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  1. Your toll is bigger than my toll

    I got notification of an unsuccessful job application yesterday, a full time job in the public sector which I spent three years studying a degree for and which my previous twenty years in the scientific area would have been complemented by. My question is to the Finance Minister, can I use this unsuccessful application as leverage to engage in social speculation? That is, can I use it to project and predict possible future earnings not being recognised and get an increase in my benefit from $350 to $585 which some people are currently getting (full time unemployed on a wage subsidy). If not why not?

  2. My toll is bigger than your toll

    Analysis of the current ‘Covid death rates’ in European countries (44 including United Kingdom) shows the following:

    The average death rate per million people is 10.2. The republic of San Marino within Italy was removed from the data (who has 619 deaths per million, with a total population of 34,000) leaving 43 countries and reducing the average death rate from 24.0 to 10.2 and standard deviation from 95 to 25.

    All but three countries fell within one standard deviation of this mean with 80% of those 40 countries below the mean death rate. The three countries were Andorra (population 77000, within 2 standard deviations of the mean), Spain (population 47 million, more than 3 standard deviations above the mean) and Italy (population 60 million, more than 5 standard deviations above the mean).

    A 3-sigma result is getting into unlikely territory. Italy is a 5-sigma event.

    • I can see that you are into statistics Jody. And you are using them for good.

      Could you run the tape over what the minimum number of cases would be that would enable us to operate the country at a sub-normal level of activity but with fairly free movement within the country, controlled self-isolation for NZs returning, and for a minimum number of tourists of the high-spending long-term variety who go immediately into a self-isolation included as part of their trip, where they have attractive surroundings, food, choice of films and docos, information about NZ, music and the chance of short walks on their own.

      Freedom camping out, overseas students limited with a small amount of work allowed. I want people like yourself to be employed in NZ, so if other people coming here are crowding you out, I would like that vastly lessened.

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