MEDIAWATCH: Oh look at that, South American cartels selling pure meth through the 501s, you know, like TDB pointed out 7 months ago

National's Task Force Raptor

Cough, cough – as TDB was pointing out 7 months ago, the 501s are using South American  Cartels to source their meth and the meth they are bringing in is far more pure than the domestic gang Chinese sourced meth…

Mexican drug cartels Sinaloa and CJNG could try to corrupt NZ Customs and police – report

The New Zealand Drug Intelligence Bureau has warned two of the world’s biggest drug cartels could be trying to infiltrate our police and Customs services to corrupt their staff.

…this has an enormous health impact because local meth users who have a tolerance to the dirt cheap Triad shipped meth are totally  unprepared for the purity of product the 501s are selling.

This is creating a spike in brain bleeds and strokes that are overflowing our health system.

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The 501s are shipping the meth from America to American Samoa and then to NZ from there.

The fuckwit politicians who spend so much time screaming about ‘da gangs’ have no comprehension of real violence by real criminals. The 501s and their South American cartel connections are a level of uber violence well beyond the capacity of the domestic gangs and because this is such a unique situation we need unique solutions. We’ve never had 1500 violent criminals imported to NZ in such a short period of time before and this has spawned a level of gang war tensions we are seeing play out i  the headlines right now that has every potential of spinning out of control.

What does the Government need to do?

1 – Demand a review of intelligence values, are the Police actually pursuing active crack downs on the Australian gangs or are they just observing? The Killer Bees were taken out as a force because all the old gangs narked on them and gave the Police the ability to completely take out the leadership. Police need to think seriously about cutting the same deal with the domestic gangs against the Australian ones, because it is the Australian ones generating the violence.

2 – Meth rehabilitation services must get an enormous boost in resourcing for any chance to cope with the wave of addiction that is coming.

3 – LEGALISE CANNABIS YOU MORONS: Allow the domestic gangs to legally produce cannabis so that their revenue stream is through a legal means rather than the meth, which is happening because of competition with the Australian gangs.

4 – Sit down with domestic gangs and agree that the 501s are the danger here and get the entire criminal fraternity to turn evidence on the 501s and take out the entire leadership in one move and create a specialty prison just for the 501s.

National’s farcical ‘Task Force Raptor’ is to convince the Sleepy Hobbits of Nu Zilind that something is being done, that’s why Bridges announcement of returning Australian criminals will find electoral support, but real solutions are needed here, not get tough on crime rhetoric.


  1. In any war study history so you do not make the same mistakes. In 1938 Chamberlain saught to appease Hitler.That did not go well as it was seen as a sign of weakness.In Afghanistan America thought it was a good idea to train the Taliban when they were fighting the Russians. That did not turn out well
    I would be interested in the opinion of Ross Meurant on how to deal with this situation. It needs new thinking in much the same way in 1981 the tour protestors were a new type of demonstrater and the old ways of a gentle movevon sir was not going to work.
    One of the arguements used to legalise Marajuana was to stave the gangs of income but you are suggesting the opposite.

  2. Number 3- Legalise cannabis. It’s such a no-brainer.
    If there is genuine opposition to this from politicians and police alike one has to wonder what is their agenda and motivation. Just follow the money.

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