Let those without sin cast the first Waltz and Foxtrot – why I don’t care about bloody Dancing with the lacklustre Stars 


Social media has helped me despise people on my own side of the idealogical fence in ways I never thought possible.

The banality that consumes us belittles us.

I don’t give two shits about bloody Dancing with the Stars.

I think I’ve watched it once, and even then it was for like 20 minutes.

The woke care. They’ve been up in arms about Mediaworks weird decision to add Hannah Tamaki to their list of faded and lacklustre dancing stars.

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I say weird, because people who believe in a flying magical invisible wizard, who blame natural disasters on homosexuality and who literally believe the planet is 7000 years old aren’t people you want to give any oxygen to for the same reason you ignore flat earthers, climate deniers, chem trailers, 9/11 was an inside jobbers, anti-vaxxers and libertarians.

But Mediaworks are a private media company, and if they want to invite someone with inane beliefs on their dancing show, I don’t care.

The woke cared. The Mummy Blogger Temperance Union over at The Spinoff were beside themselves with outrage, which is difficult because they are perpetually outraged every day of the week.

It’s just so fucking tiresome.

The reason I can’t get worked up is because this is all such trite bullshit.

Do you all get that the fucking planet is melting?

The melt of Antartica is now inevitable, Antarctica is experiencing a fucking heatwave and Scientists say highly dangerous 2- 4C temperature rises are unavoidable! China, Iran, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Bangladesh, Nepal, Yemen, Oman, Libya, Tunisia, Kuwait, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Bahrain, Qatar and Sudan will all experience heat waves that no human can survive from 2029 onwards, we are currently at 1.3/1.4C above pre Industrial heats and at 1.5°C we trigger irreversible processes leading to a self-reinforcing warming cycle that could ultimately make the planet uninhabitable.

And you want to jump with glee because you deplatformed a woman who says stupid things and believes in medieval Christian values from a fucking reality dance show?

If your activism doesn’t have the climate crisis at its source every single day of the week, then all you are doing is self congratulatory virtue signalling wank.

If you watch Dancing with the Stars for your ethical and moral role models, maybe you need to look beyond reality TV for your standards?

The woke social media mob have lynched themselves a rainbow hater. Fine, yay you, can we all please move onto preventing the extinction of our species now?


  1. But most people live in their fossil fuel powered urban lifestyle bubbles, they want entertainment and fun, never mind what’s outside the bubble.

  2. De-platforming a Christian from a reality TV show because her husband is weird is the sort of cancel-culture pettiness that just might break through into the public‘s consciousness, and remind all of the voters why they should fear and hate the Woke Progressive Left – people who are empowered by a Green/Labour government.

  3. Heard Hannah interviewed on RNZ Tuesday. The interviewer was out to get her like your woke buddies, but the whole thing collapsed because Hannah didn’t know who else had knifed her in the back. She’d just sacked her publicist, I gather he’d been mean to people on her behalf. She didn’t know Brian had been meaner. Neither did she know she’d been sacked from the dancing thing. Absolutely pathetic, Hannah came across as the only half-way decent thing about it, but ignorance all around because I’m not up with the Tamaki exploitation stuff.

  4. Well she did think that only NZ citizens should vote!!! Burn her!!! Can’t let that mouth piece get any traction!

    Can’t have different view points – the woke on behalf of their master, neoliberalism, must control everything.

  5. The Wokey Wankas of Auckland-inner suburbia & Wellington are creaming themselves over this little victory for their Awokeyness. The whole 200 of them! FFS!

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