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  1. What a good idea from Auckland Action Against Poverty:

    We already have more than twice the number of empty homes in Auckland as there are families on the housing waiting list.
    We are urging the Government to acquire ghost homes, build enough public housing and introduce rent-caps to ensure no one is left behind in our response to COVID-19.

  2. We are facing great changes now. This link about Tudor topsy turvy times – and Shakespeare’s mother.
    She survived the plague, and lived through four changes of the state religion, she buried three of her children but gave birth to the great poet.
    A peasant’s daughter who rose to wealth and status but lost it all. A time of radical transformation.
    The Protestant Reformation turned 1000 years of English Christianity in a mere 20 years.
    Tudor England was about 2half million a third of children died before 10, average life 38 years.
    Are we about to go through similar turmoil.?

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