MEDIAWATCH: Trump’s announcement a gangsta move from the great hustler. He’s bought 48 hours


With a market in free fall, Trump double bounced the dead cat bounce with an announcement of a national emergency just before the markets closed to go into the weekend with the masquerade of recovery.

He has bought himself 48hours.

This announcement is concerningly hollow – if they are officially saying 1500 infections, it will be in the tens of the thousands within the community – they still barely have millions of tests & have no idea how many actual tests have been taken!

He announced a website (that’s not up yet) and that they almost might have some testing kits ready.

Next week!

This is like boasting about the dinner menu on the Titanic hours before it hits the iceberg.

Only Trump can do a shout out to the Fracking industry while congratulating himself for declaring a national emergency in response to his incompetent pandemic preparation.

He’s got 48 hours.

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  1. they almost might have some testing kits ready.

    Next week!

    500,000 test kits and a million masks are being gifted to the US by Chinese businessman Jack Ma

    Ma has also “donated supplies to other countries being hit by the virus, including Japan, Korea, Italy, Iran and Spain.”

  2. Bernie will hopefully smoke the Orange Man and Biden on Sunday, and raise major support for Universal Medicare, regardless of the lame debate format–if it still happens of course!

    The delegate count is still close enough to make the contest live, despite the massive billionaire and media pundit forces against the Sanders Campaign.!

    Jeez, if callously and criminally mishandling a Pandemic are not enough impetus to see “You’re Fired!” headers across the nation re Trump, nothing will be.

  3. Whilst I’m all for demonizing Trump for anything he does. What about our governments response so far. I consider our response weak, insipid, incompetent and inept. We aren’t even testing everyone who comes into any of our ports for christ’s sake! Where are the economic packages and MOH adverts and advice?

  4. Correct Martyn, yes they are not even testing for lung depositions of built up sputum as that is where the virus is found as we remember from our first case here when the first sick patient went to Auckland Middlemore hospital on February 26th 2020.

    • After two sputum mouth tests were found to be negative.
    • The Hospital staff saw how sick the patient was that they did a lung test of samples of deposited sputum.
    • There they found positive levels of the virus there.

    quote; Dr Bloomfield said the clinicians had suspicions this was coronavirus which is why they took further samples after two negative tests from throat samples.

    Symptoms of a lung infection were present though so a third test was done.

    The chance of a community outbreak was low, he said. unquote;

    it is clear that the best practice is to test the lung deposits that cause breakdown of lung use firstly in our opinion.

  5. “Through 12 March, the Federal Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had completed 4,000 tests – not 4m.” Trumps Emergency Declaration

    Asked if he took responsibility for a lack of testing so far, which might have produced a dangerous misunderstanding about the number of current US cases, Trump said: “No, I don’t take responsibility at all.”

    Re: A CoronaVirus website, “The company Verily, which shares a corporate umbrella with Google, released a statement after Trump’s press conference announcing that it was developing a Covid-19 triage test tool, but the tool “is in the early stages of development”, and the company is “planning to roll testing out in the Bay Area”, not nationally.”

  6. Have just watched our PM’s announcements re Covid-19 in the action, and the reasons for them, being taken for NZ.

    There is an enormous and vast chasm of difference between what I watched this morning with Pres. Trump’s announcement and what I watched this evening with PM Adern’s announcement – both in content and questions/answers from media.

    Well done Prime Minister – very well done indeed!!

    (Check it our MickeyBoyle!)

  7. At last we become an island fortress. The 2 week self isolation for everybody is a clever idea. New Zealanders will come home but no one else will come here. We lead the world but will it make a difference only time will tell.

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