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Stones in rivers?

Is he telling us to block waterways?

Why are we blocking waterways?

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Do dams stop the spread of the virus?

Is he secretly a beaver?

Why is he working so hard to make us forget he said this?

Nigel shouldn’t feel too bad, Dr Lance O’Sullivan, Professor Siouxsie Wiles and many, many, many of the NZ Twitter woke were all downplaying the danger in the early days of this pandemic, but watching the incredible back peddle by so many as the enormity of this challenge erupts is pretty funny.

TDB was making the the call at the start that this had all the ingredients of a full blown pandemic and could be a black swan event. We argued that China’s severe actions spoke far larger volumes than what they were officially saying and started calling for serious preparation well before the opinion tide change on Twitter.

Our call is that the worst is yet to come and that we will have no sense of normalcy until a vaccine is found and that is still 12-18months away.

You can either read it here first on TDB or wait until woke Twitter and the journalists it enthrals thinks the opinion is popular.

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    • Yep it’s not bad eh Matty?
      Christ you’ve mellowed a bit since your little jaunt to the other side of the world when we had to do without you throwing a hissy fit or two on N2N with her with the balanced portfolio.
      I bet you’re a better bastard to have to live with these days as well.

      I hope you realise now that all that sort of shit doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.
      It probably takes a disaster for a few to wake up – and if so, then let there be many more.

      There’s no doubt Nigs will be self-isolating, but all the while conscious of where the next earn might come from.
      Fuck me! imagine if it had to be a NuZull version of Border Force – we were about due for one until all this little Covid19 popped up and bit a few officials in the bum.
      And if it does come to that…………PLEASE………let me do the music track and scripts (It won’t be a PR trip for a few public servants) . Channel 7 have had it their way for too long and there’s money to be earned

    • Nigel who. Is that the TV series presenter.
      It amazes me that a face on TV then assumes some authority.
      He is one of johnky’s mates.

  1. But you do have to agree with Nigel on one point: that racists are stupid.
    Trump appeals to the racist xenophobic proportion of Americans when he describes COVI-19 as a “Chinese disease”. It may have arisen in China but historically other similarly deadly diseases have arisen in other parts of the world – like typhoid, malaria, smallpox, ebola. Does that make them European or African diseases?
    It struck me that the way this pandemic is playing out is broadly similar to the Black Death plague of the 14th century. Beginning in Asia and crossing over to Europe. Probably America was spared only because Europeans had not yet settled its shores.
    Ignorance was the prime reason why it spread in the 1300s, but our medical knowledge and expertise is infinitely greater now and yet still it spreads. What’s our excuse this time?

    • The Chinese Communist Party is trying to spin any criticism of how it handled the coronavirus outbreak, including the cover up, censorship and propaganda as anti-China racism. And Western media is eating it up, using it as an excuse for politicians to attack each other.

      Remember, it’s the same media which was discounting this as a mere flu not too long ago. While the actual experts have been raising alarm.

      • Squibb: “Remember, it’s the same media which was discounting this as a mere flu not too long ago.”

        I’m puzzled at this assertion: I do wonder what you’ve been watching or listening to. The msm to which I have access here has been in full-on sky-is-falling mode since the first reports emerged from China. To the point that I and others have simply tuned out.

        “While the actual experts have been raising alarm.”

        Again: no. We would not know what said experts were saying, were it not the case that the msm has been constantly using them as talking heads.

        I recall similar panicky and breathless reportage at the time of the last pandemic scare. What was it? Can’t now recall, but it came to nothing. Small wonder that many of us have been equally sceptical about this latest one. Crying wolf and all that….

    • Mike the Lefty: “But you do have to agree with Nigel on one point: that racists are stupid.”

      Indeed. Blaming an entire people for the rise of a particular bug is egregiously stupid. Let’s not forget that the 1918 flu originated on a pig farm in the US – in Arkansas, I think – and was carried to Europe by a young man from that farm. And – qu’on dit – the rest is history. Yet: it’s referred to as the Spanish flu. For reasons of which I’m sure everyone is aware.

      “It may have arisen in China…”

      Or it may not. See this:

      A family member here in NZ is quite sure that they had it late last year: identical symptoms. We didn’t go to the GP until well into progress of the illness: no tests back then, of course. Said family member has recovered.

      “…broadly similar to the Black Death plague of the 14th century. Beginning in Asia and crossing over to Europe.”

      Travelling along the trade routes. I recall reading about a similar epidemic afflicting the Roman empire, which, it was claimed, contributed to its fall. Maybe, maybe not.

      “….but our medical knowledge and expertise is infinitely greater now and yet still it spreads.”

      Of course: it’s a virus. It’ll do what viruses do. This sort of thing happens all the time in populations of various species, humans included. This is why many of us humans have flu shots every year.

      And the reason why seasonal flu circulates every year is because too many of us are too gung-ho about handwashing and staying home when we’re sick.

      I worked for many years in the health sector, was trained in correct handwashing techniques. Anyone who’s been in a public toilet and observed how people wash their hands – or not – will be completely unsurprised at the fact that there are so many food-borne illnesses circulating in NZ. Never mind seasonal flu and sundry coronaviruses.

      Forget surgical masks: they’re disposable for a reason. They’re effective for a while (long enough for most clinical procedures), but eventually, water vapour in breath renders them ineffective as a barrier. Leave those masks for dentists and medical people: they need them.

      Stick to frequent, proper handwashing with soap (20 seconds), don’t touch one’s face, stay home if sick. That’s the best we can do to crimp the spread of viruses of any sort.

      • You do realise the Wuhan virus has been genetically tested that puts its geographic origin in Wuhan with in like a 50 million to one odds correct?

        • But not in the Wet market.
          There are several speculations about its origin but the whens and hows are still under investigation. Not all countries are cooperative especially the USA.

          • And that’s the rub. The origins of SARS is still speculation as well. The Wuhan pandemic gives us a good opportunity to access our own system and find flaws in decades of bad policy, patrician politics and general incompetence since the end of World War 2.

            China’s containment failed because they where not honest in the initial stages.

            Iranians containment failed because there theocratic democracy denies science.

            Italy’s containment failed because they have weak government services.

            America’s containment failed because the have an incotent President far to busy fighting a PR campaign on Twitter against corporate media who are probably themselves responsible for a good chunk of the BS propaganda floating around about the Wuhan pandemic.

            And our own containment failed because we where to slow to react to crushing poverty, austerity or implement Modern Monatary Theory.

            In the face of such incompetence we will no longer tolerate the corona “expert.” I’m not talking about real scientists, I’m talking about those corona experts online. Instead of pundants they will be replaced with scientists and real experts, instead of particianship it will be replaced with compotent leadership. Instead of austerity it will be replaced with Moder Monatary Theory and all this is already happening.

        • Sam: “You do realise the Wuhan virus has been genetically tested that puts its geographic origin in Wuhan with in like a 50 million to one odds correct?”

          Provide a link. I have. With regard to reliable information, Globalresearch is normally a dependable site. I wouldn’t link it otherwise.

          You wouldn’t be quoting US sources there, would you? Since when does anybody take anything from that neck of the woods without at least a grain, if not a great big handful, of salt? Weapons of mass destruction, yellow cake, and all that…..

          • I’m quoting independent German scientist and the scientific community. Gene sequencing is accurate with in the 99.9% correlation. It’s not possible for you to provide a more accurate so I don’t have to provide a link. The virus comes from Wuhan.

            • Sam: “I’m quoting independent German scientist and the scientific community.”

              You could be quoting the archangel Gabriel: without evidence to back up your claim, it’s just so much hot air.

              Again: supply a link. I have.

            • Desterre

              That’s just you being subjective about western opulence. The outbreak can be traced back to Wuhan for exactly the same reason the SARS outbreak infected millions. If we had of poured research and treasure into a SARS vaccine then we would have a corona vaccine now but no it went away and people just went straight back to what they were doing and now we are caught short again, really short. China remembers what happened during the SARS in China, which is that the Hu Jintao Administration dropped the ball. This is a correction on that and we just need to decide to get up to speed instead of dilly dallying.

              It was the Chinese New Year recently and there is an incredibly contagious mutated disease going around. To give you an idea, this is like if Christmas and New Years were the same day, so tens of millions of people are traveling around in the west. Meaning tens of millions of potential carriers and spread factors for the disease. Only in China the number is hundreds of millions, an order of magnitude worse. If something drastic isnt done, most of China will be infected the moment quarantine is lifted. Even if we hit our peak human abilities we could get a vaccine in 18 months and that’s at 100% efficiency. The real research costs of a vaccine is more like 3 years so is it reasonable to stock 5 years worth of food in people’s homes?

              China is treating this as a very serious thing and Chinese bio authorities are noted as being not only extremely responsive right now, but highly cooperative and transparent with international medicine and bio organisations.

              There are lots of corona experts floating around trying to persuade people to focus on stuff they have no control over like frowning on the way people shop in a crises, the stock markets or trying to inject there let political agenda into the corona responses and I say to them what I’m going to say to you now – please stop talking.

              • Hmm speculation can lead to many conclusions of dubious validity.
                The link D’Esterre offered has independent genetic tracking of the virus, by the scientific agencies from 3 countries two of which are hardly friends of China.
                The conclusion is the virus did not originate in China but after being introduced it proliferated in the wet market in Wuhan.

                China has been open and transparent with sharing its data into an international pool but not so the USA.
                What have they to hide.

                The Chinese built isolation facilities to control SARs. These were later mothballed which was a sound preparation for a future pandemic. The isolation facilities have helped China contain the present pandemic outbreak.

                The West including NZ have known the dangers of a “flu” pandemic and really have not prepared for it.

                • John W: “The isolation facilities have helped China contain the present pandemic outbreak.”

                  Indeed. China’s government knows what is needful to shut down outbreaks like this.

                  “The West including NZ have known the dangers of a “flu” pandemic and really have not prepared for it.”

                  Yup. But the free market will deal with it. Won’t it? And we can all see where that’s got us!

              • Even if the November 2019 timeline is unconfirmed we still have 3 months Chinese authorities have not been truthful. The reason the Wuhan virus broke Chinese containment is because they where slow to be truthful about what was going on and every other nation was slow to close the boarders. Even I was criticised for suggesting boarders should be closed for being racist and xenophobic or some bullshit. It just doesn’t matter how expert we are about corona. What matters is we are all on team human. For instance if you think it’s cool to deny Palestinians medical resource to deal with a corona outbreak then you can’t be in the team. Pandemics are bigger than bullshit petty politics and oneuppsmanship.

                • I agree Sam out borders should have been shut two weeks ago.
                  The precautionary principle seems to be over ridden by political fear.

              • Sam: “That’s just you being subjective about western opulence.”

                As usual: what the hell are you talking about, Sam? Nobody knows except you, it seems….speaking in parables again?

                I want EVIDENCE. You’re unwilling to supply it. And that’ll be because you haven’t got any.

          • I know from experience that asking Sam for links to reliable sources is a waste of time. The last time I asked for one he provided me with an irrelevant paper that I wasted quite some time wading through. He thought that amusing.

            • Richard Christie: “…asking Sam for links to reliable sources is a waste of time.”

              So it seems. Sam is also given to wandering off the point of blogposts, and resorting to ad homs. I’ve called out this behaviour on other comment threads.

              • We we’re arguing. Richard Christy and I. And now you want to hold me to a higher standard than yourself or him. Honestly no one cares how much of a corona expert you are.

                • Sam: “We we’re arguing. Richard Christy and I.”

                  “Christie” actually. These things matter.

                  You weren’t arguing with Richard Christie: you were going off on an ad hom tangent. As you so often do.

                  “Honestly no one cares how much of a corona expert you are.”

                  As far as I can see, nobody in the comment thread has set themselves up as a corona expert. Certainly not me: I supplied a link. That’s all.

                  It seems to me that you do not know how to argue on the facts, so you resort to ad hom, straw man stuff, and alternatively go off on some sort of stream of consciousness which makes sense only to you, presumably.

                  • Are you just going to sit there, Richard Christy and allow desterre to believe that you are as pure as the driven snow?

                    • Sam: “Are you just going to sit there, Richard Christy and allow desterre to believe that you are as pure as the driven snow?”

                      Sam. Seriously. What the hell are you TALKING about? I’m quite sure that Richard Christie (please note the correct spelling) has no better idea than I do.

                      If you’re just ‘avin’ a larf – as my pommie ancestors would have said – go somewhere else and do it, if you would be so good. Facebook, maybe….

                  • The thing is destere you don’t know. Those aren’t my words they’re you’re words. You don’t just say it to me. You regularly say you don’t know to multi people at least once a day. Now you and Christy are taking the offence before any offence was given.

                    • If I was going to troll someone, not that I ever would, of course, because that sort of thing is beneath me, but if I was… I’d probably spell their name wrong. Over and over again. On purpose. Eh, Sam?

                    • Last time we spoke and I did do what Christy says, but he didn’t want to debate, he wanted to be revolutionary, he’s got one mode which is “outsider insurgent,” I couldn’t reason with him. Christy had decided I was a right wing troll before I replied or engaged in conversation with him and he’s still carrying a grudge the poor guy.

  2. Why is Nigel Latta suddenly a big focus on this blog? I’ve come here for the useful information and great anaylisis TDB supplies and don’t understand why there seems to be a flame war going on with another leftwinger

  3. Is this the same Nigel Latta who does that juicy stuff on television ? Damn. I was thinking I might have to start watching television again, but if he’s thinking that every stone I ever threw into the Waimakariri River is still in situ- or even vaguely in situ – and not off somewhere doing a Cortes – or inspiring dead poets on Dover Beach – then he’ll not limit my horizons again – nor my memories – nor my reality.

    Pundits preaching away like Meghan Royal Markles at the plebs may just be thinking aloud, but I thought that was Mike Hosking’s job ? Isn’t Hosking the one who shares his innermost thoughts with the whole blooming country ? And the one with rabies, isn’t that the leader of the Opposition ?

    There is a time for everything, and this is the time for good leadership, and we’ve got it – its terribly sobering to even consider alternatives.

  4. We used to have neighbours whose daughters would collect stones from rivers and paint designs on them. Just hope they didn’t take Nige’s stones.

  5. I have read and reread the messages sent out by Nigel Latta and find nothing untrue or offensive. We have a need to be ware and careful with our actions but people are not dropping in the streets so panic messages should be avoided. The truth is the strongest way we will get through this .

    • nigel latta is a human skin stuffed with logical fallacies.
      Worth a ponder.
      “Lets not lose our shit.” Is ‘merican as pumpkin pie. ( Apple? Same thing but different.)
      ” It’s gonna be ok” Another one.
      nigel ‘lap dog’ latta? Head-fuck, maestro in chief shrink in attendance to The Mighty Jonky? Just fuck off. Take your nasal, tooth whistling and just fuck off will ya?
      I need a laugh, not patronised.
      “Is he secretly a beaver?”
      B a ! Haha aha a a ahah a !
      Ahhh… That’s better.
      Pumpkin Pie. BWT.

      • That Logical Fallacies link is excellent – Very helpful when trying to translate some of the outrageous comments and statements that litter the track.

        (Ta, CB)

    • @Trevor S “The truth is the strongest way we will get through this .” What does this mean ?

      Please do not answer the above question – not that I have any major objection to getting all biblical and infallible and so on. Ta.

  6. I just had to visit the late Lattes twit account ,,,, after Martyn had put his twitter screen shot in front of me many times ,,,

    Niegels Zen and humor was not for me,,,,but otherwise I did not see anything further which was harmful in his writing. He was wrong about the Covid19 Pandemic ,,, but as Martyn pointed out he was far from alone in that.

    When I checked a week or two ago, he was still calling for calm, which is good ,,, but his media persona with fat ego, had prevented him from saying ” hey I got it wrong “, which he could easily do,,, and still call for calm.

    He was wrong about the virus ,,, but correct about the Racism ,,, We should put him onto Donald tRumps ,,,, in a twitter twatter war of Zen, stone throwing and likes.

    Anyway, Check out this video of Donald tRump being both wrong and racist ,,, ,,,, Recordings of Trumps statements are presented as a voice over while ticking though dates on a calendar ,,, gems like ” Its going to disappear like a miracle” said on Feb 27, From about 6mins 30 secs ,,, ” Trump keeps lying”

    On a more sobering note ,,,,despite tRumps howlers and bullshit ,,, Here in NZ we are at about the same level ,,, in lack of preparedness ,,, and time wasted,,,, that we will never get back ,,,for the deadly wave about to break over our health system and people,,

    ,,All our english speaking pirate fleet had Five Eyes Blindness (Uk, usa, canada, aussies and us) ,,, Our Captains must have been wearing double eye patches, instead of the customary one.

    Also in Roland Martins informative video,,, we see clear evidence of corrupt politicians ,,, receiving information from experts ,,, and exclusively using it for them and their donors ,,,, to cash out BEFORE the share market crash ,,, while telling the usa public everything is good and under control.,, setting them up for excess deaths while ripping them off ,,, 31 mins into the above video….

    Nationals rich donors probably got similar crooked insider favors ,,, under Sir Kiddy Killer Key and his dirty Govt ,,, and set us up with a underfunded health system ,,,, I’m sure they don’t get $100,000 bribes / donations for nothing.

    Simon Bridges and the Nats think you can kill this virus with tax cuts and neo liberalism ,,, the rich and well-off are using their means to hoard food and empty supermarkets ,,, in another symptom of ‘blue rabies ,, ‘fuck the poor they can starve’, The good doctor JC would diagnose them as permanently sick people ….

    While All the good or normal people working together shall overcome this pandemic ,,, and hopefully wont let those permanently sick rabid people weaken us again. Their greed is not for our good.
    Dr John Campbell “Friday 20th March: Lets get serious”

  7. Martyn – the tweet (since deleted) that should be highlighted is that scaremongering, barrel-scraping brainfart issued by Michael Woodlouse.
    Utterly disgusting. Seriously National – if this is the calibre of people on your front bench, then just go self isolate – permanently. New Zealand doesn’t need you…….ever.
    F@cking unbelieveable.

  8. Nigel Latta was / is for ‘smacking ‘ children as part of discipline ,,, Perhaps he was suggesting using it on babys and toddlers,,, or children who can not understand speech?. Anyway I disagree with him ,,, and my kids are now bloody nice adults ,,, No hitting required.,,

    Also I believe he is a liar ,,, to protect the NZ police reputation ,,, regarding the police informant and Murderer Travis Burns.

    ” In 1996 Tania Furlan was a young mother. She was beaten to death with a hammer and her six week old daughter, Tiffany, was abducted. Tiffany was later found safe and well at a church approximately 18kms away.”

    Travis Burns, apparently described as ‘former rapist and violent thug’, was paid $30,000 for his testimony.

    Burns later went on to murder Joanne McCarthy in 1998 – a murder that involved a hammer and was carried out in front of her two young children.”

    Travis also put a lot of thought into concocting a Alibi and doing actions to throw off investigators in the second murder…

    Actions much more convoluted and complicated than wearing a pair of his associates shoes and leaving a piece of paper in his flat ,,, before collecting a $30000 informants fee.

    As seems likely In the first copy cat murder ,,, although it was the second murder which copied the first.

    The near identical murders were All a big coincidence or something ,,,, the police got it right ,,,their informant was not a double murderer ,,, just a single one ,,,according to Latta

  9. Shrink is gonna shrink.
    He’s just trying to do his bit, unsurprisingly he’s seeing a medical problem from a psychological perspective.
    One mans annoying know-all is another mans self help guru.
    He sure seems to have got under your skin 🙂

    • Nigel L is a shrink not an epidemiologist so he should shut up. But then so should the rest of us non-experts

      • People who are just coming to The Daily Blog do so because they don’t really know what to make of all this. All we do at the daily blog is mostly make predictions lead by Bomber and Chris Trotter. We make lots of predictions, some about economic collapse, make up and shape of governments and legislation. We make loads of predictions and we get loads correct like this latest pandemic.

        Edison when he made the lightbulb made thousands of predictions and he tested each one and found only one circuit was the correct one so even though we at The Daily Blog and in the comments make many predictions we still find the one circuit that works faster than any other media outlet in the country because we aren’t afraid to screw up, get things wrong or be a bit fringe, a bit conspiracy theory or a bit hyperbolic.

        So even when some may say oh Martyn Bradbury is a communist Marxists or he’s the leader of the patriarchy or what ever dogmatic bullshit his critics can congratulate each other over it dosnt matter because we know the way The Daily Blog makes its predictions works, and we get the results.

        We don’t need to know supplementary evidence, we don’t need to hear about what some other media outlet said because we know 100% that Bombers Daily Blogs predictive abilities are head and shoulders above the rest and that’s why people are coming here. They want to know what’s going on and they want to set on the shoulders of those who’ve seen it all before. Regulars of The Daily Blog have been thought volcanoes together, earthquakes, terrorism, financial collapse, and we’re still here making money, rubbing each other, having a bit of of fun, not freaking out even though we are adopting a rational panic.

        There’s a difference between panicking and adopting a rational panic. A rational panic just means you’re 24/7 adopting a tactical mindset. Wash hands, check your flanks, do an inventory, prepare, no smiling because people will see the whites of your teeth and that will give your position away…, tacticool and shit. And stay connected.

  10. Latta conducts local social experiments in Grey Lynn. One day he place a $10 note on the path to see what people would do.
    Most people, pakeha pocketed it. My son, Maori took into the shop and handed it over. Did he write that up??

  11. It appears Latta has completely mind fucked you.
    Regardless of that, the damage we are doing to the world economy will be responsible for far more death and misery than the virus itself.
    But hey, as long as everyone in the 1st world is ok then no problem huh?

    • Who is everyone? All there is are impotent politically correct geniuses eating from the trash can all of the time. Who exactly are you talking about? There is over 300 billion in debt and everyone is watching all that debt and thinking was it spent wisely so who is it that has the problem?

  12. Nouriel Roubini aka Dr Doom:

    “Warning to Billionaire investors:
    It’s a fool’s game to try to time a bottom.
    Wall Street investors are underestimating the damage from the coronavirus to the economy and stocks.
    It’s not like a normal recession where the storm clouds are building, and you can start playing around with your income statement and cash flow statement to try to protect the company on the downside, you could have been a very successful business two weeks ago, and now you have nobody in your restaurant.”

  13. Let’s not have a hate session on Nigel the Latte shall we. Think of the children – there a family to support, egos, expertise and experience to present, and a next gig to consider.
    It’s not as though he’s a complete muppett after all (in this space going forward).
    No………let’s give Nige a break. I’d hate it if the only thing we next saw of him were a few words on The Herald Premium, or the Spinoff – or worse still as the new sage on Kathryn’s spot on parenting expertise.
    The fate of a nation is at stake

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