Our moment of history: Jacinda Ardern moves NZ into total lockdown over the next 48 hours


The Prime Minister has lifted us to Level 3 immediately and over the next 48 hours it will be lifted to Level 4.

Schools are closed from Wednesday.

Level 4 will be in place for 4 weeks. Police and Military will be policing the new restrictions.

We are in unprecedented times and this represents the greatest disruption to civil society ever seen in recent modern history.

The Prime Minister is clear, she states that if we do not adopt these measures that it would mean the greatest loss of life in NZ history.

She is not prepared to accept that on her watch.

Dear comrades, dear friends, whanau, brothers and sisters, the moment is now and we are being tested in ways never expected of us.

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To me dearest fellow New Zealanders

If you are feeling frightened, anxious or depressed about the pandemic,


Those are perfectly natural & normal feelings because this is a frightening, anxious & depressing time!

If you are not feeling frightened, anxious or depressed, you are not paying attention,




This won’t last forever Comrades.

We WILL overcome.

We are the harvest of strong elders, our roots are with the mountains and our depth with the Southern Oceans.

Our forebears overcame adversity and universally paid the price of citizenship for the civilisation we have inherited.

There will be dark days dear friends, there will be enormous sorrow and there will be terrible pain.

But we will persevere and we will not disappear into the garden of midnight.

Stand strong brothers and sisters, lift your face to the Sun and plant your heels to the ground.

We shall overcome.

Kia Kaha Comrades.

Kia Kaha New Zealand.

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TDB Team 2020.


  1. Inspiring piece, Martyn, Thank you.

    And… we have the right Prime Minister at the right time in the right place.

    When I think of the alternatives, I am very grateful for what I have seen and heard in the last hour or so from the Beehive.

  2. Just so you know …. not feeling depressed or anxious or alienated or distanced in anyway. Probably more bemused.
    Hark! And there’s not even any necessity for a happy pill or two.
    God I’m exceptional eh!
    Kudos JA. Keep the fire to the feet of your senior officials in this space going forward. They’re highly paid enough to source a bit of burn cream, and supposedly – it’s what they signed up for.

    And when it’s all over – one way or another – let us pray that lessons have been learnt, learnings are learning, and the merits and failings of globalism, glocalism, nationalism, exceptionalism, and all the shit aren’t simply seen through the same old fading rose tinted glasses of the ideological, learned rote, parrot fashion neo-lib.

      • Well – I just took a walk down to watch the local New World (at a distance with a zoom lens). Thankfully they’re enforcing ‘distance’. although the management ‘team’ themselves were unprotected. In this case, there’s actually a pink dollar to protect the bottom line (apologies – I was only meant to think that, not say/write it)

        The queues are lengthening ….. now around the corner, but STILL, every second person exiting has their quota of 2 6-packs of loo rolls.

        If and when they pay the piper and pop their clogs, hopefully they’ll have the cleanest arses in the land. But I fear the lowly 3rd world villager that get’s by without the lugsury of a double ply will have cleaner arses (if only because they were taught to wash rather than wipe).

        • Witty post , and very articulate. I appreciated it. ‘Pay the piper’ reminded me of Barry McGuire.. tons of respect for that man…

          Just had to , had to include this…

          Pay the Piper (Barry McGuire: Lighten Up [1975])

          But he’s more known for his ‘Eve of destruction’ smash hit…

          And that’s a must watch. And if you don’t get shivers down the spine about that ‘ prophetic’ message and the video…I’d suggest a long reevaluation of what life’s all about…

          Have a listen. Its relevant.

          Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction


          … ” If and when they pay the piper and pop their clogs, hopefully they’ll have the cleanest arses in the land. But I fear the lowly 3rd world villager that get’s by without the luxury of a double ply will have cleaner arses (if only because they were taught to wash rather than wipe)”…


          * Oh ,.. and btw ?- I haven’t ‘cleaned’ my teeth in over 5 years, yet at 57 years old still got a full set of chompers. The natural bacterium take care of the pathogens. I feel sorry for all the rest of you diseased rats who brush and gargle. And I haven’t used ‘heart’ tablets for the last 3 years after 9 months of takin’ em either cos they made me sick after they stuck that stent in me.

          I hate tablets.

          Even shaved me damn chest stickin their knobs and dials all over me. How offensive !!! Gave me the full adult dose of morphine and it did jack shit for me. A hip flask of whiskey would have been the ticket in pain relief. I absolutely kid you not.

          Some of us,… just don’t do the 21st century with all its B.S technicolor bells and whistles.

  3. Bomber thank you for your compassion and i find strength in your words.

    I hope you and your family stay safe and the the TDB may still be able too function as a lot of us rely on the transparency and intelligence that you and your colleagues provide us.

    Too everyone who contributes on this site stay strong and positive we will come out the other side much stronger and aware of the fragility of life.

  4. Yeah mate, its just we are not used to it. But our parents and grandparents went through it with WW1 , the Great Depression and WW2, with all the rationing, the tragedy , the massive shortages and inconveniences…its not a pretty picture,…but in a peculiar sort of way.. we kind of had it coming to us. We had become greedy and soft.

    Small consolation to the worrying times ahead.

    Where are those right wing neo liberal trolls who argued the point a few months back? … silent as usual when proven dreadfully wrong.

    They were trying to argue and minimize against the most basic of containment policy’s of all regards infectious diseases in the community. That of isolation. A technique that was practiced during the Black Death pandemics over 700 years ago. And in general ?, those towns and districts that practiced that had the lowest amount of casualty’s.

    But the right winger neo liberals wanted the ‘ market to sort it out’.

    Well so much for that, so much for Wall St and so much for their materialistic greed filled minds. If it wasn’t so serious we could laugh at it. But we cant.

    So here we are. Other generations have gone through even worse and prevailed , and we can too.

    And we WILL.

    As usual, I like to leave most often with a song, not always directly related, and often of a light hearted nature.. but this one goads us to think of others who suffered before us and yet prevailed as conditions grew dim…

    Jethro Tull – War Child

  5. Right call even though it’s going to hurt and possibly see me out of work.
    We must take the pain to get in front of the virus.
    So glad I live in the country, I’m going bush if work is off, no stress.

  6. We are indeed very fortunate to have a PM who demonstrates strong, capable leadership, particularly during a time of crisis.

    Kia kaha friends and comrades. Take good care and stay safe.

  7. Go back to core.

    If the new corona virus has a zoonotic genesis, it will most probably not be the last case, and we may expect more and similar to come.

    Chances are that the corona virus is a symptom of dwindling microbial biota – e.g. as a result of the past 50 years of accelerated capitalization of food production, processing and movement of food around the world.

    Complicating matters further is the over-population of human habitats – another typical monoculture leaking out hazardous surrounding syndromes from air pollution to heavily polluting chemicals from personal use onwards plus all the pharma-waste byproducts, all stripping the living eco-system sterile, the only solution for the microbial biota is to become increasingly aggressive.

    This is NOT simply a matter a ‘public health’ under the reductionist perspective of our existing administrative and institutional frameworks.

    It is of utmost importance that the proper conclusions are drawn over the coming weeks and months, in principle those have to reflect across all angles of human life.

    Blind action will not help much. And: panic is a poor advisor.

    Humankind will have to redefine spiritual and material role and function within the terrestrial ecosystems. The future after Covid 19 is decided then, through these very moments of reflection.

    A strong civil society must lead this process and has to be substantially engaged.

    A time of ‘fast-tracking evolution’, so to say…

    … early warning systems and community-based disaster management are important initiatives.

    Talk about Ecology. Talk about Climate Resilience.

    System Change. Now.

    Go back to core.

  8. Kia kaha to everyone. Take care and stay safe!

    Also there are so many signs things are not well in the world, now is the time to look at changing things for the better going forward both environmentally and socially.

    Also instead of paying though work (have not been paid, not sure why but others have not paid them and created domino effect of non payment…) would prefer a universal subsidy per citizen paid by government and cut out all the waiting around for business to pay you, which is not that efficient when business fail to pay people on time!

  9. Will the government continue to financially discriminate between Beneficiaries & the rest of NZ during this epidemic?

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