Mini Super Tuesday another Biden win: It’s apparent Democrats don’t want a Sanders revolution, they want an emotional support Labrador 


Biden’s latest bump of victories in Mini Super Tuesday is evidence that after 4 years of the trauma of living under Trump, shellshocked Democratic voters are clearly saying they don’t want a Sanders revolution, they want the emotional support Labrador candidate, Joe Biden.

This isn’t an election, it’s a cry for help.

This is a voting block so burnt and horrified and outraged by Trump they want to elect a cuddle when a punch is required.

A comfort blanket won’t beat Trump, it’ll get ripped to pieces.

Befuddled Biden is slow marching towards an electoral college homicide. Never before has a political suicide note been so predictable.

The corporate vested interests are so perverse in America that free education and free health care are dreams that are considered too blasphemous to dream.


    • “We have won the ideological debate, but we are losing the debate over electability,” he said.

      “I cannot tell you how many people our campaign has spoken to who say they agree with us but will vote for Joe because they believe he’s the best to beat Donald Trump. Needless to say, I strongly disagree with that assertion, but that’s what millions of Democrats and independents say. On Sunday, I very much look forward to the debate.” CommonDreams Bernie Press Conference

  1. Anyone who thinks Bernie should pull out of the contest at this stage is either ignorant of his career and how he operates over the last 40 years! or is a weak centrist like those that overpopulate The Standard blogsite.

    A problem with first past the post (FPP) electoral systems everywhere, which tend to spawn two main “official” parties, is that they make it very difficult for new ideas or third parties to penetrate and be seen as viable. And in the US with its State, Federal, Congressional, Senate and Electoral College layers it is damn near impossible for a new party of movement to get full consideration. The “fix” is in from the start, aided by the professional pundit class that infests all US media.

    The Sanders Campaign and the peoples movements that drive it have raised issues affecting millions of Americans–way too important to “play nice” with the incredibly powerful US ruling class that has given Bernie arseholes from start to finish. He owes them nothing–literally with his working class funded campaign–and should stay in as long as possible. And in fact, if major concessions are not granted on policy he should consider standing as a full independent as a precursor to a new party running in 2024 and beyond.

  2. Bernie never clicked with African-Americans, and his youthful supporters didn’t turn up and vote.

    Twitter and hot takes feeling the Bern do not win primaries.

    • MSM has consistently down played Bernie, under reported him and carried slurs against him.
      Meanwhile Biden’s campaign has been run by DEM party HQ complete with with drawing candidates backing Biden.
      Warren has been warned off backing Bernie.

  3. Trump won because he was outside the political establishment. To defeat him will require another outsider. Biden is not that person. If Biden wins the Democrats nomination, Trump will win another term.

  4. Well at least if Biden loses, the moderates cannot blame the party for moving too far left. They own this now.

  5. Why Democracy Is on the Decline in the United States (and pretty much everywhere else).

    “The latest edition was published last week, and, as you might expect, it recorded the fourteenth straight year of deteriorating freedom around the world; sixty-four countries have lost liberties in the past year, while only thirty-seven registered improvements. (India, the world’s largest democracy, has seen some of the most alarming declines.) Its assessment of the United States is also disturbing. In 2009, the U.S. had a score of ninety-four, out of a hundred, which ranked it near the top, just behind Germany, Switzerland, and Estonia. In the decade since, it has slipped eight points; it now ranks behind Greece, Slovakia, and Mauritius. ”

    • Biden isn’t the “best they have. He is however the only viable candidate who will faithfully submit to the Democratic party – i.e. kowtow to the wishes of giant US corporations/banks and ensure low taxes for the rich.

      • You know what would be nice? If someone like Biden was elected as an establishment candidate, took massive corporate donations, said all the nice comforting things the corporates, the military-industrial complex and Wall Street like to hear, and then turned around and fucked them all.

        “You’re not getting any tax breaks, you rich fucks. Wall Street, no more bailouts for you — sort your shit out or go down in flames, Walmart and Amazon… start paying your staff a living wage plus benefits, let them unionise if they want, and pay your fucking taxes or I’ll have the IRS crucify you. We have quite enough wars to be getting on with, so I’m putting the kibosh on any more of those shenanigans, and we’re going to start taking climate change and environmental protection seriously. General Motors, rehire all the workers you threw under the bus, despite getting massive government subsidies, or you’ll never see a government contract again so long as I’m President. If anyone has any complaints, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

      • I’ve heard he was the one who on behalf of his lobbyists the Hollywood film industry (heavily shown in the Panama papers to be big tax avoiders) who organised the DotCom raids.

  6. Battle of the Oligarch’s – the Sequel… “It matters not who governs the people as long as we control the currency”. Rothschild…

  7. My boy Sanders has lost. The war to unseat Trump and the most dangerous organisation on the planet, The Republican Party, has failed. The only silver lining in all this is that Trump is still willing to do deals based on business parameters. If the Surviving members of Sanders movement can keep there seats then maybe they can use the corona virus to convince The Rebublians that growing more trees is good for the economy.

  8. The establishment want more neo liberalism not Socialism, God forbid. So they are doing what they did last time and shutting out Sanders. In my view Sanders should have taken the Greens offer.

    In any case I think Tulsi Gubbard is a vastly better candidate as, for that matter, in my view, is Dr Jill Stein. Hopefully Gubbard will see set up her own party and walk away from the charade or maybe join forces with the Greens?

    Suffice to say we need an injection of similar people here in NZ unless we want to stay locked in a globalist capitalist “holding pattern” forever.

  9. MSM has deliberately under reported and slated Bernie to preserve the status Quo .Bernie should run as an independent . With the youth vote on his side he could split the democrat vote and hand victory back to Trump .How does that feel Joe ? Biden won’t inspire the 100 million Americans who don’t vote , which Bernie could , so as long as the economy is strong I can’t see Biden beating Trump .

    Having said that ,we are about to enter a virus pandemic, without a vaccine ,which means conventional political discourse is of limited use .Will Americans blame Trump for the collapse of the American economy and his mishandling of the crisis ?Or will he show strong leadership and and bring them through ?. That could be the election right there .

    Biden / Trump/and Sanders are all elderly and the virus holds no regard for money ,position , status or power … alot could change between now and the end of the year .With Tom Hanks infected and the associate Minister of Health for the UK and Italy infected , ain’t nobody safe .

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