Boost Your Microsoft 70-533 Preparation with Exam Dumps


Modern apps have become a part of everyday lifestyle. Be it education, business, beauty, or social media; there are thousands of apps for them. Due to the high demand, professional app developers have a greater chance of boosting their careers in IT. But how can you snag the best developer job in a renowned organization? You must possess extra and appealing features on your CV for it. If your field of interest is making career progress, then continue reading this articlebecause it reveals the peculiarities of the Microsoft 70-533 exam, the one that will lead you to the upmarket MCSD App Builder credential. What is more, you will learn how to prepare well for the test and pass it with flying colors. So, let’s get started!


MCSD App Builder Badge Overview

The MCSD 70-761 (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) App Builder certification verifies your skills in dealing with the process of app building. The key technologies covered through this certification are Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Community, ASP.NET Core, and ASP.NET MVC.

To earn this badge, you are required to pass only one of the three exams, one of which is 70-533 test.


Now let’s find out more about this assessment below.


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70-533 Exam Overview

The Microsoft 70-533 is perfect for candidates who have experience in developing web services, Web API, and Azure solutions. As you might know, to pass any exam you are required to have certain skills. But how about 70-533 test? What skills do you need to go through it? 


To pass this exam you should possess skills to work with data access technologies,web services, and web applications. In addition, you should be able to manipulate data utilizing the entity framework and be competent in creating a Web API. 

As for the details of 70-533 assessment, you will have to complete from 40 to 60 questionswithin 150 minutes. Exam questions are going to be of various types, such as active screen, multiple-choice, drag and drop, build list, performance-based, etc. Before sitting for this test you’ll have to pay the fee of $165, which is non-refundable in case you don’t show up for the exam or fail, so it’s worth getting ready for the assessment beforehand.

So, keep reading this article to get the idea of preparation options available for 70-533 test.


Methods and Resources to Prepare for 70-533 Exam

There are various methods and sources you can opt for during your 70-533exam prep, which you can observe on the following list:

  • Microsoft exam prep options

The vendor offers several preparation techniques like online,instructor-led and self-paced training, exam prep videos, the official practice test, online communities, among many others and recommends using the Exam Ref 70-533: Developing Windows Azure and Web Services book which you can purchase online. For further details about the vendor’s exam prep policy, go on to the Microsoft official website.

  • Prepaway practice tests

Practice tests can help you understand the structure of questions and how to approach them correctly. You can find plenty of exam dumps providers but undoubtedly, Prepaway is the best of all of them. If you check their official website, you can get access to free and paid items that contain real exam questions. This provider offers you the 70-533 Premium Bundle with expert-verified questions and answers, a lecture training course and a study guide that you can get for just $34.99. Unwilling to pay? Then take advantage of free updated practice tests. Either you buy products from Prepaway or get them for free, don’t forget to download the VCE Player, which mimics the real environment of the exam and without which you won’t be able to open the dumps.

  • Videos

Watching videos has been proven to be a better method to retain knowledge than reading textbooks. You can find both tutorial videos and videos uploaded by the previous 70-533 exam-takers who share their experience on YouTube mostly.

Hope you will make use of these exam prep resources as well as methods whereas we are moving on forward to 70-533 exam prep tips that will facilitate your learning process and make it increasingly fascinating.


Does Studying Imply Boring?

Let’s be honest, most of us hate studying for exams. When you take a textbook out, all you can think of is how hungry, sleepy and surprisingly tired you feel. This is a psychological issue that occurs due to disinterest in what you’re doing. So, if you want to avoid this, you have to make studying more interesting. Here’s how you can do it during your 70-533 exam prep:

  • Make a list of tasks

First of all, you need to have a clear idea of what you have to do, cause if you are absent-minded, then your work will be messy, too. So, make a list of all the tasks you must do and tick them off once you complete them. 

  • Reward yourself

By rewarding yourself after each task, you can positively stimulate your body to work more efficiently with anticipation for the next reward. 

  • Set timers

When you study something that does not interest you, your minutes tend to feel like hours and you end up taking breaks within very short intervals. You can avoid this by setting a timer for around 25 minutes or so. As you have set the timer, you can focus on studying, without constantly checking on your phone, until it goes off.



Everyone loves to enjoy the benefits of something difficult they’ve accomplished. But to achieve this, you must work hard. Likewise, to ace 70-533 exam and gain the beloved MCSD certification in App Builder you have to dedicate your time and effort to the preparation process. By using Prepaway’s free or paid updated exam dumps and other productive resources and techniques, passing your 70-533 exam with flying colors and earning the MCSD credential is going to be a piece of cake, believe me.