Sustainability NZ not sustainable

Sustainability NZ on life support

Surprise, surprise – the Sustainability NZ Party isn’t sustainable…

Sustainable NZ leader Vernon Tava accused of ordering membership records ‘doctored’

Yet another party’s facing a political financing scandal and this time it’s Sustainable NZ – a would-be coalition partner for National.

The party’s former secretary Helen Cartwright has told Newshub she was asked to doctor membership records so the party could be registered.

…the purpose of the Blue/Green Sustainability NZ Party was never to get to 5%, it is a spoiler Party to just drag the Greens under 5% so National can win the election.

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Unfortunately like most National Party black ops, this one has failed to launch due to bewildering incompetence.

That’s not to say it can’t still spoil the Greens, with the Greens barely above the 5% threshold themselves, all Sustainability NZ has to do is steal .1% of the vote and that could be the difference between Greens returning or being kicked out.

In 2017, the Matt McCarten strategy for Labour was to amputate National Party support Parties (Māori Party and United) so that Labour were in a position to woo NZ First.

It took us 3 terms to figure out that strategy.

In a mere 2 years out of power, National have taken that 2017 strategy and are using it themselves against Labour by knocking out NZ First and trying to undermine the Greens.

Blue/Green is the ugly colour Capitalism’s bruise leaves after it punches the environment in the face. Free market global neoliberalism is the exacerbating factor of the climate crisis, not its fucking saviour.


  1. Ha ha Sustainable NZ is unable to sustain itself. Discoverered fiddling records etc, before even getting off the ground, plus members walking away. What a hoot.

    Former Green party member Vernon Tava threw a tantrum when he wasn’t elected Greens co leader, so wanted vengeance as a means of spitefully hitting back at NZ Greens. Hence the establishment of the blue/green (not so) Sustainable NZ party. Bye bye Vernon.

  2. Labours 2020 election strategy is to attempt “Harakiri”.
    But, not self inflicted though, it’ll be by deception produced on Peter Jackson’s Wanka studio set.
    It’ll all look reels and the woke will cry and get triggered but will then realise, learning how to count is more important than being middle class woke wankas.

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