Jacinda robs Simon Bridges of his Australian thunder


Last week I thought Bridges had made a break through moment by promising to deport Australian criminals back home to Australia after serving their time for crime here.

I thought it was a break through because many, many, many, many NZers are furious at the contempt with which we are treated inside Australia and how the Australians have exported a crime wave to us by deporting the 501s here.

His promise to put political will into a policy we already have looked tough and i thought it would appeal.

And then Jacinda stepped up…

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…she is just such a class act isn’t she?

She has acted with real leadership in telling the Australians to their face that they are exporting their problems to us and  she makes Simons earlier announcement of reciprocity look blunt and desperate.

She’s just amazing.


    • Exactly. Nothing like a sense of inexplicable entitlement on the part of NZ to piss off out closest neighbour. We need them, they don’t need us.

      • Actually, you’ve got that the wrong way around. There are so many nzers working in vital positions, within the upper management structures, in technical positions, and on large scale engineering/construction projects, that if they all left, the Australian economy would take months, or years to find adequate replacements. This is freely acknowledged by Aussies that live in the real world, not the halfwit bigots, and their enablers in Canberra. Those kiwis in Oz could go anywhere in the world, and be welcomed for their proven work ethic, and skill levels. So no, we can do without them if necessary. They would be buggered without us. People here in Nz don’t seem to understand how much Australia relies on overseas expertise to get anything done.. Just look at the stat’s for any of the major projects undertaken in the 20th, and 21st centuries there. Nearly all the top management, and a huge percentage of the skilled workforce on those projects were necessarily imported. I spent years working in Water in shipyards, mining infrastructure, and the Barrow Island Gas refinery, and the kiwis were the backbone of the workforce, both on the shop floor, and in management. They need us big time. The policies the government is pursuing are pure racism, and the Aussies know it. Most of them are disgusted at the way we are treated, but it’s the redness vote this is aimed at, and they are the ones who tipped the latest clusterfuck into power. It really is that simple.

        • Wouldn’t all those valuable Kiwis get visas and eventually residency?

          The Australians would take them as citizens.

          • 10 years continues living in Australia (paying tax) then you can apply for permanent residency with out bothering about collecting enough immigration points.

        • Oh really. I worked in Australia for years as an IT and Engineering recruiter and the number of Kiwi’s I came across you could count on one hand. Those that I did meet almost always had Australian citizenship and had no plans to come back to NZ.

      • I can add, of course, that that “inexplicable” sense of entitlement is actually grounded in reality, and that Australians have always been able to come and go freely here, and they know that as well as we do. Indeed, many have been surprised, and appreciative of the fact that, despite what most Aussies see as an unwarranted attack on a close friend, we haven’t chosen to reciprocate. Simon Bridges pathetic attempt to dogwhistle to the redness here puts him on the same level as Scotty from marketing, and the great traitor Howard.. In other words, beneath their contempt.

  1. Aus News have covered it clearly, succinctly and favourably. It is still up at the top today.
    ABC News Morrison Ardern ABC rounds it up with this:

    [Ms Ardern responded], “The Prime Minister used a key word in his reference just now, he said that after they serve their time, he sends them ‘home’,” she said.

    “We [New Zealand] have countless that have no home in New Zealand, they have no network, they have grown up in Australia; that is their home and that is where they should stay.”

    Despite their different views on the matter, both prime ministers said they valued their relationship with one another more than with any other world leader.

  2. I think it was a set up. Both knew what the other was going to say and both were talking to their domestic audiences. They knew that they were not going to change anything at this press conference but had agreed to have a bit of a biff at each other with no hard feelings and a beer aftetwards

  3. Simple Simon (no) Bridges will just let ‘Koala Scott’ roll over and let Simon scratch his furry back!!!!

  4. Ohhhhh please Martyn, you know that politics 101 as much if not more than most that visit this blog and the fact that Bridges says he will deport Aussie criminals when they get out of prison here….THAT is where the votes come from, the perception of it being done.
    The fact is that only a handful of prisoners fall into this are and could be deported is not the point and you know it, no different from Labour saying we will build 100,000 homes before the election, no one really believed it but it was the ‘perception’ that something was going to be done.
    Bridges will vacuum up extra votes whereas the PM has already ruled out deporting from here….more fool her!

  5. There will be no result, it was to look good for their voters…. aka both tying to without doing anything or changing anything look harder on criminals.

    If she said she would deport (real) Aussie criminals in NZ and put a ban on them coming here as well as doing a reciprocal arrangement with benefits and voting that the Ausisies give to Kiwis over there the same to them here (aka a crack down, no Torrents able to access benefits in NZ while planning their crimes and vote here), I’d be more interested.

  6. I see it as just fluff and empty drums being beaten. Nothing more.

    If NZ was sincere about this situation, they would have been shouting from the rooftops when Australia started unloading their rubbish onto NZ. Instead, we put up a limp noodle protest that big brother Australia laughed at….and then carried on with more of the same. We have watched the 501’s getting bigger and stronger and done SFA about it. This link from Feb 2018.


    Now, it’s election year. Choina Bwidges says he will send them back. Yea right. On this very site a topic is put up saying words to the effect “National just won the election with that policy announcement” .Ardern sees the traction Bwidges gets on the topic so makes her own announcement to Morrison about not sending your problems here bla bla bla. Morrison stands there and smiles. He knows it’s election year here and our political leaders are doing nothing more than waving their pretty butterfly nets hoping to catch votes. Why am I cynical?

    • Further down you condemn people for mocking Jacinda’s name yet is this not what you have done with Simon Bridges

      • Trevor Sennitt,

        If you got into a heated argument with a male and things were getting out of hand, would you ever consider pushing that man around and punching him if you felt threatened? Yes? Would you dish out the same treatment to a female? No? Why not?

        From 1975, Sir Robert Muldoon, our 31st PM had a nickname. That name was “Piggy”. Even some of his own National team used that name ….behind his back. I remember “Piggy Banks” with Sir Rob’s image. Despite this derogatory nickname and other issues Rob had with alcohol, bullying and being a polarizing figure etc, he was respected. His position was respected.

        Sir John Key was dubbed by some “The smiling assassin”. His name was not mocked or butchered despite his policies having a devastating impact on many kiwis and for his go to phrase whenever his hypocrisy was brutally exposed “I can’t recall”.

        When Ardern was just a Labour Party MP and no real threat to National, she was gifted a free pass. No ridiculing of her appearance, no equine references about her face, no mocking of her impressive teeth and absolutely no butchering of her name. That all changed the very moment she became Labour leader gaining popularity. That occurred quickly and coincided exactly with the personal attacks from misogynistic supporters of the National Party. Yes, the very same party that brought DIRTY POLITICS to the NZ vernacular. I was disgusted by the treatment and personal abuse Ardern was subjected to. Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley as PM’s were largely spared such personal attacks, The name butchering started with “Taxinda” which even primary school children were repeating around schools after hearing their thoughtful parents. Then we had Jacinta and Jacin duh. There were dozens of variants all designed to mock, ridicule and disrespect her. What a fucking sad reflection on our country that such treatment of a female in power has been condoned and encouraged.Then came the incessant equine references to her face and teeth. Her beautiful baby daughter was routinely described as a “bastard” and hated on for fear of NZ embracing a baby. Ardern’s marital status roundly ridiculed. What sort of political party would condone and encourage such reprehensible conduct? Ardern has been attacked and mocked more than any previous MP and even considerably more than the Christine Heritage Party leader and convicted rapist, Graham Capill. What an appalling reflection.

        Simon Bridges as National’s leader has had since October 2018 to be a leader who set a respectful tone for National supporters in the way Ardern was treated. Something along the lines of “you don’t have to respect her policies but she is a woman and is NZ’s PM, we must respect her gender and her position”. Bridges has done the complete opposite. His quest to become PM himself has him setting the tone in the worst way possible. He leads the way with condoning the personal attacks against our PM. Hardly surprising when he described one of his own hard working female colleagues as “fucking useless”.

        Bridges has earned the description as the most untrustworthy and despised National Party leader ever. His campaign against Ardern has been extremely personal and ridiculing. He even demanded she stand down as PM after the dirty politics campaign orchestrated by Paula Bennett that our PM had considerable knowledge of farcical sexual abuse and had allegedly covered it up. Bridges knew that was bullshit but that mattered not one jot. All that mattered to him was “scoring hits. What an absolute maggot of a human being so it’s more than rich for National Party trolls to bleat about anyone having the audacity to return serve to Bridges.

        If any P.O.S treated my wife, or my mother or my daughter in the disgraceful way Ardern has been treated, I’d hunt them down and teach them about manners and respect.

  7. Yes indeed!
    A class act and amazing, as you say.
    Pity 46%-plus of Kiwis are so one-eyed (or power-hungry and/or greedy) they cannot see it.

    • Have you thought the 46% might include a number who care about NZ and may have some skin in the game as a business owner who see their hard work going down the drain.

      • A very few ‘might’, but they seem totally unprepared to give any credit where it’s due. I read and hear evidence of this every day – a virulent and mostly one-eyed anti-Adern sentiment. One business owner I know (an always-two-tick National voter) told me he ‘hates’ Adern, yet he has never met her, spoken to her, nor attended any meeting or function she has attended. It’s all just a bit pathetic.
        And if a business owner sees their ‘hard work going down the drain’, why always blame Adern? Isn’t taking personal responsibility and making wise decisions a cornerstone of such savvy business owners – or does that apply only when National is in government?

        • I wonder how many of the commentators on this site have met Bridges or Key or really know any National voters yet are happy to call them unpleasent names as you do. I find that most people vote preference is based on a reasoned outlook on which party is best for the majority of the citizens at all levels of society.

          • Trevor Sennitt,

            You’re fucking joking surely?

            Never in NZ politics has there been such an appalling and extremely personal attacking and ridiculing campaign against a party leader, let alone a PM. It’s been unprecedented. Ardern’s name has been relentlessly butchered. Her intelligence mocked. Her ability to be PM and leadership skills attacked. Her appearance has incessantly been ridiculed with the usual equine references made etc etc etc etc etc etc. It started the day she became a threat to National. Much of the abuse is sexist, divisive and misogynistic with a diabolical level of hatred fueled by the entitled Nats and their trolls belielf that “they were robbed” by the enemy at the 2017 election. I get that the Nats, their trolls and most of our alleged media don’t rate her politics. I’m certain Ardern herself accepts that but what she’s been subjected to is a world away from that. I challenge every gutless prick who’s attacked her as a fulltime hobby to have your wife or mother or sister or daughter subjected to the same level of hatred, ridicule and personal abuse, then comment if it’s “reasonable”.

            Whatever else Ardern is, there can be no doubt about the fact she is a people person who cares deeply and passionately about people. Any fuckwit who can’t see that is displaying a diabolical level of ignorance.

            What little the Nats got right in their 9 long years was obliterated by the divisiveness of their politics. Their indifference to the carnage they were creating for so many Kiwis was unprecendented. They just didn’t give a fuck and big numbers of New Zealanders reluctantly were forced to accept that. Selfish greed was encouraged along with contempt for the feral enemy who were up shit creek while Nat investment portfolios and profits soared. Any Government that treats so many people, especially young people as disgracefuly as National did while spouting off about a farcical rock star economy should be sent packing for decades and the pricks involved sacked. It was trfeasonous.

            Simon Bridges is a reprehensible politician and not fit to lead any party. What we all see week in week out with him is a new low in NZ politics. He’s 100% untrustworthy. He “likes” vile online attacks from the despicable “whaleoil” but can’t own it. His thumb “slipped”. The JLR recordings spoke volumes of his character. His diabolical attitudes toward the Chinese, Indians,males and females in his team was out in the open for all to see. A man never to be trusted regardless of you being part of his “team” or the despised enemy. Without doubt, the worst and most reprehensible leader the Nats have ever had.

            His campaign against Ardern over the farcical cover up of alleged sexual abuse was appalling and disgraceful. Instead of being a decent human being about that complete load of bollocks, he chose to demand Ardern stand down as PM. Being decent and reasonable was obliterated by his rampant quest to “score hits” and his goal at any price to be NZ PM. There is no need whatsoever to meet the dog whistler to see what he’s all about. Ever wondered why a party who still attracts around 45% of the vote has a leader that only 10% of the country want to see PM? Even the majority of the Nats won’t embrace their own leader. That’s really saying something when many agree that you could put a blue National shirt on a flea bitten mongrel dog and a fair % of Nats would still vote for it. Bridges has only climbed from around 4% to 10% because the usual suspects are in favour of Bridges divisive dog whistling beneficiary and gang bashing. It’s their raw meat menu. Desperate Nat supporters are reluctantly accepting that Bridges will lead them into the 2020 election. In October, Bridges will be at around 2% prior to be replaced as Nat leader by their God in waiting, Christopher Luxon.

            • Very well put Jacindafan. Trevor is full of it, never calls out the filth and anti women aggression that his National supporters indulge in, particularly regarding PM Jacinda.

  8. I would definitely not be a signed up member of the Jacinda Fan Club, personally I think she’s flakey and way out her depth. But even I have to admire her stance and wording on this. She appeared prime ministerial and forthright.

    Notwithstanding, she just probably secured a huge percentage of the overseas vote coming from Australia.

    Well done

  9. Yep a class act alright !!

    Some are even suggesting she has a backbone of steel.

    Really ? what about some real leadership on addressing the viciousness of the market economy and its many victims.

    We were relegated as pushovers and too be used when it suits them that is the truth about Australia and its attitude too New Zealand.

    The point lost on everyone crowing about Adern is that her words carry no authority and wont change a damn thing.


  10. Here is a thought. Kiwi parents emigrate to Aussie in say the late 1970s and into the 80s.

    They are law abiding and work hard and pay Australian income tax.

    Their children are born in Aussie and have Aussie accents.

    One or two of their children commit crimes and because they are from Kiwis they are deported to NZ even though the ONLY link they have with NZ is because their parents were born or grew up in NZ.

    Perhaps we should suggest Aussie deports all those crims who descended from convicts sent to Australia in the 1800s back to England. See how the UK would feel about that sort of action???!!!

  11. Face it Aussie. New Zealand has a true Leader. A leader many of us Kiwi and citizens of other countries are proud of and admire and respect.

    She is by far an improvement to John Key and Bill English and wannabe prime minister of New Zoiland Simon Bridges. She is an improvement to Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Scott Morrison.

    I would never ever want Scott Morrison as prime minister of New Zealand because he is much like John Key i.e he would bugger off overseas at the first opportunity eg to Hawaii or to watch one of his kids play cricket in say Key’s most beloved USA.

    It’s incredible that when Aussie needed a true leader the one they currently have buggered off on a holiday to Hawaii(the US of course) during the bush fires. When NZ needed a true leader during the Canterbury quakes etc John Key preferred to bugger off to America to watch his son play cricket.

    Shows how gutless both persons are when faced with adversity in the very countries they are and were supposedly leaders of. Both should now be viewed as opportunistic troughers of the highest order.

    • I’m not an Aussie but your comments are laughable just me. The same leader who is happy to go for zero emissions by 2050 but wants to keep your biggest earner agriculture out. To get in power cozy’s up to a right winger. Hypercritical and flakey are the best way to describe her. Working in finance in Australia I see how much New Zealand needs Australia. Not the other way around. Maybe your PM should be a bit careful when trying to score points for a domestic audience

      • She said what I have thought for a very long time, Australia’s boorish political point-scoring and very usual bigotted shit that spills from their “leaders” mouths piss me off. Believe me, Australians are rather loathed in the greater South Pacific and Melanesia too because they cannot help but think they are superior to everyone else and it is embarrassing to see what others do think of them.

        Where was Key, or English or Brownless on this subject? All spineless quivering lickspittles.

        Fuck off Australia, you treat us like shit, you exploit Kiwi’s on that god awful “Special Visa” by taking and giving very little back. Nothing like bullying the little guy is there, wankers.

        I would rather us end this so-called special visa shit and have to apply for visa’s as per any other country and the same for ex-pats who left NZ no more than 10 years ago, your citizenship expires once you take up that visa. Especially when they want to export their home-generated criminals.

        Austalia’s contempt for us and their awful climate makes it about the last place I want to see anyway.

  12. Jacinda would no nothing would change his mindset
    The clever part is that she has all talking about it.
    And now he has to face up to it.

  13. As a Brit living in Australia I cannot believe the crap the Aussies take from New Zealanders. As several of my kiwi mates say “New Zealand is the best country in the world.” Why then do 15 percent of kiwis live in Australia then? Talk about small country syndrome! The fact remains New Zealand is insignificant on the world stage and will remain so while you have a hypercritical PM. (Zero emissions by 2050 but you keep agriculture out? But thats another story) The fact remains, these people are New Zealanders so they belong to New Zealand.

  14. Um sorry but what exactly did Ardern achieve? Is Australia going to stop sending us deportees now? Yeah thought not. This sycophantic bs makes us on the left look pathetic. Keep celebrating absolutely nothing…

    • MickeyBoyle,

      Another perfunctory and absurd question. You don’t know the answers because bias and ignorance blinds you.

      If you were even 1% sincere with your question, the answers are very easy to find. The fact shitheels refuse to see it or remove their heads from their arses, does not make their ignorant perspective correct.

      • Wow so insightful…her speech is already forgotten and we will still be receiving deportees. Wow we are winning, hate to see us losing…

  15. Looks like more right wing nutbars read TDB than ever these days, judging by the trolls.

    Congratulations on expanding your readership Martyn! Slow learners they may be, but at last they’re realising the truth won’t be found in main stream corporate media.

    • Jase,

      Correct. Their usual trolling echo chamber of the Trade Me Message Board is shutting down. They must feel very lonely here with their usual 20 imaginary friends rushing to their support like hyenas when one single person has the audacity not to express hatred and contempt for Jacinda Ardern.

      • You’re right. Let’s be as sycophantic as you “Jacindafan”. Let’s celebrate achieving nothing and trumpet how transformational we have been…Seriously wake up you blind fool. Stop drinking the Ardern koolaid and open your beady woke eyes.

        • MickeyBoyle,

          Your response / abuse is quintessential Trade Me Message board. That diabolical echo chamber rancid rat hole for entitled but extremely bitter National Party supporters.

          Anyone who has the audacity to support your number 1 enemy that you spend all day everyday ridiculing, undermining and misrepresenting is an “Ardern Sycophant” who drinks Ardern’s “koolaid”.

          Clearly, you reach for that limp noodle when you’ve been exposed for what you are and have no other comeback.

          A sycophant is a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important to gain an advantage.

          How have I done that you dropkick? Ardern is most unlikely to give a flying fuck about anything said on online blogs so how am I gaining an advantage with her? Anyone who thinks they can influence other peoples voting choice via blogs is delusional. That’s what makes the Trade Me message board such a vile toxic environment that’s an affront to democracy. I celebrate it closing down. How tragic for people like you and your imaginary online friends.

          On this very site, I have critiqued Ardern several times. The way she handled the accusations against her of an alleged cover-up of farcical sexual abuse. She should have taken the gloves off and exposed her accusers for their disgusting dirty politics. Instead, she played nice and was overly respectful of the alleged victim despite her bare-faced lies being brutally exposed.

          I was extremely critical of Ardern’s handling of Indian protests and threats over the merit of arranged Indian marriages. These “marriages” are a routine gateway to immigration fraud from the usual suspects. Shane Jones and NZF pushed back on the threats and told the Indians if they don’t like our border controls, the airport is that way —–> .Jones received widespread support but Ardern completely undermined him and caved in to Indian threats.

          I’m light-years away from being a sycophant so save your pathetic shit for your imaginary friends on standby to worship your new God in waiting. Christopher Luxon.

          I am an Ardern fan. I respect her superior intelligence, the way she prioritizes people ahead of $$, the way she is setting out to clean up the carnage left behind by the Latrine Rodent party and their selfish and divisive farcical rock star economy.

    • must be an election year. they do tend to crawl out of the woodwork every three years or so…

  16. “Jacinda talks”
    More talk. Lots of talk.and then some more talk.
    Half surprised she didn’t do the usual gauche cultural cringe by standing in a Smoking fire to ward of the spirits while giving the speech.
    Thank god no head scarf this time.

      • No way she’d wear an Acubra or drizabone, whities aren’t “us”. Where have you been?

      • Probably more disappointed she wasn’t manning the barbie serving Scomo shrimps and barramundi

        • Prawns, they are prawns not shrimps.
          In all seriousness though this was an obvious play for the expat kiwi vote in Australia, as such it might be quite successful in taking green votes, time will tell.

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