BREAKING: Dow Jones plunges another 356 points and Bill Gates calls coronavirus a ‘once-in-a-century’ pathogen


As panic hoarding sweeps Auckland after the first case of the virus is announced in NZ, the Dow Jones plunges another 356 points while Bill Gates, who is one of the most informed people on viruses due to his work against malaria, has just come out and said that the coronavirus is the ‘once-in-a-century’ pathogen he has feared…

Bill Gates calls coronavirus a ‘once-in-a-century’ pathogen

Philanthropist Bill Gates on Friday urged wealthy nations to help low and middle-income countries strengthen their health systems in hopes of slowing the spread of the coronavirus, which Gates said has started to behave like a “once-in-a-century” pathogen.

…makes all the previous claims by our Scientists and Drs that this was all overblown look very shallow now doesn’t it?

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Maybe if China had been upfront about what was happening when it was happening, we wouldn’t be in this place.

This isn’t a woke identity politics issue, it’s always been a public health danger and economic threat.

This hasn’t become a full blown pandemic yet, but it has been upgraded to a threat level just below it and if pandemic happens, things get worse.

Much worse.

We have not understood the risk of just-in-time supply chain models and the stress that will cause the economy if they don’t turn up just in time.

This could well be the moment when all our black swans come home to roost.

As TDB pointed out at the beginning, we are under-estimating the impact of a novel virus pandemic.


  1. (Malaria isn’t a virus of course)
    Yes the economic impact especially, of coronavirus looks nasty. We could be hard hit economically as a small trading nation with a lot of Chinese eggs in our basket.

  2. Who cares what Bill gate says, revoltingly wealthy and if I were him I would keep a couple of million and give the rest away to put water in where it is needed and other great things like that, frankly he could probably cover the whole Africa to do this. But no he ‘doles’ it out to African countries that are extremely poor to what he sees as ‘deserving’ projects. Africa, poor primarily because they were colonised, ripped apart for the use of the first world.

    I am with Nigel Latta!

  3. “I’ve analyzed the entire genome sequence of this virus ( WUHAN CORONAVIRUS) and compared it to the entire genome sequences of all the other coronaviruses that we have data for, and this weird element that doesn’t belong there; I’ve found that it actually did match a vector technology that was published in 1998 in the proceedings of the National academy of Science.
    This vector technology is a mechanism by which molecular biologists insert new genes into viruses and bacteria.
    Now it’s really unusual to find a vector technology sequence in a virus that’s circulating in humans , and so naturally, one thing we can say, I think for certain, is that this particular virus has a laboratory origin. So we can rule out out a natural origin.” – James Lyons-Weiler, PHD, Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge

    • What are the possibilities here: Covid has been weaponised through vector technology and unleashed on society; the labs playing around with these viral RNA unnatural intramolecular base pairs have unintentionally released them into the community; the genome isn’t providing an accurate picture of the situation (imprecise or inaccurate testing or interpretation, or incomplete knowledge); other techniques used to analyse Covid are in some way imprecise, inadequate, incomplete or flawed, and the interpretation of results cannot be trusted; the results of all testing can be trusted but with caveats (I’ve seen results of the Coronavirus RT-PCR test false negatives varying from 3% to up to 50%!); Covid is a variant of a naturally evolving virus and is a dire threat; Covid is a threat on par with the common cold; Covid affects mostly the elderly (as shown by mortality statistics); Covid affects everyone equally and there is a significant correlation between the presence of the disease and mortality when allowing for factors such as age. I’m sure there are other parameters to consider.

  4. Coronavirus ‘could be 1,000 times more infectious than SARS, scientists warn as they discover it plagues the body the same way as HIV and Ebola
    Coronavirus binds to human body cells similar to aggressive infectious diseases
    Makes it ‘100 to 1,000 times’ more efficient at infecting than SARS, study found
    Coronavirus has already struck down 82,000 victims and killed almost 3,000
    ” So far the fatalities are quite low. Why are health experts so worried about it?

    Experts say the international community is concerned about the virus because so little is known about it and it appears to be spreading quickly.

    It is similar to SARS, which infected 8,000 people and killed nearly 800 in an outbreak in Asia in 2003, in that it is a type of coronavirus which infects humans’ lungs. It is less deadly than SARS, however, which killed around one in 10 people, compared to approximately one in 50 for COVID-19.

    Another reason for concern is that nobody has any immunity to the virus because they’ve never encountered it before. This means it may be able to cause more damage than viruses we come across often, like the flu or common cold.

    Speaking at a briefing in January, Oxford University professor, Dr Peter Horby, said: ‘Novel viruses can spread much faster through the population than viruses which circulate all the time because we have no immunity to them. “

  5. I thought Microsoft’s Stuxnet was the virus to end all viruses! Joking my denizens. I have my ten-pack of budget brand face masks in front of me now. [Whispers]: I’m ready.

  6. there’s also the vulnerable among the ageing to consider. in the USA there are 59,266,417 million people 55+ years and over which is close to 1/5th of their entire population

    • vulnerable among the ageing

      Yes. Rest homes will likely feel it first and most severely.
      (This is not the time to be recommending to any elders, kaumatua, relos or older mates, to consider going into any sort of place like that. Rather, – look out for them. Help them keep healthy at home.)

  7. The Usa looks like it will blow it’s ‘ window of opportunity’ to contain the Cornavirus-19 ,,,, due its Authoritarian regime / Government not being upfront or honest.
    TYT LIVE: New GOP Conspiracy Blames Coronavirus On Deep State;

    For the best and up to date info on this infectious disease Dr John Campbell seems to be very trustworthy ….
    COVID – 19 Friday update 28 Feb

  8. Nigel Latta, psychology “expert” and writer of best selling books about human behaviour, bloviates online proving he knows fuck all about human behaviour (let alone advice on potentially pandemic viruses).

  9. Bill Gates is an entrepreneur and skilled person who doesn’t know everything.
    We are one-gifth through a century and he is saying tha Covid-19 is ‘one in a century’?
    And Nigel Latta being the confident smart talker again. I listen to him but not when he states matters with a confidence that is not justified.

    Kim had a virologist on this morning, very sensible.
    10:05 COVID-19 Q and A with virologist Chris Smith
    Dr Chris Smith of The Naked Scientists
    So far COVID-19 has infected more than 80,000 people and caused nearly 3,000 deaths. And now there is a confirmed case in New Zealand.

    Also our own health supremo –
    8:10 New Zealand’s first case of COVID-19
    Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield will join Kim in the studio to discuss the significance of the first confirmed COVID-19 case in New Zealand and how the Ministry of Health is responding.
    For any coronavirus health advice and information and any questions you have about coronavirus, self-isolation can call the dedicated COVID-19 Healthline number, 0800 358 5453 which is free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is also information on the Ministry of health website.
    Dr Chris Smith, consultant virologist at Cambridge University and one of BBC Radio 5 Live’s Naked Scientists, is joining us to answer your questions about COVID-19.Please send any questions you have to:

    and some extra general info on how it happens that animal disease spreads to humans.
    Bats for Covid 19? Pangolin ? Migratory birds to ducks? Scientific stuff:

  10. Philanthropist Bill Gates on Friday urged wealthy nations to help low income countries strengthen their health systems in hopes of slowing the spread of the coronavirus…..

    HEY ! – hes talking about us !- the low income country !!!

    Has he been to NZ before?

    I guess he must have ! , – we’re in the news !!!

    As for Nigel Latta,…never did like him. Creepy. Just a cheap humanist version of the original ,… Ian Grant. Now Ian Grant was the real deal. Latta,… just a commercial substitute as Grant grew older and into retirement. When Ian Grant left the public world, they broke the mould.

  11. It’s noteable that Lance O’Sullivan today backtracked on his earlier brush off of coronavirus as no big deal.
    And I see you Aucklanders have been panic buying.
    Might be interesting watching your “sustainable” lifestyles run out of food and water in your concrete jungle if the shit really hit the fan (not likely this time round).
    Might be time to join those uncultured evil redneck peasants in the countryside living with nature, hunting, fishing, raising animals, growing crops?

  12. Capital and disease – on the fall of courses by Covid-19

    The spread of the Covid-19 virus has given the US stock market the worst week since the great financial crisis and the worst European stock markets since the Euro crisis. Share prices are not going down because of the economic damage caused by the virus – they are not yet certain. In Italy, also bonds are pulling down, which is the basis for the logic of the market economy that countries have to pay higher interest rates on their debts the worse they are.

    What investors fear about Covid-19 is not poverty and empty supermarket shelves. But the possibility that the virus damages the purpose of global economic activity: its so-called “growth”.

    It is currently being warned that China’s economic output could “only” increase by 5.6 percent this year and global production “only” by 2.8 percent. As a result, profits from U.S. companies, for example, would stagnate this year, increasing by just 6 percent in 2021.

    It does not matter to the stock exchanges that China has emitted 100 million tons less CO2 as a result of production stops in the past two weeks.

    They are also not reassured by the World Health Organization’s delicate model calculations, according to which 200,000 virus victims would only depress global economic output by 0.2 percent.

    The stock market prices fall anyway. And so, in their own way, the markets record that the wealth in stocks, profits, factories and commodities does not ultimately depend on skillful tax policies, low interest rates, high technology or daring entrepreneurs, but simply that people go to work every day.

    Free translation after S. Kaufmann, 29 Feb 2020.

  13. Treat yourself constantly with ‘food grade hydrogen peroxide’ folks it’s the only thing that we can buy cheaply to self medicate.

    For many years the big pharma has suppressed this medical miracile because the medical community cannot make money from using such a cheap effective treatment so good luck all, give it a try.

    I have been self medicating with Hydrogen Peroxide (food grade) for 25 yrs and and never experiencing any negative effects.

    Read this book. called “hydrogen peroxide medial miracile” by Dr William Campbell Douglas MD.

    • I have been self medicating with Hydrogen Peroxide (food grade) for 25 yrs and and never experiencing any negative effects.

      You think?

  14. And 2500 Billionaires are putting in bids for any island in the Hauraki Gulf and the bay of island for their own self imposed quarantine for them and their families.

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