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  1. At such a critical time in our history to work together, the Police are anticipating criminals will see this period as an opportunity to rob and steal from the rest of us while we are most vulnerable. The very prospect makes my blood run cold. How practical is it for the Government to rush through legislation that dramatically increases penalties for criminal offending while NZ is at level 3 & 4 ?

    Vitally important we move forward together as a country and the shitheels that are an affront to all of us deserve more than ever to be treated like the despicable worthless scum they are.

    If decency, respect, and empathy are beyond the comprehension of dirtbags, we need to put their own self-preservation on the table. You shit on us at this time, we will shit on you like never before. All Government support withdrawn and penalties doubled and trebled.

    • @ JF.
      “At such a critical time in our history to work together, the Police are anticipating criminals will see this period as an opportunity to rob and steal from the rest of us while we are most vulnerable.”
      What? Like the Labour crims still on the loose and out and about after their campaign of terror, treachery and thievery of our stuff and things spanning more than thirty years, of which adern and some of her cronies were a party to? phil goff for example? ( Lest we forget! ) He’s now mayor of Auckland ( And currently under investigation by the ball-less SFO and the largest logical fallacy I know of, and most of which was built on the proceeds of their self-legitimised crimes against us?
      adern is doing what adern’s doing because all eyes are upon her and has nothing t do with threatening the Old Labour Zombie hoards who can be found hanging upside down in their crypts AKA the ACT party and national. And labour, actually.
      adern wasn’t doing fuck all for the homeless and bankster tyrannised working poor over the last, almost three years if my memory serves me correct?
      I don’t remember her locking down the banksters and muzzling fletcher construction until all homeless people were housed, I don’t remember her locking down the real estate industry until a proper capital gains tax was introduced to stop the property mafia from aiding and abetting in blowing out property prices, I don’t remember any of that. All I remember was hair and teeth and a lot of yap?
      “…to be treated like the despicable worthless scum they are. ”
      Spoken like a true, right wing, Natzo red neck.
      That, jacinda fan is how criminals are made, not prevented or rehabilitated. You really need to go back to that there there learnin’ boy.
      Or switch to being an Aw-soimon ? fan. You might find yourself right at home down there in Blue Rabies country. ( Not one of mine. )

  2. Hot tip: making the warehouse an essential business (while small businesses due) so crowds of people off work can co mingle and thumb through the cd’s is one of the stupidest decisions I’ve ever seen from government and my haven’t we seen some doozies.
    “ where everyone gets a bargain- and raging case of disease”

  3. I don’t think much of the tips and hacks that have come out of you above – snarly and ill-bred and not thoughtful or helpful. It makes me feel depressed. This is the stuff that clever commenters come out with when NZ is in difficulties!

    I put up a link in Bryan Bruce’s post about a couple who got Covid-19 on the first cruise ship I heard about. They recount what it was like and how they were treated and got well looked after. But it takes a while to come on and then to get over it, and the chap said that on his experience, two weeks wouldn’t do it. The loss of breath was what the man noticed particularly, as also a 31 year old athlete telling his story in the Press tonight. It brings on pneumonia I think the man said about his case. He said he wasn’t keen on ventilators and decided to do some breathing exercises to fix himself if he could and was proud that his count went from 93 to 99 if you know what means. He mentioned Gary Craig and EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques. I put the link below and it might be helpful to someone who gets Covid-19, but some say it helps your mind and body balance with other things. It sounds interesting and worth a try for someone weighed down with health problems.

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