GUEST BLOG: Hone Harawira – Locking down the Far North


Hone Harawira is the Leader of the MANA Movement 


  1. What a pity he didn’t set up a similar road block years ago to stem the marijuana traffic which ‘diseased’ the communities of the north in epidemic proportions!

    • Your ‘ thug’ comment is a more apt description of either Boris Johnson or Trump ….

      Boris wanted village idiot science to be used on the UK ,,,, his great idea would have seen up to 1 million british people pay with their lives.

      This thug idiot would have only changed his mind when it was pointed out this would make him lose the next election.

      Neither of the thugs ,,, Trump or Boris ,,, give a fuck about health workers.

  2. Kia Kaha Hone and the people of the North. If the authorities are not able to keep the tourists out of your area you do what you have to do. You can be sure Orangemanbad won’t be on the front line with the nurses & doctors trying to save your people if and when the virus takes a hold.

  3. Good on him!!
    All the best brotha!
    Its better to be safe, than sorry.

    We dont want a repeat of 1918 when the Maori population was decimated.

  4. Two French tourists in a camper van touring the Wairarapa last weekend, called in a growers market and bought produce then asked for directions . While chatting let it be known they had been in NZ for 4 days.
    When the hotline was rung it took 20 minutes before it was answered.

    The health Dept is understaffed and meanwhile tourists are “self isolating” in camper vans while touring. Campervan hire firms should not allow overseas tourists to hire unless they have evidence of 14 days self isolation in the prescribed manner.

    Go for it Hone and do all you can to get attention.

  5. Totally agree Hone, all Tourists and just ordinary vistors, including Whanau need to go home. Stay home.
    People wandering about are a menace to society. All the best up there.

  6. Under what authoritary does he speak under? Didn’t Mana get less than 2% of the party vote?

    Who is he to make up rules and threaten people? Thug

    • You must be in an information backwater. Would you be so kind and give me a working diffinition of what you think a pandemic is so I know you know what is going on?

      • Well I think a working definition of a pandemic is one where all eyes are deliberately concentrated over there and no eyes are concentrated on here.

        • Okay. In these context and on this blog in this particular comments section I can grant you that in this context a pandemic means “all eyes are deliberately concentrated over there” and so on and so on if you will allow that in every other context a pandemic means a diseased nation or world. Of which the far north communities are trying to keep disease free with tough restrictions. Is that fair?

    • Abolutely. The government should stomp these thugs and vigilantes out ruthlessly. There’s always going to be the pathetic sycophantic enablers who will support the bullies in the vain hope that they won’t be subject to their arbitrary violence… cowards the lot of them.

        • It takes zero courage to be a vigilante thug backed up with your thug buddies to pick on a tiny minority of visitors to our country. All you have to do is revert to type.

          The Police are the people to deal with the tiny amount of visitors flouting the quarantine period and when the lockdown happens tonight there will be no cruising around anyway.

          I absolutely agree that we should have shut the borders sooner. Major cock up. Expecting every visitor to abide by the self isolation period was dumb. Hopefully the lockdown will let us recover control.

          • Expecting every visitor to abide by the self isolation period was dumb.

            Of course it was.

            Hone’s surprise at their behaviour is equally dumb. Their behaviour is as predictable as a sunrise.

            Travellers in Pac & Save? How dare they they presume they have the right to purchase nourishment. They should access the 2 months supply of frozen food carried in their back-pack freezers.

            No protective masks? I suppose they deliberately dumped the generous supply of masks, hand sanitiser and rubber gloves provided to them at their port of entry.

            Many of these travellers are young backpackers who have budgets amounting to $30 – $60 a day. Expecting them to fork out for expensive accommodation and associated expenses required for proper isolation was always a delusion born of someone’s comfortable middle-aged fantasy.

            • Nicely put.

              I can’t help but think that Kiwi’s abroad are going to be doing precisely the same dumb shit in precisely the same proportions. I’d still like to think they will be looked after as guests wherever they are… not exposed to the cowardly, racist goon squad of the Harawira’s.

              Travellers here should be looked after as a priority… even if they are frustratingly stupid. It’s what a civilised country should do.

              • The thing is I don’t think there is enough time for your confused theories on open boarders. How did that go for the UK?

              • Your comment sounds great Orangmanbad. Kindly put your home address on line so that the road block attendants can direct these wayward travellers to your home so that they can enjoy some of your friendly civilised hospitality. Better still why don’t you go up and join them, the police, medical profession and council officers are up there helping out. I MIGHT ADD ALL RISKING THEIR HEALTH AND LIVES FOR THE MEMBERS OF THEIR REGION.

        • As I said, what authority does he speak for ‘his’ people? I could self-appoint myself to speak for all right handed people, doesn’t mean I have a mandate to do so

      • Last night on the news a Police Officer was present assisting those at the checkpoint. Think you got it wrong Orangemanbad & co. We are all in this together and however the spreading of this virus can be curtailed looks good in my book. Beats having to pay for MASS FUNERALS.

  7. Why did they let the tourists and non citizens still come to NZ?

    As soon as there was a pandemic the government should have closed the borders.

    From the tourists, visitors point of view, what should tourists/visitors do, aka they still need food and accomodation when they came and clearly most are not prepared for self isolation in any way, shape or form. Apparently many at the airports were just given pamphlets or nothing. Great planning as usual (sarcasm).

    The non residents should have not been allowed to come in the first place from a month ago.

    The government were still trying to get foreign students and workers into NZ for work, soon it will come out that they when picking the migrants were picking food or working in the factory they spread the virus to others. Already heard a friend say that 3 in their factory tested positive for Coronavirus.

    Like all the magical thinking of government in the last 30 years, they have no practical reality in their thinking. Like health line, sounds great on paper to ring a health line first, less feasible when it is a 3 hour wait to talk to someone while constantly being cut off, who just says ring your doctor!

    Now you can’t even ring you doctor or health line as the phones are overloaded. Also the greedy shortsighted companies who outsourced all their tech overseas will now help kill the rest of us, as our country grinds to a halt as the tech is overloaded and they field their low wage idiots to try and get a solution. No doubt the government will give them the telecoms yet another corporate handout instead of a kick up the butt and jail time for their incompetence which will kill people who can’t ring in emergencies.

    We have too may bureaucrats in NZ who have no practical understanding and are not experts in anything but self promotion and personal advancement. Behind all the ‘experts’ in NZ seem to be marketing degrees not actual qualifications in their area and expert experience. It’s the blind leading the blind.

    NZ managers just tick a box and think what a good boy/girl am I. Meanwhile they can’t comprehend why their neoliberal cost cutting and lack of investment into decent infrastructure and being unable to comprehend the importance of expert advice, does not work when the shit hits the fan!

    • ‘…Behind all the ‘experts’ in NZ seem to be marketing degrees not actual qualifications in their area and expert experience. It’s the blind leading the blind’…



      And places like Auckland University churn them out by the oil tanker load and the then ex students go on to fill the ranks of the so called ‘ professionals’ in this country or fuck off back to where they come from to do more of the same.

      Auckland University , – the place who charged this govt and those who agree with it as RACISTS and XENOPHOBES because we and the govt wanted to protect or borders and our population, – when their REAL motivation was the amount they would lose when consulting with their bloody bean counters !!!

      The so called seat of ‘ intellectual’ thinking. Don’t those pricks have Microbiological laboratory’s?

      Aren’t they the same crowd who stand in line asking for govt research grants?

      Fuck em.

      And you got it bang to rights with this :

      …” Meanwhile they can’t comprehend why their neoliberal cost cutting and lack of investment into decent infrastructure and being unable to comprehend the importance of expert advice, does not work when the shit hits the fan! ”…

      Again, thank you for your diligence.

  8. Kia ora Hone and others
    Throughout the motu people are taking action to protect themselves and their whanau.
    “Under what authority?” some ask, with the implication that only the colonial administration has the right to put in place measures designed to protect the community from this epidemic.
    The New Zealand government made a calamitous mistake (??) when it decided to allow a wave of international travelers to enter New Zealand on March 14 and 15 without any requirement for quarantine or isolation, and then distributed those travelers throughout the main centres.
    The catastrophic consequences of that decision seems to have brought the government to its senses, but it is still doing too little too late – perhaps only by a day or two, but days and hours are critical in this epidemic.
    It has failed to provide food rationing and distribution, leaving the wealthy to provide more than adequately for themselves while the poor face an uncertain few weeks, perhaps unable to afford or to collect food supplies even if they remain available.
    Supermarket staff are deemed “essential service” workers and required to put themselves at risk daily for the sake of the community at large while being paid the minimum wage. Meanwhile non-essential managerial and professional staff on salaries of $200,000 a year are working from the safety and comfort of home.
    The colonial government has signaled that when we emerge from this crisis it wants the inequities of colonialism and capitalism to remain just as they were.
    We should not and will not accede to that. It is very clear already that the regime’s initial mishandling of this epidemic was a direct result of its mindless deference to Whitehall. Once again the imperial connection has cost our people dearly.
    Because the colonial state has failed, it becomes necessary for us to act.
    Under what authority? That of Almighty God, Ihoa o nga mano.
    In our rohe we instituted a lockdown a couple of days before Jacinda Ardern’ Level 3 announcement. One tourist that I know of asked to stay and has been allowed to on condition of respecting the rules we laid down. I believe that there may be others who have elected to stay on the same terms.
    So we try to balance strict controls with manaakitanga.
    Kia kaha

  9. Everybody wants freedom and no authority too tell them what too do that is the kiwi attitude and it also applies too exercising common sense in a dangerous situation !!!

    I went too my local Countdown supermarket with a face mask on and yet inside there were people rushing about throwing items in their trolleys oblivious too the danger as i and my GP who i met on my way round were the only ones too have bothered too wear protection.

    As soon as i heard that it was being spread in the community and that irresponsible tourists were not heeding the warnings after just arriving here i changed my approach too being out in public with large groups of people.

    This supermarket had jno sanitiser , no measures too ensure their shoppers remained two meters apart.

    I guess its the old story we will see a speed sign say lower your speed to 10 but we will ignore it and carry on doing 50 anyway until we kill or maim somebody because the rules somehow just don’t apply to me and you.

    This is a life and death situation and Hone is taking a lead where the authorities will not ( up until now )
    I say we need more people like Hone who will step up and make a stand.

    Most people i have witnessed out in public have been bloody irresponsible and it comes from this laid back no repercussions for your bad behaviour society that NZ is.

  10. The PM hugs someone in Christchurch in the aftermath of that horror and for a year it’s clear some people don’t get it, and some people do and some clearly have no sense of empathy, what it is and the power of it. That shows the astonishing diversity of ways of operating and thinking. And the PM says ‘be nice to each other’ and that is beyond some.

    I found this online tonight.

    “Of course the police can’t keep us safe in situations like we have at present.. Anyone with an IQ of over 100 knows this. I’m guessing the weekend will see the first signs of unrest arise. I hope I’m wrong.

    Now tell me… how do you plan to defend your home and loved ones should things deteriorate?

    See, a big problem is Government, media and the public have talked themselves into believing a 4 week lock down should see us right, with things returning to normal. I’m afraid we may still be in lockdown when September rolls around. Trust me, that’s when a firearm will show its worth.”

    The dystopian movie can’t happen, won’t happen?

  11. Let them yoofs go home and shit in a bush at home. Its just the way it has got to be until the government advances the north a massive infrastructure Capital injection. When will that happen when there has already been a lotta talk about what could happen, yahdah,yahdah, yahdah … but no follow through from any of the political partys.

    Whilst Labour are in the strongest position they have ever been in, in their history! This is the time to have a good ole Keynesian spend up!

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