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    • I remember Beyond our Ken and “the answer in the soil” well.

      Unfortunately that’s where I L-Galloway seems to have his brain parked. Just because he’s not equipped with a functioning bullshit detector, he seems to assume his exceedingly nice ‘officials’ have. (/sarc)
      (He’s just handed over appeals over fucked up immigration decisions back to the very people that made them).

      Oh well, it may well have to be Party Vote Maori Party (sorry Jacinda – most of the family feel likewise)

    After two successive “smile and wave” governments Kiwis can see through the charade. Politics has deteriorated into a popularity contest between career politicians. Their skills are in courting donors in order to keep their perks, rather than tackling the issues we face as a nation. They are not willing, nor able, to push for fundamental change.
    Many will find points to agree with.

    • Like (loik) I keep saying, things probably have to get worse before they get better.
      Shame that eh?. Oh Dear, never mind!
      I’m not sure its something Labour have yet realised, and no doubt after a possible failure there’ll be much pearl cutching and post mortems with a number of spin doctors providing their perception of an explanation.
      Que Sera sera. Cudda Shudda Wudda.
      Personally I’ve got better things to spend my pity on and its not on those that are so brilliant that they cannot see
      (Arrogance if you will, but let’s just see how it all plays out). If this government fails in 2020 – it’ll be because they deserved it

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