Waatea News Column: National promises to gut worker rights and tenant rights if elected


It’s an interesting tactic, but the National Party of New Zealand clearly believe that renters and workers won’t bother voting in the 2020 election because they are promising that if National become the Government they will remove renter rights and scrap any plan to raise the minimum wage.

Last week Simon Bridges told New Zealanders that if elected, National will scrap the Healthy Homes standards that are forcing Landlords to make their rentals warm and National are promising to reverse rules that stop Landlords using tax loopholes.

The combination of both changes would help speculative Landlords while making rental houses colder and damper for tenants.

On top of this, National are considering to stop the minimum wage from rising to $20 per hour to help pay for those rental properties.

By promising to punish workers and renters, National are clearly showing who they want to support post-election and it’s not the poorer parts of the electorate.

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National has always been accused of being the Party for Farmers, Bankers and property speculators, these two policy announcements last week suggest that accusation is completely legitimate.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. Well at least National know what they are doing and who they want to vote for them. One clear simple message for us muddled hobbits. They also know who will get off their arses and vote.
    On the other hand Labour want us all to be nice are going to build some roads somewhere and will give us $6.38 extra benefit. That is hardly going to make usually reluctant voters rush to the booths.
    If you say you are going to deliver, Jacinda, then DELIVER. If you say you are going to transform then TRANSFORM.As the old saying goes take a shit or get off the pot.
    Sadly I think it is too late now and two of the slimiest pieces of shit we have seen in politics for a long time will form a new government in November.

  2. On a positive note, at least National are making it blisteringly clear to anyone with functioning senses exactly whose interests they serve. They’ve been pandering to the big end of town since forever, and Simple Simon’s just come right out and admitted it. Worker? Fuck you. Beneficiary? Fuck you. Renter? Fuck you with knobs on. You know who not to vote for come election day, people.

  3. I think being clear about their actions for Natz (even though I don’t agree with them) is probably easier to comprehend than COL’s policy offering’s which often contradict each other and overly complex and often not what the marketing says at all when you get into it. Aka Kiwibuild!

    Don’t do a Corbyn and campaign on the “kind face” of unlimited EU migrants using UK hospitals while giving everyone free broadband and paying for those luxuries by more taxes… people expect taxes to help their local communities and for important things like local health and education, not give aways and luxury freebees paid for by, you guessed it more taxes on everybody else. (And I am a fan of Corbyn, but just don’t get how the left can’t understand freebies to all encourage free loaders!

    Otherwise you get inward migration for free health and benefits which the lefties always claims never happens which pissed people off even more when it is happening and the job figures, housing shortages and health queues show there’s a demand problem.

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