ,.. how deliciously cringe worthy ! Complete with the bob hair cut !

    It is quite distasteful to me setting up a ‘dobbers’ hotline… certainly there are some pushing the envelope,.. but in many cases they get weeded out by the cops,…sooner or later. Yet a valid argument is that it is needed for the public health, – which is true… but it still smacks of halo shining…or perhaps this motivates some in the back of their minds…

    German people looking through garbage dump for food after end of World War II. HD Stock Footage

  9. C’mon Bomber. I snitch on the sob’s who take my disabled park (except for disabled when they tell me they can’t afford the card). I have a friend who’s severely disabled who has neighbours whose domestic disputes are public and deafening. She is kind and caring. She said on FB she was going to dob them in becos they are letting their kids run wild, down to the playground. OK they are escaping from their parents but its very risky for them now. I applaud her public spirit in rescuing those kids.

    If what these ‘vigilantes’ are doing stops the virus spreading, they’re doing a good thing. If we all looked down on snitches, we’d be in favour of letting the virus loose.

    Aussie PM encouraged snitches as a measure to restrict movement, but that’s NOT a good reason not to snitch.

    • Funny how we have Neighbourhood Watch groups looking out for car thieves and burglars, and I can’t recall that ever being refered to as “snitching” or “narking”.

      But when those who ignore the lock-down, thus endangering the lives ofthe vulnerable in our community, are being reported – that’s snitching or narking?

      I guess reporting the theft of property is considered more honourable and acceptable than reporting behaviour that actually harms real people.

      • Probably there is less moral judgement involved when reporting a hooded man with a baseball bat climbing in through the neighbours window, than a legal jogger on the footpath or two people walking at the beach, but I could be wrong.

        Remember half the population have below average intelligence but can work their phone just fine.
        Current police time waster highlights: joggers, walkers reported, 2 people in single vehicle reported( horror), essential business reported because it had people in it.
        I’m not commenting on someone above who made a police complaint about “too much traffic”
        I don’t really want to find out how many dipshit busybodies our society harbours because I know it’s going to be a lot, and the government apparatus seems intent on finding out.

        • Keepcalmcarryon: “Probably there is less moral judgement involved when reporting a hooded man with a baseball bat climbing in through the neighbours window, than a legal jogger on the footpath or two people walking at the beach, but I could be wrong.”

          Agreed. Reporting the former is what we’d all do, in the interests of neighbourhood security. With regard to the latter, how the hell is anyone supposed to know whether any rule is being broken? Most of us, I suspect, would err on the side of minding our own damn business. Except, of course, and in the current environment, for the OK Karen snitchers of this world.

          Apologies to anybody inoffensive named Karen, who’s reading this: don’t take it personally.

        • Yup.

          I go a couple of miles from home for my exercise, to a quiet area where I can be alone.

          I am concerned some wannabe stasi will give the plod a call one of these days, but the thing is…. 1) Where I go to unwind is on my normal route collecting stuff for those who can’t do it themselves, 2) my local area has a LOT of people walking/biking, being a large and very busy street. Oh, and 3) Thanks to the lock down I’m being exposed to stuff I’d rather not have to deal with so much – largely lonely people who I’d normally give a bit of comfort to but now have to knock on their door and step back several paces to be sure they’re safe. Vulnerable people, some who’re unlikely to get through the winter anyway, and are craving some simple human contact but we’re not allowed to.

          I’m one who is most likely to be snitched on by some scumbag with no sense of compassion and nothing better to do than to bring misery to another’s life, yet I am one who is working to make life better for those I can. If I wind up being locked up for “breaking the rules” it’s probable people will miss out on the meals I am bringing them.

          Fuck you narcs. I hope your actions lead to a long life of lonliness, wondering why your neighbours never talk to you and your family never calls any more. I am so over dealing with the pain your selfish thoughtless acts cause.

  10. Look you choose to see all dobbers as narcs but truth is an integrated society relies on people caring about others and what goes on around them. Patriotism in itself is not evil. A NZ tradition about fairness and justice means that yes people want rules applied fairly and rules followed equally. Those who act in an anti-social manner are well deserving of being reported …especially as the rulebreakers are endangering public health, risking public order and possibly mean an unraveling/an extension/failure of the lockdown. To deride dobbers as all somehow little fascist authoritarians is a huge step to far. I thought Bradbury was a Socialist yet he seems to be arguing quite a libertarian individualist “I Am My Own Law” line here. If the majority assent to Government & Government’s rules then they (the people) have the right to help enforce that adherence to the rules of that governance.

    • Indeed.

      Ironically, the hallmark of being on the Left of politics is that we act collectively. Collective action as opposed to raw Individualism and devil-take-the-hindmost.

      If some can’t act collectively on an issue as dire as a global pandemic, then I refer them to the ACT membership page.

      • ———————————-

        ” devil-take-the-hindmost ”….


        Ahhhh , your sounding deliciously Irish , Frank.

        Triggered the thought,… of Thin Lizzy and Whiskey in the jar-o…

        ‘But the devil take that woman,
        Yeah, for you know she tricked me easy’…


        Thin Lizzy – Whiskey In The Jar

    • I’m a rule breaker. Please tell me how I endanger public health.

      I live alone now (moved to a single flat shortly before the lockdown). I’ve always been a clean person since experiencing some severe self-supplied food poisoning as a teen-aged farmhand.

      I exercise miles from home (breaking the rules) – but I do that as it is the best way for me to avoid being around others when I do, rather than walking on my busy street.

      I interact with a number of other people each day as I drop in groceries or meals. Sometimes more than one trip to the shops each day. Supposed to only interact with a small few people but no one else is doing this (not for these people).

      Many of those I see are older people who’ve lost their family and friends to the years. They have few if any who check on them or talk to them. I take precautions to protect them but it breaks my heart to see them alone and wanting someone to sit in their living room or at their table and talk with them for a while. For some, sitting a couple of metres apart doesn’t work well because of sight or hearing issues. And for at least a couple, it’s really doubtful they’d get though this winter any way – what’s the point of making their last days miserable and filled with more lonliness when they could have some company instead?

      Yup, I’m a rule-breaker and proud of it. If the government wanted to be serious they could be making sure every one coming into NZ goes into a strict quarantine for 2 weeks. They could’ve closed the border earlier as well. Their dropping the ball then doesn’t excuse increasing the suffering of some now.

      This culture of being nasty busybodies could do far more damage to the nation than C19.

  11. Is there a difference between the 1997 – 0800- Dob in your parents for smokin dope – Hotline and the Dob in a nitwit for breaching Social Distancing rules? Asking for a friend…

  12. Dr Lance Sullivan says he’s worried about the large amount of traffic roaring up and down Kaitaia’s main street. The drivers are likely to be mostly young males, perhaps many are Maori. This is a form of self-harm. We need to protect them from themselves.

    I read that young men are a high risk group for covid-19. We lose enough young men to suicide without risking this behaviour to a potential tragedy.

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