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  1. Robbers! I mean MPI and MTE arranging the giving away and misuse of public assets to the richest corporations in our society, or actually not even in our country….

    Ministry of Primary Industries defends decision not to prosecute companies for overfishing

    And rid the government of NZ Government Secretly Funded Water Bottling Companies

    • Excerpt from that Scoop link:
      Documents obtained by Aotearoa Water Action (AWA) under the Official Information Act also reveal that NZTE invited water bottling company Nongfu to visit New Zealand in April 2015. The company is seeking to significantly expand the existing Otakiri Spring bottling plant in the Bay of Plenty with strong public opposition. Documents out of Minister Parker’s Office state that Nongfu Spring’s project with Otakiri Spring is in the NZTE investment pipeline as a ‘significant project’.

      Sustainable Otakiri, a neighbourhood group challenging the resource consent, is seeking to block the 16,800m2 plant which will take up to 1,100,000m3 of local water per year, discharge up to 450m3 of phosphorus-rich process water per day into a nearby stream and put another 202 truck and trailer units daily on the already dangerous road to Tauranga.

      “It’s a shock to learn that Nongfu may have potentially been funded by the taxpayer to take our water,” says Maureen Fraser of Sustainable Otakiri. “It’s clear that the government and our local council have been pushing this deal and the industry for years and it’s all been done in the shadows. The lack of transparency around this is a big concern. We feel let down – by the government, Minister Sage and our local council.”

      “Let down” doesn’t begin to cover it. There is a sense of absolute betrayal. They paid the vampires to suck the life out of Aotearoa.

      [Note, that Scoop article came out a year ago. Why has it not been headlined in our media ever since? Why have we allowed this to happen?]

      Now in 2020, up North for example, the Defence Force rolls into town. They’re trying to patch up dehydrating body of our land: Defence Force Rolls in to Help With Water Distribution

      From the Scoop link,
      She says it is unbelievable that the government is willing to fund multi-million dollar water bottling companies yet has left community group Sustainable Otakiri to crowdfund its Environment Court appeal against a subsidiary of Nongfu after the Government’s Environmental Legal Assistance Fund (ELA) declined its application making it virtually impossible for the community to challenge the consents.

      Peter Richardson of Aotearoa Water Action:
      “If the Ministry won’t create good law to manage water allocation, won’t adequately oversee the implementation of the Act by local councils and won’t fund public participation then the necessary safeguards, checks and balances aren’t there and our environment is at risk.”

      At risk it was. And it keeps getting worse. Worst Drought On Record

    • Hopefully you’re now staring to get it @ SaveNZ.
      No doubt Skippy’s PS reform will probably take a back seat since I L-G and his enterage have complete faith in THEIR ‘officialdom’.
      Next time round maybe huh?

  2. Following a cult usually obsessively results in irrational behaviour? Could capitalism, the worship of money as an indicator of reaching a superior status, be regarded as a cult?

    In South Korea they go in for fervent beliefs. and this one that has been pinpointed as leading to many infections with one woman believed to have infected about 50, is the Shincheonji Church of Jesus.
    …“Their so-called ‘harvesters’ go to other Christian churches, take part in prayer sessions there and engage in other activities in order to woo away ordinary believers,” he [Pastor Shin Hyun-uk, an anti-cult campaigner] told the South China Morning Post.
    “I doubt whether the church would come clean about the movements of its believers who were with the 31st patient and cooperate with authorities in tracing contacts for fear that it would reveal their secret evangelistic activities. This is really a worrisome situation.”..
    “They are in general seen as a dangerous, vile cult that has been growing fast by abusing the belief in the last judgment,” he said, referring to some denominations’ belief in the second coming of Christ. “Many Christian churches [in South Korea] put up warnings on their doors against Shincheonji followers entering their facilities.”..

    During these sessions, congregants crowd into halls where they sit so close as to literally “rub their shoulders”, chant and praise God “at the top of their voice” for half an hour and listen to a sermon for about an hour.
    “We were told to remove face masks while attending prayer sessions,” the unnamed follower told newspaper Nocut News. …
    Shincheonji [church] claims its founder, Lee Man-hee, 88 has donned the mantle of Jesus Christ and will take 144,000 people with him to heaven on the day of judgment.

    • Yeah sure. Money inspires cult like fillings but so does every other ideology. Until we can move to a post scarcity economy where everyone has equal access to cheap energy prices and thus equality in the true sense of the word then we will never achieve that superior sense of production that Marx always talked about.

    What effect do recreational fishers have? What do you do about old guys who want to live to a hundred and do whatever they feel like doing – because they are worth it? I was recently talking to an elderly man who goes fishing every day, catches something, because he loves it. He gives that fish away, doesn’t waste it. But shouldn’t we be thinking like mature adults, not young toddlers who get indulged. As there are more and more older people then there is more and more of the behaviour of uncaring people who think they shouldn’t be denied anything, they are deserving, feeling justified because they have been good all their lives – now rewarded. When do we start just showing gratitude for being alive in a wonderful world which we pledge to leave for younger people.

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