This is what will crush Jacinda at the election


THIS is what will crush Jacinda at the election…

Coronavirus: Auckland woman Maree Glading disappointed in checks at international arrivals

An Auckland mother is feeling disappointed and disconcerted by a low-level response at Auckland Airport upon her arrival from Singapore during the Covid-19 crisis.

Mt Eden businesswoman Maree Glading, who co-founded I Love Pies, returned home on Wednesday morning after travelling with her young family across Central America and Southeast Asia for months.

The 42-year-old said seeing first-hand the difference in response between those countries and New Zealand had left her feeling very exposed.

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“I don’t think I’m an expert by any stretch of the imagination, this is just my experience of this morning,” Glading said.

…yesterday I blogged about the pandemic and how it impacts the election

Jacinda has stood up and she will lead again at a time when people start panicking, NZers will rally around her as long as a leak into the country can’t be traced back to incompetence at the border.

Bridges only hope is that the virus leaks into NZ and he can trace it back to a perceived incompetence that he can claim was a lack of leadership.

… to date the early caution by the Government and all the Minstry’s were misplaced. They trusted too much in what China said and not what China were frantically doing.

Labour were slow to appreciate the risk here. Following best international practice looked shallow and the early restrictions looked weak.

The $12b package shows the country this Government will fight back and the containment policy has so far worked, but if NZers see the virus get into NZ via loopholes that look obvious like the one above and Simon Bridges can trace this back, he will win the anger of the moment.

This is why things are so politically fraught.

We have to be vigilant every second of the day, the virus just needs to sneak past us once.

Th correct pandemic response is total lock down, Jacinda must now be openly planning for worst case scenarios and be ready to immediately implement them.

Pretending this won’t happen is just no longer an option, this is a once in a generation event, we need to start treating it like that.


  1. Even taking into account the fact that Immigration/MoBIE isn’t capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time, this pie lady is full of shit. It’s not the experience of those I’ve spoken to coming through ports.

    However, I agree that JA and Co need to stamp on this sort of crap as it happens – probably best done by a coalition partner. Some in the lame stream media love that sort of kaka

    If you read the comments on the TS post from 5 down, and particularly 5.3, you’ll get some idea what the pie lady marketer is about
    Hopefully they’ll be keeping an eye on her

  2. All that said, you know that if Maree Glading and every other person arriving at Auckland Airport were given 15 minutes questioning, treated like they had the virus and tested, all hell would have broken loose. They would have to be lined up behind all the others from an earlier flight to start with.

    You know employed all the protocols, the proximity things like not standing within two metres of others etc. If Maree Glading weren’t in the news upset about the overreaction someone else present would have been.

    • “All that said, you know that if Maree Glading and every other person arriving at Auckland Airport were given 15 minutes questioning, treated like they had the virus and tested, all hell would have broken loose.”

      Yep. The ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ routine
      And just a an addition to my comment above about MBIE being unable to walk and chew gum at the same time.
      This is a national emergency. JA and her cohorts are good in times of crisis and are taking advice from – you know – actual experts and people at the ‘coalface’. Woe Betide any master of the Universe senior generic, managerialist public servant that chooses to cross her. Actually – there are a few I wish would do just that.
      (Some of them we’d probably have reason to deport)

      It’s probably taken an emergency like this to give her a some learnings, going forward (in this space).
      It’s possible, if “mis-handled” that quite a few of “the people of New Zealand” could get death

  3. I’ve just seen a headline from Hosking ‘Why hasn’t the government closed the border?’

    The government should have totally closed the border about two and a half or three months ago, been decisive, the sort of decisive leadership that people like Hosking love. Then he could have railed on about over reaction and a ‘dictator state’ and the idiots who think he’s god would have gone berserk.

    Life and leadership is about nuances. You want plough ahead, bashing and smashing at first inklings? The fwits like Hosking and his loser followers couldn’t handle that.

    • And yet if they HAD closed the borders, Hosking would have been the first to rail about spooked leftists panicking over nothing, adopting a siege mentality, etc.
      I want to be like Mike: always right about everything.

  4. Yes the “self isolation” is bullshit- campervans are still legally being rented to newly arrived tourists, Ardern now says that people arriving pre mandatory 14 days , should be isolating too, that’s 4-5 extra days that people have been wandering about.
    And who doesn’t know someone who has breached self isolation yet?
    Why didn’t we just stop incoming foreigners and test all our own incoming citizens?
    “Self isolation”?
    Self congratulations Ardern and co..

    My personal suspicion is the virus has been here longer than thought and is more widespread but less fatal than some other countries. Because there’s no way the current border controls will have been keeping it out.
    A random test of a few thousand people would be interesting.

  5. For every person who has said openly they won’t self isolate there will another that says they will but won’t or at least Won’t be thorough enough to be effective. The volunteer system is full of holes so it’s inevitable we see this virus in the community. The horse is bolting as we speak and all NZrs overseas now being told to return from god knows where the situation will worsen. Mike Hosking may not be far off the mark.

    • “Mike Hosking may not be far off the mark.”

      There is that chance as Mike is right 1 in 10 million times.

  6. I guess the reason why people arriving from overseas aren’t being tested at our borders, is because they are required to self isolate upon arrival in NZ. Then if they have been in contact with CV19, symptoms of the virus will develop during the isolation period, when health authorities will act, in an attempt to contain it.

    • Duh. I’ve been.locked up for a few days and just need a few things from the supermarket. If the disease is in your street you might comply. If not there are plenty out there that won’t. You really do believe in JA.

  7. When returning to NZ yesterday my wife was simply given an arrival card to sign and another small form agreeing to self isolate.
    She was not given any written information on how to self isolate, who to call if she felt unwell within 14 days or if she needed to contact anyone at the end of 14 days.
    We are constantly assured that immigration/customs/health department have everything in hand.

  8. WTH Brazil only took the virus seriously yesterday. And Jacinda is only allowing NZers to get into NZ now.
    There remains 1 problem that the public have no been given notice is that the incubation period is over 3 weeks.

  9. History shows in times of crisis that the incumbent gets a boost.
    This virus has just assured that the next Government will be Labour led.

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