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  1. Covid-19 and vlu viruses in NZ
    What you can do to help
    While the Ministry of Health looks at other strategies for early detection of Covid-19, there is one we can all help with right now. We need every household in New Zealand to sign up to the FluTracking project. Each week you’ll be sent an email asking if anyone in your house has had a fever or cough. This information is being used as an early warning system for Covid-19.

    So, in summary. If all you know about testing for infectious diseases is stuff you’ve been reading on the internet, then stop tweeting your reckons and firing off your hot takes. Sign up to FluTracking. Wash your hands. Stay at home if you start to develop any symptoms. If you’re unsure what those symptoms are, we’ve got you covered. Check out Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris’s handy guide.

    By Siouxsie Wiles • 18/03/2020

  2. Just a reminder, Daylight Saving Time ends 5th April. Just two and a bit weeks away.

    Already, the days are getting cooler and darker. Every winter there are storms and power outages. Be ready for these. You may not be able to go out and get what is needed. And, power outages may last longer than usual. Now is a good time to get your family’s kit together.

    Keeping warm during those times can be a challenge, especially if there are small children or older folk in your home. Think blankets and rugs to wrap around them, hot drinks and hot soup, and the good old hot water bottle 🙂 You may laugh now, but come winter when the power is off… not such a bad item to have around.

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