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  1. Another example of NZ’s Laissez-faire immigration and tertiary education policy, that puts money ahead of morals that somehow imports in and then educates a person in a medical degree that has few places available, who has this type of mentality!

    “The family of a murdered Dunedin teen are “disgusted” her killer was able to wear earplugs through his sentencing, thanks to a Corrections bungle.
    Venod Skantha (32), a former Dunedin Hospital doctor, was jailed for a minimum of 19 years last week when he was sentenced over the death of 16-year-old Amber-Rose Rush.”

    Amber-Rose’s sister Shantelle Rush said the family had noticed the anomaly when they saw photos after sentencing.

    “We were all pretty disgusted. It was stuff he needed to hear.”

    “Skantha had bragged to a teenage friend that no-one would have survived the stabbing and demonstrated how he had executed Amber-Rose, before later toasting marshmallows while he burned his bloodied clothes.

    Justice Gerald Nation said the doctor’s behaviour in the aftermath showed an arrogance and Ms Rush said that was reinforced by his behaviour at sentencing.

    “It proves he doesn’t care about what he’s done,” she said.”‘disgusted’-earplugs-worn

    What about people flying here in their private jets etc, along with their family and household and PAs? Do the airports have the ability to put the hoity toity through an interrogation about their about their point of departure, and take all their temperatures? Our barn doors have been open so long that it might be hard to get the feisty furriners to toe the line. We don’t do that they might say.

  3. Astonishing hardening up of travel rules, Jacinda Ardern trumps Trump:

    Wow, the travel and tourism industry will be heading into a most serious crisis now, Air NZ will need to be bailed out, for sure, this will also have flow on effects.

    Hardly any tourist or business traveler will bother coming here with having to self isolate for 2 weeks. And a few cities will suffer as there will be NO cruise ships for two and a half months.

    With the state of affairs we have, and the new Corona Virus still spreading all over the globe, this is likely to be extended.

    So thousands will have to sign up on the unemployment benefit, and the extra costs, and the lack of tax revenue for this year will mean a tight budget for many, and down the line I would not even rule out benefit cuts, wait and see.

    • I heard Grant Robertson our Finance Minister taling on Radionz about 7am this morning.
      Yet I can’t find a straight-forward way to access it on google.
      I entered on google – finance minister grant robertson rnz announcement
      What I get is: Live coronavirus updates: Covid-19 and its impact on … – RNZ › news › national › live-coronavirus-updates-covid-19…
      4 hours ago – Finance Minister Grant Robertson will announce an economic response including the business continuity package on Tuesday. Government guidance on …

      I click on that I get an excited hodge podge of info on Radionz first about someone on an Akaroa cruise ship testing positive and then everything going on in the world .
      Somewhere halfway down the page appears: Finance Minister Grant Robertson will announce an economic response including the business continuity package on Tuesday.

      This, about matters of extreme importance to us, about our economy, our living, our everything. How bloody pathetic from our public service broadcaster. Just behaving like a tabloid news media outlet.

      On the side bar with headlines about important matters! No Finance Minister mentioned there. But there was a report at 6.45 am on tourists, and the problems of the tourist industry.

      I searched for Grant Robertson and found this: 7:10 am today

      It’s not a very good response from Radionz or RNZ on the important matter of our economy. It doesn’t need a specialised reporter to know that at present our Finance Minister’s statements should be up at top billing when it comes to talking on public radio to the citizens.

    • So, what do you suggest? And you’d be screaming if this action had not been taken. Why make this into an anti-Jacinda rant?

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