A tiny moment of grace in the Christchurch Terror attack – The Terrorist pleads guilty


Wonderful news breaking today that the Terrorist who committed the Christchurch atrocity has saved everyone the trauma of a trial and has in fact pleaded guilty instead…

Christchurch mosque shootings: Brenton Tarrant’s shock guilty plea to murders

Brenton Harrison Tarrant has today made a shock admission that he was the lone gunman who murdered 51 Muslims at two Christchurch mosques on March 15 last year.

The 29-year-old Australian entered the guilty pleas at a special, hastily-arranged High Court hearing in Christchurch this morning.

Tarrant, who appeared from prison on a screen via audio-visual link (AVL) wearing a grey prison sweatshirt, pleaded guilty to all 51 murder charges.

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He also admitted 40 charges of attempted murder relating to the two attacks at Masjid Al Noor and Linwood Islamic Centre on March 15 last year – and pleaded guilty to one charge of engaging in a terrorist act laid under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002.

…now let NZ justice be served upon this wretch.


  1. But Tarrant’s mad.
    Surely we can see that? Only a mad person could do what he did.
    And, I’d argue, religious zealots are mad too.
    Hum diddly do dading to an invisible deity is mad-as. To think, that in this day and age, there’s some bigger, better, more judgie, hypocritical bigun who mindlessly smites people down for abstract errors of judgement is barmy.
    We have Us. That, is what we got.
    Not some bearded invisible Zombie/s watching and waiting. That, is a bit fucked. A bit mad.
    We have us, and us have we. And we have the wee beasties and flowers, and plants, weeds and trees and we’re all hurtling through a vacuum in a vast space but best, or worst, of all is we have no idea why, how, when or what?????
    It’s that, that sends nutters like tarrant over the edge I’m sure.
    “Oooh! We need to know, we need to reason shit out. We must work things out to sate our arrogance and placate our need to control and own. Can’t live with a sense of wonder, can’t function without knowing the ins and outs of a cats arsehole. And most usually, needing to ‘know’ to be able to exploit the situation.
    If you want to argue otherwise? Where’s your proof, you mad fuckers?
    The only ‘proof’ I’ve ever seen is written in the hand of person kind. And that, dear God botherer is called ‘fiction’ based upon clear and present evidence.
    tarrant is insane. He doesn’t know it and we don’t want to understand that he is because we have the hate for him and the fake compassion for his victims to tease out to broadcast to titillate the haters and those equally mad.

  2. ” …now let NZ justice be served upon this wretch ”

    NZ Justice lol

    Any guesses as too a possible sentence ?

    Considering we barely punish anyone sentenced too a serious crime in this country or they are let off with home detention or a community sentence for what are sometimes horrible idiotic crimes you have too wonder at the mentality of our judiciary and the lax laws in place too punish for the severity of some crimes.

    The accused in this case should receive 51 life terms but i guess all we have for a benchmark is the following.

    ” The longest sentence imposed by a New Zealand court is life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 30 years for the triple killings at an Auckland RSA in 2001. New Zealand’s longest serving prisoner is Alfred Thomas Vincent, who has been in jail since 1968 for indecently assaulting five boys “

  3. It is very good news he pleaded guilty.

    I hope the NZ government bother to find out what motivated him to do this terror act.

    It is a strange case, firstly he was not a NZ citizen and just came to NZ to train for 3 years???? Again was that instruction from someone else? He visited Pakistan and Israel, unusual countries to visit on an overseas trip.

    From the sounds of it he seems like a suggestible person, and if that is the case, they need to find out the trigger and who pulled it, cos does NZ want NZ to turn into the US or the UK with terror or lone wolf attacks happening more often.

    Anybody can come to NZ or easily travel between countries here after getting permanent residency (only takes 2 years) and are welcomed with open arms, previously given automatic weapons like Tarrent and in many cases a benefit to live on while they fulfil their ideological strategies.

    Meanwhile our well funded SIS, GCSB, private spies are too busy spying on animal rights activists, Greenpeace, Nicky Hager and Keith Locke and individuals who might not agree with our government when for example the fail to get their house repaired years after the Christchurch earthquake….https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2018/12/exclusive-inquiry-finds-thompson-and-clark-spies-snooped-on-earthquake-victims.html But they are the ones being spied on, not the hundreds of thousands of people who came to NZ. NZ courts are now overrun with serious crimes and criminals being given free reign on victims in NZ or uniting in international/domestic crime operations.

  4. Instead of helping people our government has in some ways lost it’s way and spying on them, victimising them, instead of fixing the issue with regulation to ensure our public and business services are working in a fair and functional way and people coming to NZ are checked and monitored as to their reason to be here.

    There is no reason to have NZ as a free for all for anybody in the world to live here like Tarrent. It is dangerous as well as being unfair to existing people.

    We used to have plenty of housing, low pollution and an excellent health and education system. We went wrong with user pays and now wanting foreign money to keep the user pays going when less locals can afford user pays.

    Rather than bothering to attract and retain bright locals and migrants, our government has gone for bums on seats and churns out the residency visas to anybody who can fake the paperwork. A good percentage of migrants leave NZ and there is nothing stopping them leaving kids/parents/relatives in NZ using our free social services and coming back when they need social welfare like pensions or get injured overseas.

    Our low wages and growing homelessness are a sign that things are not rosy in NZ.

    COL got in on the ticket of reducing immigration but still more people are given visas to come to NZ rather than deferring or doing a long term cost benefit looking at the cost of supporting each unemployed homeless domestic person, vs getting someone in from overseas with their parents and kids to support in that low paid or non essential business here like a takeaway or retail shop.

    Covid-19 shows that we did not do enough for our health system that is dangerously low on resources both human and medical.

    We have bright Kiwis leaving NZ to pay off student loans while somehow inexplicably we just jailed a recent doctor graduate of murdering a teenager! We have recent engineering graduates building structurally unsound buildings.

    Looking at ability to pay fees and making money from overseas students given residency here, should not be a criteria for our future construction and health care. Because it is clearly not working out!

    We can’t build houses cheaply anymore that function. A graduate doctor is a murderer. Tarrant was allowed to rent a house in NZ, (probably got a benefit) and then killed 51 people .

    And so far there has also been signs of more and more ‘cracks’ appearing in the local population using our neoliberal ‘money talks’ ways.

    Russell John Tully in court over shooting rampage at jobs office in Ashburton, NZ

    Northland shooting: Mother and daughter die as repair visit turns to tragedy

    Man sentenced to life in prison for Taranaki landlord’s murder

    Why are we spending our tax dollars on building jails to house the world’s criminals and the growing underclass in NZ when we could be spending it on the health system instead and helping the NZ unemployed find a secure job that pays them a decent wage and trains them on the job?

    Not only will it be cheaper, it is more social responsible.

    All countries have an immigration policy. It is not racist to have an immigration policy. Letting a free for all immigration approach to push competition in NZ, more money for banks and lower wages for business, is socially dangerous.

  5. Yeah well this c–t is being treated better by NZ than Julian Assange is being treated by the UK
    Go figure.

    • One exposed the USA killing Muslims the other killed Muslims. Its clear what crime receives the harshest punishment these days.

      • Yes I think there is something decidedly fishy about the timing of this sudden plea of guilty

        ….and of course it avoids any public trial of this Australian , where we the New Zealand public get any idea of his motivations, support from overseas etc…why it happened

        ….and who was culpable for giving him his gun license

        …seems like it has all been swept under the carpet

        …and the New Zealand public and the Muslim community has had to wear the violation and atrocity without information

        …and is none the wiser and has been short changed

  6. The downside is that we’ll never get to know what issues were driving this man to commit his atrocity.

    They’ve suppressed his manifesto
    They’ve banned the press from investigating his background
    They’ve banned the press from investigating the strange circumstances surrounding him obtaining a gun licence
    The Royal Commission’s report will not be made public
    Now he conveniently admits guilt and will be sentenced without a hearing

    I see a consistent theme here: What are they hiding?

    • For once I agree with you Andrew. The public actually has a right to know all of that stuff. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  7. The solicitor general Una Jagose will be very re leaved to see this as she currently has a serious criminal complaint, that she and the police are doing their best to bury, re the Christchurch crown solicitor Zarifeh. He has been caught out lying to judges in a civil case and has filed false sworn affidavits and has knowingly suborned police staff to do the same as well as committing perjury. He has also conspired with them to make false allegations, (this charge alone has up to 14 years jail), and to make false statements. Zarifeh knew he was lying as he had reports from police staff telling him this as well as reports from the Ombudsman and ERA telling him that the documents he was stating as being disclosed in fact never existed. Jagose has ignorned this matter since late 2106 and she is also aware her office and Zarifeh also failed to comply with OIA requests and three court orders to disclose documents. Finally in September 2019 she has had to admit that none of the documents Zarifeh had stated as being disclosed, (only some 2,500, yep that is 2,500), do not exist. Jagose has now also stated her office has no procedure to investigate Zarifeh and to date she has failed to notify the police of this. Commissioner Bush has known about the false statements since July 2016 and has covered all of this up as has the Minister of Police Nash.

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