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  1. My recent fight to get a “fair go” from Martyn Bradbury’s TDB has taken its toll on my state of mind, & fueled a hate filled thirst for revenge. It all began when they started to suppress my reasonably well thought out comments. It then became obvious that Bradbury &/or his editorial mates, don’t take criticism of their ideological views & occasional plagiarism very well. I tried contacting TDB about their editorial policy through their listed email address. I then discovered that it is not possible to email them. This was very frustrating as all I wanted was to have open & honest communication with Bradbury about these matters. This censorship of my views on his public platform & the inability to resolve these things brought out the worst in me, the angry old street wise punk who’s never to far from the surface. I then responded with a few extremely choice & threatening comments. Of course they published these comments, which was an obvious ploy to bad mouth & discredit the pseudonym I was commenting under. Most people commenting on TDB use pseudonyms so this is not unusual. As I’ve a little street credibility for doing my bit to make a difference in my own way, my response to this strategy was to out myself, & suggested to them that they should also do the same. Of course they chose not to. So after all this drama Bradbury made a big heroic song & dance blog about his life being threatened & referred my message to the cops. I then admitted defeat, pulled my head in for a while & took some time out to cool down. Recently though I was stirred into action again by the covid-19 crisis & the current attacks on free speech. I decided to begin commenting again on TDM under both my real name & my new FortressNZ pseudonym. This was obviously a stupid move, as just as before, my recent comments have been suppressed. I’m not really a hateful person but I do hold grudges against those I feel have wronged me, & Bradbury & his reactionary PC admin cronies sure have. I’m no spring chicken & I don’t have much longer in this world, but one of my last missions before I pass over will be to exact revenge on Bradbury’s snake pit & the cowardly cyber space TDB racket. I don’t have anything to loose & I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or what happens to me anymore, so I will find a way to resolve this matter in my own street wise way. I’m a rebel & a true radical, so I’ll probably come to sticky end or take my own life. However it happens, I’m sure someone will have blood on their hands. If TDB doesn’t do the descent thing & publish this, my final comment on the matter, then I’m afraid Bradbury & his cyber space warrior freaks will have to learn things the hard way. As they say, revenge is best served cold. Johnny Overton

  2. My opinion is that we don’t do enough thinking and reflecting these days. We get caught up in the trivia and entertainment, we are encouraged to be physical just for the sake of it and perhaps health, but it’s a bit of a craze ie mountain biking, marathons. They are not of direct practical use. (Nancy Wake cycled many kilometres in WW2 to set up a new radio operator contact with the UK. She was afraid to get down from the seat in case she wouldn’t be able to get going again. That was real use for being fit.)

    This is an item about what the young people affected by Covid-19 closures in a normal USA family are doing and thinking, physicality rules and mental activity, without pictures, comes in a poor last in the race.
    Like Jackson and Kevin, Cy is missing ‘March Madness’, the big college basketball fest that the US usually indulges in this time of year. (It’s all cancelled.) But he’s grateful his brother is stuck at home with him. “If it was just me and my parents I’d go a little insane.
    “I might have to read a book or something, but it would be a serious last resort.”

    If we are going to have a lot of down time, are we going to use it to get informed, learn something, read, and not do everything on-line? On-line can be good – the Khan programs, the Ted Talks present food for thought and vocational training. What about learning another language, getting something solid but not essential for work, from the spare time?

    Last century people strived for better conditions and more learning, and they thought things through. They didn’t have fascinating pictures on a screen to seduce them into an acceptance of having someone else organise life, and one that encouraged consumer aspirations. We only have the better life that many of us have today as a result of striving, some sacrifice, thought and deed. And the fact that so many now are having a shit of a time these days doesn’t cause us to respond with vigour to improve, we have become supine and self-satisfied, and unaware of the need to fight for general principles or else we will be next found to be sidelined. There is little sign of politicians and influential people turning conditions right around to better everybody’s lifestyle opportunities, just incremental crumbs from hard-faced or myopic providers.
    We as a society have allowed that to happen and the practices and thinking patterns are deeply embedded in our brains and have come to be accepted as reasonable, when looking at outcomes squarely would signal this is not so.

    A guy called Robin Sharma sounds interesting. We could read his book.
    About oft quoted George Bernard Shaw he says:
    One of my favorite quotes comes from George Bernard Shaw who noted: “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” Please think about that idea.

    And also Robin S. Sharma > Quotes
    “Give out what you most want to come back.” …
    “Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ.” …
    “We are all here for some special reason. …
    “Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.” …

    Start reading books, things you can operate from your own energy, your own volition, your own choice, and which use a different part of your brain than the visual. Can you see how television has influenced us, feeding us pictures and a narrative that is chosen by others, foreshortened to fit a schedule, turned into sound bites that only enable you to see the situation as through a slit in the curtain. We are like young birds who have been fed regurgitated food collected for us, and don’t want to find our own brain food. If you have ever seen a grown seagull youngster squealing and chasing its parent for a feed, you will know what I’m talking about.

    And if you are hooked on physicality, get and read Christopher McDougall who wrote Natural Born Heroes. And learn about parkour which is fascinating body sport. (On TradeMe and available in NZ, support our local economy!)
    Summary from amazon: Christopher McDougall’s journey begins with a story of remarkable athletic prowess: On the treacherous mountains of Crete, a motley band of World War II Resistance fighters—an artist, a shepherd, and a poet—abducted a German commander from the heart of the Axis occupation. To understand how, McDougall retraces their steps across the island that birthed Herakles and Odysseus, and discovers ancient techniques for endurance, sustenance, and natural movement that have been preserved in unique communities around the world.

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